MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Developments and Reviews -

Quiet developments. Work continues on Metastasis 2 and 3; plot is written and more concrete ideas for subsequent chapters are finalised. This is going to be quite a trip!

Some people have taken up the task of reviewing Metastasis 1, beyond the usual favourable comments in web forums or by email. This has the effect of encouraging the growth of my ego yet further, but I shall link to some reviews anyway.

  • Gamers With Jobs - no score, but describes my map as a 'genuinely compelling gaming experience' and a 'fresh slice of Half-Life 2 gameplay'. There's also the possibility of an interview there at some point as well. Watch this space...
  • The Mod Resource - 4/5, 'What a way to start' the MINERVA series, and 'you'll have a great time'. Criticises the lack of custom content, but hey, I'm one person!
  • Amped DX - 3.5/5, 'Minerva is a absolute blast from start to finish. This mod has excellent level design, along with some real neat effects and plenty of firefights to keep you busy through your journey.' Complains about length and lack of replayability, but I must confess I've played my map scores of times without getting (too) bored. Try taking different routes... ;-)
  • HLFallout forums - 9.5/10. Okay, it's a forum post, but someone wrote a nice little mini-review. Go me!

Of course, there's also reviews written in other languages. I assume they're favourable, notable quotations include 'Отличный мод, рекомендуемый к прохождению всем любителям модов Half-Life 2', '새로만든건 음악뿐이고 아주 기본적인 소스만 사용되었더군요' and 'Mohu jen doporučit!'

I really do need to organise some proper MINERVA translations - I'll be looking through the offers I've received already this weekend.

Oh, and the Friday mini-media release? Yeah, there's something up. A bit unexpected; I trawled the archives again... ;-)

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