MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Houston, Wii Have A Problem -

Got a Nintendo Wii, and want to use the controller for something other than cutesy, low-graphics console games? Well, thanks to Pat Glynn's Half-Life 2 Wiimote Mod, it's possible. And, it will officially support MINERVA!

Half-Life 2 Wiimote Mod video

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Sadly I don't have access to the appropriate controller hardware, although my MacBook Pro does have the necessary Bluetooth gubbins - but I'm utterly intrigued.

Anyone interested in finding out more? I believe he's been looking for people for a closed beta test, and it should be released to the public sooner or later. Plus, since the mod has Episode One support, it should work with the ever-elusive third episode of MINERVA.

Speaking of which, the first test version of metastasis_3a went out to testers on Sunday evening, despite the presence of alcohol and a visiting sister. Lots of useful suggestions are coming back from the testers, and I've even had plot suggestions from the aforementioned sister. Wonders shall never cease!

Edit 2007-02-04: Have a bonus, non-MINERVA, non-Wii HL2 video created by someone else - entitled Science Strikes Back. I seriously need to learn video editing...

Science Strikes Back video

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Edit 2007-02-06: Also, you've got the forum back. Have fun, for its destruction is again imminent...

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krisvek's gravatar

1. ah, yes...sisters

Posted by krisvek at 12:22AM, Wednesday January 31 2007

Sounds neat...although I won't be getting a Wiimote anytime soon, unless I can nab one from somewhere for cheap, along with the proper...gubbins...to provide bluetooth.

So, these suggestions from your sister...were they alcohol-influenced? Because I think that could be fun :-P

Minerva: Dance for me my pink elephant, dance!

Player: *dances*

And so forth....

Sirc's gravatar

2. Wii are amused...

Posted by Sirc at 1:03AM, Wednesday January 31 2007

Sometimes the best ideas come from alcoholic induced stupors. Try describing Mario Bros. and see if you can make it sound sane...

Seriously though, the Wiimote could be useful for a bigger fan base. Or at least an intersting way to play...

Evan's gravatar

3. Huh.

Posted by Evan at 3:34AM, Wednesday January 31 2007

Interesting and rather cool if you ask me, but seems like you lose a particulary large amount of ammunition control in the game when at times it's vital. D:

xbskid's gravatar

4. Testers? D:

Posted by xbskid at 7:49PM, Wednesday January 31 2007

Speaking of testers, Adam, how does one get to playtest for Minerva?

krisvek's gravatar

5. I would guess...

Posted by krisvek at 9:14PM, Wednesday January 31 2007

Buy him a drink :)

krisvek's gravatar

6. sorry for double-post :)

Posted by krisvek at 9:17PM, Wednesday January 31 2007

Mario Brothers? Oh, that's simple...you see, it's about these Italian plumbers who are rescuing a princess from an army of turtles and mushrooms led by a dragon....oh, hmm....I see...did I mention it was developed by Japanese guys?

asmodeus's gravatar

7. Japs...

Posted by asmodeus at 4:32AM, Thursday February 1 2007

They have their own miracle drugs, harvested incessantly from remote locations incoherently strewn along mt. fuji. There is no other rational explanation for the sheer bizarreness of Katamari Damacy. Did I mention Shigeru Miyamoto is a certified witch doctor?

asmodeus's gravatar

8. I forgot to mention -

Posted by asmodeus at 4:37AM, Thursday February 1 2007

Does smod support the half life 2 wiimote mod? Imagine playing smod tactical with the wiimote...

MrHappy's gravatar

9. dada

Posted by MrHappy at 5:40AM, Thursday February 1 2007

Last a heard the wiimote mode is simply an input stack, so that all maps mods and source games will work.

well, probably not alllll source games.

and yes, how can one get on the beta test team. ive done it before.

vengeace's gravatar

10. Nice

Posted by vengeace at 11:57PM, Thursday February 1 2007

excellent mod, part II is amazing, great quality in the mapping, great scripts and excellent gameplay. Keep up the good work.......

krisvek's gravatar

11. interesting...and welcome!

Posted by krisvek at 12:39AM, Friday February 2 2007

Good to see more names. Odd that you mentioned part II in particular, because while I enjoyed it immensely, I actually liked the first one the most of the two.

How about everyone else? Which released Minerva segment is your favorite?

kast's gravatar

12. Segments. mmmmmmm orange chocolate

Posted by kast at 9:25AM, Friday February 2 2007

I don't think you can really look at each release in isolation. They've each got a different feel but are equally excellent. There's no way I could chose between them.

