MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Juvenilia 6 - The Accursed Isle -

Yes, it's time for the unveiling of a true find in the archives - the original MINERVA plot concepts!

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vecima's gravatar

1. wow

Posted by vecima at 4:08AM, Monday August 21 2006

your writing sure has gotten worse since 2003! heh heh

i hope to someday win a crocodile sticker.

PiX_NeG's gravatar

2. applause

Posted by PiX_NeG at 4:59AM, Monday August 21 2006

Nice story, CC. I was never that good at story-telling as a child. Or at drawing pictures and diagrams.

Can I have a sticker, too?

Holy Socks's gravatar

3. Stickers

Posted by Holy Socks at 12:46PM, Monday August 21 2006

whats this talk about stickers...?
I want a Sticker :-)

xbskid's gravatar

4. Hah!

Posted by xbskid at 7:39PM, Monday August 21 2006

Did you post scans because you wouldn't read your own handwriting? ;)

kast's gravatar

5. awwww ^^

Posted by kast at 11:14AM, Tuesday August 22 2006

I love those two tiny maps. I always loved writting stories in school. It was about the only good thing about it... :|

Nesretep's gravatar

6. School writings...

Posted by Nesretep at 3:51PM, Tuesday August 22 2006

Ahhh good ol' school days. I rmember some of the stories I wrote back in elementary school. One in particular comes to mind from a assigment to write a scary story. So I came up with this story about a man who rented this apartment (or flat, for all of you on the other side of the Atlantic) and he thought it was such a great deal: cheap rent, fully furnished, etc. What he didn't know was that underneath the living room rug was a "doorway" to another dimension where demons ruled the land...and they had discovered the portal already and began sneaking into his apartment and scaring the living daylights out of him until finally he got up the courage and decided to strike back...

kast's gravatar

7. coincidence

Posted by kast at 6:17PM, Tuesday August 22 2006

I had the same assignment once. Mine was set around Christmas time. Two young brothers are left home alone for the night. As they sleep, one is possessed by... get this... by a hell-forged Christmas tree bauble. Not possessed as such but it forms a huge, hulking demon around his sleeping body. It chases the other brother out of the house into the freezing, snow-covered fields. He almost gives up but manages to scramble his way to the storm-bunker. The phone-lines are down, felled by the snow. He has only one option. The bunker doors fall open and he stalks out into the blizzard. The demon crashes out of the house and bears down on him. At the last moment, as it raises it's clawed hand to strike, the boy brings his father's shotgun to bear. BANG.... BANG... and the great horned beast falls. The other brother is dragged, coughing and spluttering, from its carcass. They huddle together in the snow, waiting for their parents' return.

I love that story.

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