MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Quiet, too quiet -


  • When away from work right now, my only internet access is via a small, Apple external USB modem.
  • Dialup is slow.
  • Windows XP doesn't have drivers for the modem.
  • I haven't posted much to this blog.
  • Hammer only runs in Windows XP, not Mac OS X.

While you're cogitating over all that, a release date? Hmm. No idea - probably late summer if I'm lucky. Yes, I'm in the mapper's block stage of development, and hopefully things will free themselves sooner or later.

Finally, if anyone spotted a couple of hours of downtime - it's because I'd neglected to pay a £1.50 fine for excessive bandwidth usage. Oops. I've ordered some turbocharged hosting from another company, which should keep you all happier...

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1. Late Summer?

Posted by Naurgul at 2:08AM, Wednesday May 24 2006

Late summer?

Just kidding, take your time, we'll just play episode one a couple thousand times.

PS: Dialup is slow? You just hurt my feelings. I'm still waiting for my ISP to install my new connection. Damn you, prehistoric internet state of my god-forsaken country!

PPS: I noticed the downtime and I thought you were uploading part 3 or something...:(

Baffled's gravatar

2. The Facts of Life

Posted by Baffled at 4:24AM, Wednesday May 24 2006

Well, that's us told then, isn't it?

But if we take a moment to think, I'm sure we'd all agree that the only reason we're here is the quality of MINERVA, not the quantity of it.

It is a basic fact of life that quality comes at a high price, and I'm sure that we would all rather wait upto 3 months (*sob*), and see MINERVA continue the way it has started, than accept any compromise.

I'm really quite scared, however, for our collective sanity. God only knows what state our theories will be in after 3 months without any fresh information.

I'd ,now, like to propose a day of mourning, for our hopes of an imminent release, during which we all wear black armbands when we post.

Evan's gravatar


Posted by Evan at 9:09AM, Wednesday May 24 2006

At first, late summer seems extremely far away. Thinking again, however, I am going to be gone a lot this summer and wouldn't have much a chance to play Minerva anyway, so I probably will have my thoughts on other things and not even remember until long after I get back.

So yeah, take your time, and make it perfect.

I just hope Part 4, or whatever comes next, comes quickly afterwards...

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4. Handy Hints

Posted by Cargo Cult at 6:44PM, Wednesday May 24 2006

If you're doing a domain registry transfer thingy, make sure you point the DNS stuff at the new hosting *before* initiating the transfer.

So essentially, hylobatidae.org remains on the old hosting for the time being - but there's at least something happening. I think I'll try getting the new site up and running on DreamHost and create a temporary hostname for it - this blog might get shutdown sometime soon, and an identical twin installed somewhere else.

Just so you're warned... ;-)

RodeoClown's gravatar

5. Switching Hosts

Posted by RodeoClown at 8:23PM, Wednesday May 24 2006

I just changed my dns settings so my blog was hosted at another site, I just copied everything over, then setup the dns and just waited for it to resolve. Once it did, I could re-copy my database from the old site over the top to get all the comments from the old one, and then just delete everything from the old site with a redirect.

Tyler's gravatar


Posted by Tyler at 6:33PM, Thursday May 25 2006

Life was good hl2 episode 1 is on the way and the third chapter of Minerva was soon to follow...but now darkness has descended on my sad pitiful existents. Late summer! Curse you Adam Foster and your map writers block CURSE YOU!!!

But realy no problem you are only one man take a month off, good ideas will come with time.

Cargo Cult's gravatar

7. Smarty man

Posted by Cargo Cult at 4:06AM, Saturday May 27 2006

By way of an in-depth education for myself, I've converted this blog-thing from my own, home-grown Template-O-Matic templating system to the slightly more capable and more standard Smarty.

I started to despise it at one point, but a look at the alternatives showed it was perhaps the best choice.

So, functionality should be almost identical, except it's radically different inside. Also, it should cope a bit better with <BROKEN JAPANESE ELIDED>‚

Yup, it should be UTF-8 safe!

Oh, and good news from a MINERVA point of view, but I shall remain unnecessarily cryptic... ;-)

Tyler's gravatar

8. Codes in the encoding

Posted by Tyler at 6:58AM, Saturday May 27 2006

Well I used a different encoding on the page and found that the blocks were just gibberish wish there was a hidden message in there o well here’s what the blocks say
Purity shur its just gibberish

Tyler's gravatar

9. ...

Posted by Tyler at 7:00AM, Saturday May 27 2006

I wish there was an edit button

Some-MINERVA-Fan's gravatar

10. Well, here I am.

Posted by Some-MINERVA-Fan at 8:54AM, Saturday May 27 2006

Well, this is my first time writing here, so i'll introduce myself a bit.

I first played MINERVA a while ago, a bit before Episode 2 came out. Fell in love at the first few seconds.

Episode 2 came out, I would have given blood and organs to you for it.

So, I can wait for Episode 3. I'll still give blood and organs though... Well, the non-essential ones at any rate. The heart is a non-essential organ, right?

Anywho, sorry for your crappy connection, the developers block, and whatever. Hope you get it all better soon, and can work on this beutiful peice of art again.

Oh, and if it's no trouble, I might have sent you a package. It'll probobly be soggy and red. If you could send that back soon? It turns out the heart IS an essential organ.

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11. MINERVAé?“

Posted by xbskid at 1:12AM, Thursday June 1 2006

Actually, while MINERVA: Metastasis is released in the form of episodic content, it is not released in episodes, rather it's released in Chapters.

Speaking of which. Adam: After chapter 3 is released, will you release Metastasis as "MINERVA: Metastasis 3", or the cleaner "MINERVA: Metastasis"? Have you had any thoughts about this? Also, have you had any thoughts regarding a "MINERVA: Khronikos" (or something more appropriate) pack that includes Metastasis, Someplace Else, the Parallax beta(s), and any future MINERVA-related material?

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12. Colonic Irrigation

Posted by Cargo Cult at 2:10PM, Tuesday June 6 2006

Not too sure what the final release for Metastasis will be called - but I have definitely considered dropping the number.

Because otherwise, it really is 'Attack of the Colons': I've already got the project name, chapter name and episode name. A number would just make it even worse.

Valve barely managed to avoid the 'Half-Life 2: Episode 1: Let's Get: Another Colon In: This Time It's Personal' themselves...

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