MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Metastasis 1 released! -

Yes, the first map has been released. In a move which will probably infuriate many, I'm taking the idea of 'episodic content' quite far. In a particularly evil, cliffhanger kind of a way...

It's just a few hours in to the release, but I'd already definitely recommend this manner of producing single-player content. Limiting yourself to a single map at a time means there's no excuse for padding, and gives plenty of scope for endlessly polishing and improving what you do have.

Since it's late here, and I need to prepare for a business trip abroad, I'll keep this short. So, without further ceremony, a list of people who helped me on Metastasis, by way of thanks:

Additional Music:

Playtesting and ideas:

  • Tom Edwards
  • John Gilbertson
  • Graham Smith
  • Andrew Weldon
  • Jason Williams
  • Robert Yang


Extra Thanks:

  • Chris Bokitch
  • Greg Coomer
  • Jeff Lane
  • Robin Walker
  • ... and everyone else at Valve!

And Finally...

Thanks to my many, varied and sometimes plain random download mirrors. With friends like these, I don't need junk like Fileplanet... ;-)

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