MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

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This new blog-thing has been upgraded once again - it now has a simple comments facility.

No such thing as user accounts or flood control yet, but it does keep a record of what you're doing. Most of the work needed is in administration stuff behind the scenes, but other than that it should be fine.

On the mod front, a project I used to work on a while ago, Half-Life: Nightwatch, has finally resurrected itself in the public eye and is now looking better than ever on the Source engine. Before you ask, yes they do have screenshots. Anyway, I wish the team all the best, and I'm still eagerly looking forwards to playing it after this many years. So please, hurry up! :-)

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$kelet0r's gravatar

1. your blog needed comments? :P

Posted by $kelet0r at 3:44AM, Wednesday March 15 2006

Look forward to reading some REGULAR news adam - not like your previous website :P
keep on wowing us - hope v3 of minerva has more of the multiple paths that made the hl2 ai shine (v2 had too many single route corridors! didnt take away from the excellence but didnt add to it)
please take as constructive criticism :)
and get back to work :P

Nero's gravatar

2. Comments. Awesome.

Posted by Nero at 6:31AM, Wednesday March 15 2006

I'm a huge fan of Minerva, and I can't wait for next the chapter to come out. Hopefully you will be able to post a guestimation on when that will be out.

... And yeah, I hope you get the regular updates going again!

ThreeShortWords's gravatar

3. Comments, eh?

Posted by ThreeShortWords at 8:40AM, Wednesday March 15 2006

Yeah, I have to wonder how long it'll be 'til this things flooded with spammers.

I'd like to thing you have a slightly more non-ignorant audience than that, but, well, this IS the internet.

anyway, part 2 was pretty freaking great, and here's hoping for a trifecta of map goodness coming reasonably soon.

PS: Good to know Nightwatch is back. But every year, i pray to god that it becomes something more than vaporware, and every year i'm dissapointed.

Omnivore's gravatar

4. Finally, a soapbox!

Posted by Omnivore at 2:25AM, Thursday March 16 2006

Oh, Adam, giving us a forum in which to plead for episode 3 may not have been your brightest idea... :)

The first two chapters are nothing short of magnificent. Intricate, gorgeous, pulse-pounding. After playing chapter 1, I added this site to my bookmarks bar and continue to check it several times a day. The last time I was this psyched about a game was Halo 2, for a level-set. Really looking forward to the next -- and the next next, since you can't possibly stop with just 3, right?


overwatch's gravatar

5. It's not yet over

Posted by overwatch at 7:50AM, Thursday March 16 2006

Happy to see you plan to expand on the
web with regular updates. So we'll se
a future expand on minerva, nice to se
that you'll continue after finishing
this set of maps ;)

LC's gravatar

6. Bravo

Posted by LC at 6:21AM, Friday March 17 2006

Outstanding work. MINERVA may be to Half-Life 2 what The Antioch Chronicles was to Starcraft.

Looking forward to the next part!

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7. Re: Antioch Chronicles

Posted by DarkPrimus at 1:58PM, Friday March 17 2006

Ah, but The Antioch Chronicles was voiced, was it not? ;)

Evan's gravatar

8. Re: Re: Antioch Chronicles

Posted by Evan at 9:27AM, Saturday March 18 2006

Perhaps, but I think Minerva is great as is. Having voices in there I think would just take away from the whole effect, and probably almost be distracting. I'm perfectly fine just reading what it says (and in turn using my imagination, which many refuse to release these days). I'm sure people agree with me.

Minerva is sexy.

Jame's gravatar

9. Brilliant

Posted by Jame at 2:25AM, Sunday March 19 2006

haven't had a chance to check the second one out (will do so at the end of the month), but thought i'd say how brilliant i thought this particular mod is. best i've seen yet.

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