MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

MINERVA - on GameFront -

What with the recent re-release of MINERVA, there's been one or two interviews with the gaming press.

So here's another, From Modder to Valve Employee; the MINERVA Story on GameFront. Read more about how MINERVA came to be re-released, along with its past and potential future. Also includes a list of increasingly antiquated mods and maps which I reckon are awesome.

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1. Saw a familiar name on this list...

Posted by k3nny1550 at 4:40AM, Thursday October 3 2013


Glad to see it's happening!

I'm reinstalling MINERVA to play again right now to prepare. I miss that mod rather a great deal. Heck, it inspired me to tinker in the Source SDK more seriously. I will also have to try some of the mods in that list in the linked article, they sound quite interesting.

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