Jerry's gravatar

13. I wii my pants!

Posted by Jerry at 3:18PM, Friday February 2 2007

That was my first idea, when I heard about the "GlovePie" project few weeks ago... playing your computer-games with the Wii-mote! That's so cool! First I liked to buy a Wii but the graphics are too lousy - sorry, but I'm spoiled by the graphic power of my PC!!
So here's the solution for it!


vecima's gravatar

14. my favorite

Posted by vecima at 5:55PM, Friday February 2 2007

my favorite minerva segment so far is um... metastasis. you know, the one that has 3 parts, but only 2 are out so far?

haha... gottcha.

i gues carcinogenesis is my favorite, jsut because of the multitude of atmospheres.
there's shoreline & industrial compound top level, then the upper bunker area mid level,
then when you think the level's over, it opens into the large lower bunker area (with that sweet track 'abscondicus' or some such name). that sequence was perfct, spine chilling even.

downhill struggle was iregularly good too, and served as the perfect sub level sprawl to come after part I, as well as continueally opening new areas just as you thought the map would end (because regular maps do end by then), but all in all the environments didn't differ as much as the first.

part II was not at all a dissapointment or failure however. it was a treat, to be dilected by us undeserving acolytes, but the first one also came out of nowhere. when no2 released, i already expected it to be great.

_Wizard_'s gravatar

15. game console or how to "pervert" it

Posted by _Wizard_ at 9:07PM, Friday February 2 2007

Hm ... so Mr. Foster just bought a Wii because of a mod that enables him to pervert the controllers main purpose without having the appropriate equiment to do so ?? .... quite freaky .. I would say ... hell yeah ... I thought about getting a Xbox 360 just (no joy, no fun, no game, just dev.) to develop my own "games"; but I didn't; it's too expensive (You have to subscribe to M$ 'Xbox Live' for about 5€ a month to dev. and play your own games.)...

@favourite part of MINVERA Mod....
Hmmm ..... part 2 .... Why? Because the architecture gets interesting....

fuzz's gravatar

16. Part 1?

Posted by fuzz at 11:23PM, Friday February 2 2007

For me there's nothing quite like the feeling of dread in carcinogenesis when you have to climb down the ladder away from the surface.
I just hate the idea of going down into those cramped tunnels with those nasty spidery headcrabs :(
Can only compare to coming back up to the surface after the zombie ambush in (HL2)Ep2.
Odd really because I'm not claustrophobic at all.

Omnivore's gravatar

17. the best

Posted by Omnivore at 5:30PM, Saturday February 3 2007

for me, the genius of minerva is wrapped up in its surprising use of space. high-end production values are great, intriguing character+plot is great, yes, but what minerva did in chaps 1&2 was *surprise* me again -- i'd gotten so in a rut waiting for the next "loading" screen during hl2 that every second beyond that expectation (in other words, 2/3 of the level!) i experienced this sort of stunned happy tense amazement. and then he does it again in chap 2. fricking beautiful. tick tock... original acolyte (now persistent lurker) out.

Au-heppa's gravatar

18. multitude of atmospheres: water

Posted by Au-heppa at 6:34PM, Saturday February 3 2007

I doupt Adam is going to change the level anymore,
but I had an idea how to change the atmosphere from the usual combine look. Caves and or dripping water from walls and ceiling, and some rooms even complitely under water, would make sense since the place is under a sea, and old. (I've been watching Bioshock trailers too many times lately).

Holy Socks's gravatar

19. Bioshock

Posted by Holy Socks at 7:14PM, Saturday February 3 2007

Bioshock is one of my most awaited games, I love the atmosphere, especially the 1950's style. Also i agree with fuzz; the ladder breaking comes as a bit of a shock and after that, the feeling of being alone with hundreds of dead bodies combined with the music makes it one of the most disturbing experiences i've had on a game.

kast's gravatar

20. Siggy banners

Posted by kast at 1:15AM, Sunday February 4 2007

Was bored today. Threw these together. Feel free to use them.


asmodeus's gravatar

21. Wii

Posted by asmodeus at 4:29AM, Tuesday February 6 2007

I need to get a Wii, all my friends have one but I can't find a nice game for it besides Twilight Princess and Trauma Center. Like the Ps3, it needs some time for the devs to get used to and fully utilize its hardware.

I've been thinking about getting an x360 but I'll wait until they re-release it with a 65nm core. Hopefully, It'll be cheaper aside from smalled and cooler. Wishful thinking is a hobby of mine.

Till then I have Onimusha 4, Okami and Dragon Warrior VIII to keep me company.

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