MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

ModDB Players' Choice 2006 - Fifth Place! -

Once again, huge thanks for everyone who voted for MINERVA - it's a bit unlikely being a one-man single-player map-pack competing against full-strength multiplayer modifications, but it seems to be working. And I'm having fun, which is the important thing.

Work on that elusive third episode has accelerated like you wouldn't believe. metastasis_3a is now roughly playable, and should go out to playtesters tomorrow - but if you're impatient for something to play, I suggest you look through the other mods in the ModDB awards. There's some seriously impressive stuff there - and not all of it multiplayer. Enjoy!

Also, for last year's awards, MINERVA came eleventh. By my calculations, that means next year MINERVA shall be in -1th place. Negative, me? Hardly. Awards are a huge morale boost!

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1. Congratulations

Posted by The Harbour Master at 9:57PM, Saturday January 27 2007

Congratulations, man. Maybe it'll mean we'll get the third part soon =) I'm usually only interested in single player mods so by my reckoning that makes you a lot closer to 1st!

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2. KEEP up the good WORK, zING!!!

Posted by Sirc at 10:59PM, Saturday January 27 2007

I must admit I'm suprised about how well the game did. This 'forum' seems to reflect a small percentage of the people who admire your work. It seems you have yourself a 'Cult Following.' While I am suprised about the ranking, I believe wholeheartedly you deserved it. After this year you may become first! (Be wary of BM:S though...)

Congratulations on your celbrity! I continue to root for you!

Subliminal messages are always fun ;P

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3. Congrats

Posted by kpax at 5:51AM, Sunday January 28 2007

I think your attempts at dissuading the minerva followers from voting you off the mod db competition didn't quite make the cut this time around ;)

Jokes apart, I was surprised that you didn't make 1st spot this time. The good news is that this isn't the last episode... right? right?

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4. She is coming...

Posted by kast at 1:16PM, Sunday January 28 2007

It's coming... it is close... SHE... is close... she is coming...

Quaunaut's gravatar

5. <3

Posted by Quaunaut at 3:48PM, Sunday January 28 2007

Sirc is right- I'd say you do have a Cult Following. I know that I check the curtains nearly once every one or two days- Minerva is sitll the best single player gameplay experience outside of a retail game I've ever had the joy of having. Keep up the nice work, and grats on your spot.

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6. Feh

Posted by moi at 9:59PM, Sunday January 28 2007

He's openly stated that there will be 9 episodes....

At the current rate of releasing I'm sure there's a few more years of awards to go yet :)

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7. Congrats Again

Posted by greven at 2:30AM, Monday January 29 2007

I may not post here much but I do occasionally read, after playing the first episode and checking near daily for the release of the second, I say your mod is even better than the original.

/Salute and don't forget there are tons of us who have loved your mod and not yet come out of the woodwork

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8. The Hidden Network

Posted by Sirc at 6:38AM, Monday January 29 2007

That brings to question how many closet Minervites (Minervans? Bah...) are out there... (Sorry, wanted to coin a phrase there!) Judging by your score, a good many...

Glad to here you are nearly finished with the first part of 3. I hope inspiration or inovation strikes and accelerates the process!

Eat healthy and exercise often, we need you alive for a good many years. ;P

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9. congratulation

Posted by Boff at 10:59AM, Monday January 29 2007


M_Gargantua's gravatar

10. Insanity

Posted by M_Gargantua at 3:36AM, Tuesday January 30 2007

I voted for you Adam, congrats on the 5th place.

Im rather pissed Iron-Grip and/or Dystopia didn't win anything good.

when the final part of metastasis comes out there will be insanity and rejoicing spread accross the world in equal ammounts, and closet minervans coming out of their closets.

the final map(s) of meta stasis are called depthcharge correct?

so it goes:
- Carcinogenesis
- Downhill Struggle
- Depth Charge

Chronoclasm: (theory follows from the point)
- Someplace Else Source
- The Return of Someplace Else Source
- The Bride of Someplace Else

Followed by
Someplace New:
- Uber
- Godlike
- Epitome of mapping and story telling rolled up into one bundle.

am i rite?

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11. Not Bad

Posted by General Balls at 10:53AM, Tuesday January 30 2007

It is just reward that Minerva did so well in the MOTY awards. No small feat, considering it is far from finished yet if I've just read right.

In short I believe that Minerva is the best single-player modification I've played for any game so far, and I'm glad that you have done so well. Just adding my congratulations and wishing you good luck in the upcoming release of part three.

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12. Someplace New?

Posted by xbskid at 5:00PM, Tuesday January 30 2007

Someplace New? Is that like an offshoot cousin to Someplace Else? ;D

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13. mind you

Posted by fuzz at 7:42PM, Tuesday January 30 2007

I only just noticed, but Minerva, is the best single player mod, by default, all the rest being MP only.

("Default! The two sweetest words in the English Language")

but damnit I can't help but get excited by Black Mesa

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14. To Fissuring Please

Posted by Sirc at 8:27PM, Tuesday January 30 2007

Technically, Black Mesa will probably be the closest thing to a worthy rival you'll ever have.


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15. Bwargle

Posted by M_Gargantua at 9:30PM, Tuesday January 30 2007

Im sorry Sirc, but I have to support BM over Minerva, if only because I have much close connections to the team.

OAR is going to be a sweat chapter

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16. Hypocritical? Nah...

Posted by Sirc at 1:00AM, Wednesday January 31 2007

Actually to be honest I like both mods. I like MINERVA for the plot and feel, and I like Black Mesa for Nostalgia purposes. So I'm on the fence but I support both!

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17. Single-player mods are just a myth....

Posted by Baffled at 7:50PM, Wednesday January 31 2007

....apart that MINERVA one, and that's just a really well made map with some witty dialogue.



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18. 3rd place?

Posted by asmodeus at 4:20AM, Thursday February 1 2007

I think Resident Evil Twilight and Nightfall: Initiation might make for respectful additions of 3rd and 4th place on the singleplayer listing. Too bad very little is know about both of them; they sound like really good concept titles.

avar1ce's gravatar

19. So sad...

Posted by avar1ce at 9:17PM, Tuesday February 13 2007

You got jipped man, Minerva should have won.

locworks's gravatar

20. modern myths

Posted by locworks at 11:56PM, Wednesday February 14 2007


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