MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Lack of Updates -

So much for the 'updates every Friday', eh?

Anyway, some news from the past few weeks. The missing-text-messages bug has officially been fixed (let Steam update Half-Life 2 for you), but some new MINERVA-crashing-on-startup bugs have appeared. It would appear some aspects of Steam are currently undergoing major work, and there have been updates just about every day of the past week - if you're having problems running the first map, quit Steam, restart and see if it updates.

MINERVA doesn't contain any new code, so it should ideally be impossible for it to crash Half-Life 2, but it seems it's exposed some nasty bug for certain people. But it is known about by Valve, and it is definitely being worked on!

In lighter news, there's now a MINERVA page in the new 'Browse Games' section of Steam. I noticed this because there have been around 10,000 extra downloads in the past few days - which I think just about makes up for the dozens of emailed reports of crashing. Thanks, Valve!

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