MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

How to reply to fan-mail -

I freely admit I'm incredibly slow replying to the email I receive. The following might partly explain why - in this case, I finally got round to typing something after nearly a month.

Replying in-character is great fun, but just a little time-consuming...

On 25 Feb 2006, at 19:31, Josh N---- wrote:

> The transmission has been reversed.

Actually, I think you'll find it hasn't. As ever, I remain in full control of my faculties - and yours too, so it would appear.

> You wanted this to be a one way communication, but I have found a way to talk back. I am no longer the unquestioning servant, and you owe me some answers.

How cute. The little lab-rat has poked its tiny pink nose out through the bars of its cage, and thus reckons it knows the Answers to Everything!

Well, to be honest, I'm not really into this biology lark (it always seemed so messy and simplistic), but instead of just slamming the cage lid down onto your sensitive little nose, I'll feed you some choice little titbits of informational biscuit I have right from this desk here.

A desk on which infinitely more important work is conducted, please note. You're a plaything, a pawn, an experimental subject - not a vital agent of destruction and change.

(Or are you?)

> Tell me, who are you, and what do you want from me?

Who am I?

Perhaps the real question you should be asking is *where* am I. And perhaps even *when* am I. No, forget that last one, it would only confuse you.

Secrets are only of interest when they remain secrets (don't worry, things will become certain one day) - to be clear, we have more pressing things on our minds right now.

What do I want from you?

Information. Analysis of whatever horrors our beloved Combine might be conducting beneath the surface of a certain island. (Remember that? You were doing so well...) I gather it's now possible to continue this experiment, assuming you haven't escaped into your happy little lab-rat maze already - but in case not, I'm opening the door right now.


Have fun! I do hope you survive this one too, we were having such a good time...



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Evan's gravatar

1. Minerva

Posted by Evan at 12:12PM, Sunday March 19 2006

Ahh! Very nice.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

slink's gravatar

2. Minerva - Metastasis 2

Posted by slink at 3:37AM, Monday March 20 2006

Good work, nice & tricky, bring on part 3...

TomboCombo's gravatar

3. Minerva

Posted by TomboCombo at 5:36AM, Monday March 20 2006

Ha! Minerva really does have a God complex, eh? It's hard to imagine her without a sneer (assuming she even has a mouth).

ankors's gravatar

4. 2

Posted by ankors at 1:50PM, Monday March 20 2006

Just finished it. Great stuff - really involving map, excellent pace and mix of action. u should be proud ;-)

look forwards to the next one...

Kast's gravatar

5. Character

Posted by Kast at 6:41PM, Monday March 20 2006

Oh, yes, I love those responses. :D And clever old Josh for his email. Never entered my mind to talk back.

*Rubs his nose at the thought of the cage lid being slammed on it*

Degriz's gravatar

6. Thanks

Posted by Degriz at 1:57AM, Wednesday March 22 2006

Wow mate just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts, actually found Minerva more enjoyable than HL2, really!

Anyway enough of my fawning, GET BACK TO WORK!!! :)

MiddleMan's gravatar

7. Awesome Work

Posted by MiddleMan at 5:02PM, Saturday March 25 2006

Really enjoyed playing through the first two chapters. Cant wait for number 3. Looking forward to it and Thanks for the Effort.

Were on to you's gravatar

8. Part 3

Posted by Were on to you at 3:27AM, Sunday March 26 2006

Love your work. :D joy. No messing with long development times. Now stern words


That is all

Au-heppa's gravatar

9. And perhaps even *when* am I.

Posted by Au-heppa at 1:58AM, Thursday March 30 2006

"Perhaps the real question you should be asking is *where* am I. And perhaps even *when* am I. No, forget that last one, it would only confuse you."

I hope you aren't going to that bad direction, it's really boring, I just recently saw The Primer, I didn't know too much about it before I watched it, I only knew they were going to build something interesting there and it ended up being the usual. It's really not confusing to anyone (and they always say, you wouldn't understand) to anyone who has actually seen more than one Star Trek episode or Back To The Future, I mean, those are really the best and fastest ways to learn how time machines work and about the space time paradoxes ;)

Anyways, I hope you have the stalker zombies (if you really want them) because they shouldn't be so hard to make.

locworks's gravatar

10. And perhaps even *when* am I.

Posted by locworks at 2:37AM, Thursday March 30 2006

Time paradoxes? That is quite incorrect.

Please read (again)
http://www.hylobatidae.org/minerva/en/index.shtml and http://www.hylobatidae.org/minerva/en/archive_1.shtml

Omnivore's gravatar

11. and counting

Posted by Omnivore at 6:21PM, Friday March 31 2006

...here I am, earnestly trying to complete my doctoral thesis, and there you are, threatening to throw my life into chaos for several hours about 16 hours from now.

And I'm happy about it!

Let my full-blown Helsinki syndrome be a testament to your twisted power over me and time, Minerva.

Au-heppa's gravatar

12. wowsers

Posted by Au-heppa at 10:37AM, Saturday April 1 2006

June 26 eh, can't wait, you really took the crypticness to another level with that update

Omnivore's gravatar

13. so this means...

Posted by Omnivore at 10:37AM, Saturday April 1 2006

...no episode 3 until an expansion pack emerges? You've been bought out by id? ;) You've been hacked by 4unk@d31ic? Now I'm virtually dying to know. Or not virtually dying, if you get me.

xbskid's gravatar

14. Pimp my Combine

Posted by xbskid at 4:47PM, Saturday April 1 2006

Congrats on a festive and brilliant update. :)

Durandal's gravatar

15. Minerva, please.

Posted by Durandal at 2:34AM, Sunday April 16 2006

You are too leinient with your test Subjects. If they want to find out who and what you are, they can just go and find that information themselves! They only need to look at one of your earlier escapades to begin to figure things out..

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