MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Juvenilia 1 - Mole People -

Quiet day of work. So I'm clearing out various old documents and things. Interestingly, I've uncovered a load of creative writing stuff. By me. Unsurprisingly, unpublished.

So, with a captive audience pandering to my every whim, I thought I'd have a week of posting stories and things to this very blog.

Here's a deliberately cheesy snippet of an unstarted, unfinished story, circa March 2003:

... hatch, the rusty metal scraping against the concrete. He stopped, panting. Could they be following him? The surface should be too exposed for such beings, but what about this deserted industrial district? No time for such questions, it was time to get moving.

Brian got up, his ankle a knot of pain, and started to stumble towards the street. Silence. The orange streetlights strobed behind the wooden fence, a constant stacatto in the corner of his eye. Then movement. He threw himself to the ground, and fumbled in his pocket. His gun, or his camera? The breeze picked up, blowing the paper bag further along the path. He relaxed, pulled himself to his feet, and reached for his phone.

"Brian?" Claire's voice was almost deafening in its normalcy. "Have you found it?"

"Yes, but they found me." A whole subterranean world, edited from society's collective consciousness. "I'll get back as soon as I can."

A helicopter pulsed in the distance, its searchlight faintly visible in the smog-laden air. The police, chasing or abetting criminals. A fragment of his world, now shattered by the discovery he had made deep beneath the cruel city streets.

Brian jogged towards where he had left the van, limping due to the jump he had made in his bid for freedom. Two metres? Ten? The darkness, the ...

That's the entirety of mole-people.txt. Lucky you.

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vecima's gravatar

1. mole persons?

Posted by vecima at 4:28PM, Wednesday August 16 2006

that was interesting. well written. now i'm sort of wondering about brians motivations to descend to the depthes of the moles. damn you, now i'm intrigued.

Tom Edwards's gravatar

2. The mole people of Manchester

Posted by Tom Edwards at 5:56PM, Wednesday August 16 2006

Yes, but do they womble around Wimbledon?

Cargo Cult's gravatar

3. Furtive Movements in the Undergrowth

Posted by Cargo Cult at 6:00PM, Wednesday August 16 2006

Think Wombles. Except vicious, carnivorous, and with an insatiable, collective intelligence.

I've already copied-and-pasted some more day's stuff into this Blog-Beast - it should automatically appear on the appropriate days. Now, something for the weekend...

Holy Socks's gravatar

4. Shattered world

Posted by Holy Socks at 9:19PM, Wednesday August 16 2006

A shattered world... subterranean structures....Helicopters flying over head... I'm reminded of something but i just cant think what : )

Cargo Cult's gravatar

5. Three! Two! One! - Finish!

Posted by Cargo Cult at 12:10AM, Thursday August 17 2006

Three minutes and twenty-one seconds.


I'm not sure whether I should be appalled or amazed. Actually, I'm just amazed. Speedrunning rules. ;-)

Cargo Cult's gravatar

6. MINERVA Metastasis walkthrough

Posted by Cargo Cult at 12:16AM, Thursday August 17 2006

Oh, and for anyone Googling for how to complete MINERVA, *that* is how. Thank you.

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