MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Cease and Desist! ... -

... posting comments on this blog, that is. Hopefully I'll get the new hosting up and running sooner or later, but with a database backup taken a few minutes ago.

Anything posted on here from now on will be lost. Forever!


Maybe. ;-)

Edit: 2006-05-31: or maybe not...

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1. ergle-blargh!

Posted by no-one at 7:06AM, Tuesday May 30 2006

Fnargle eek!

RodeoClown's gravatar

2. OK

Posted by RodeoClown at 8:39AM, Tuesday May 30 2006

no more comments from me then...

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3. so i can say whatever i want?

Posted by vecima at 11:50AM, Tuesday May 30 2006

and it won't be remembered?

the following is a list of the
racial groups, religious groups, and political groups
that i hate

wookies, & other followers of that
rebel scum mon mothma

all the blue eyed, spice-head sand worm riders

the Eloi - Bourgeoisie Morlock bashers.

and christopher robin... winnie, you're my dog, but that punk's had it too good for too long!

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4. Seethe and Insist

Posted by Baffled at 7:52AM, Wednesday May 31 2006

I thought I'd add to the ironic posting on the no posting post by seething with annoyance at your casual dismissal of my efforts at locating MINERVA and insisting that you immediately relocate it to Sark so that I can be right after all.

I have never, in my life, at least through no fault of my own, been "catastrophically wrong" about anything, and I'm not about to start now...and Occam can shove his razor someplace else.

TomboCombo's gravatar

5. Someplace else?

Posted by TomboCombo at 9:00AM, Wednesday May 31 2006

His back? Man, that'll dull the blade. Anyway, I'm with Baffled: we had some good ideas rolling, so what did we goof up on? Not even a hint on what was completely off and what was a little cloTHIS IS MI5.WE HAVE PINPOINTED YOUR LOCATION.WE ARE EN ROUTE IN BLACK HELICOPTERS.DO NOT RUN.EXHAUSTION CANNOT OVERCOME FEAR.

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6. Hooray for Hosting

Posted by Cargo Cult at 10:10PM, Wednesday May 31 2006

It seems 34SP.com have fouled up my domain transfer, and it seems to be stuck in some kind of limbo. 12 to 72 hours my arse, it's been more than a week. And they can't change the nameservers while it's being made available for transfer...

I discovered the site backup didn't include a database dump, despite it completely shutting down my hosting for half an hour in an email-bouncing manner - but I've figured out how to take said dumps in a nice, simple manner. It involved disabling the pop-up blocker in the site admin whatsit.

34SP.com - quite good, except YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE!

Location? You're all too far west. Or south. Whatever.

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7. Transfer Tastic

Posted by Cargo Cult at 12:51AM, Thursday June 1 2006

I think it might have worked this time, after being manually emailed an authentication code doodah from 34SP.com support. Within a week, this site might be on new hosting...

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