MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2


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I <3 my cube. :-(

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1. Questions answered

Posted by Semiloki at 6:49PM, Thursday June 14 2007

I guess we know where you were now.

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2. ;-)

Posted by Tom Edwards at 6:53PM, Thursday June 14 2007

Don't be forgetting my e-mail address now.

Oh, and you forgot TF2!

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3. No Happy Ending for You!

Posted by Sirc at 7:06PM, Thursday June 14 2007

TF2, I doubt that HAS an ending...

I expected that ending from Episode Two ever since they mentioned a main character dying. I hope it is a suprise character like Barney not an expected one.

Well I'm suprised that Portal has such an ending, then again, we know very little of the story that takes place there.

Those who were right about earlier predictions, you may stop holding in your "I told you So!"

Hopefully your trip charged your 'Creative Batteries' or at the very least was interesting....

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4. i love.....

Posted by rb_lestr at 12:51AM, Friday June 15 2007

Stop sticking it in our faces and FINISH THE DAMN MOD!

Don't take this the wrong way,
i love you,
don't release MINERVA


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5. :D

Posted by Lewk at 5:28AM, Friday June 15 2007

Wow, he did go to valve. Whoever fabricated that, fabricated truth.. if that's possible.

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6. :O

Posted by Evan at 6:06AM, Friday June 15 2007

I think what rb_lestr was trying to say is that we're all...


... that MINVERVA still isn't finished and it's starting to make some of us...


... so you had better get your ducks in a row mister or you may end up rather...


Just saying.

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7. :S

Posted by kast at 10:47AM, Friday June 15 2007

X-( ?


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8. nonononono

Posted by fuzz at 11:35AM, Friday June 15 2007

no, we're going to get so mad we head but signs and get an X stuck to our face

or something


after weeks of telling everyone I meet how great left for dead looks I finally met someone else who had heard of it yesterday, hooray!

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9. a) Told you so | b) I fabricate truth | ...

Posted by Naurgul at 12:06PM, Friday June 15 2007

I've been here for 5 minutes trying to think of a witty answer but I can't think one.

I would go for a "told you so" pun, but I wanted to include a twist, to avoid it being generic.

Or I would go for a "I fabricate truth" pun only I couldn't think of a twist for that, as well.

In any case, maybe Adam is still teasing us and it's still possible he didn't go to Valve? Alright, this is more far-fetched than my previous assessment of the situation, but I was correct then, wasn't I? ; - )

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10. Just work!

Posted by $eb at 1:46PM, Friday June 15 2007

I still don't understand why people get angry... Adam is working for free, it is taking a lot of time but won't it be great to download the 3rd part of the best HL2 mod for $0 ?

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11. OK, Adam...

Posted by Nesretep at 2:14PM, Friday June 15 2007

Now that we know where you've been, you know were all itching to hear more than a few emoticons about your trip. So spill the beans, my friend! We want all of the juicy details that you're not bound by NDAs to keep secret! ;-)

Of course, don't let my request interrupt any quality time you want to spend working on MINERVA. She demands nothing but the utmost attention and devotion, does she not?

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12. Sorry for double posting...

Posted by Nesretep at 2:21PM, Friday June 15 2007

I was just thinking about the HL2 character that is going to die in Episode 2 and although all of the trailers want to lead in the direction of Alyx dying, I think that it is far more likely that Valve would choose to kill off her father (is he not already ailing?) Plus if they did kill off Alyx, that would probably be the quickest way for them to generate a bunch of e-mails in their inboxes verbally beating them over the head for doing so.

It might also be a character that you wouldn't expect like maybe Dog. If it came down to saving Alyx, Dog would sacrifice himself to dave her. However since he is a robot, would that count as a character dying?

Thoughts anyone?

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13. Dog

Posted by kast at 2:32PM, Friday June 15 2007

Dog is most certainly a character - he has at least a measure of sentience, a clear personaity and the fans have warmed to him over these years.

I think killing off any character has to be done with enormous tact, so it's going to interesting how Valve handle it in any eventuality.

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14. Moo.

Posted by xbskid at 3:37PM, Friday June 15 2007

I'm all for the constipation until the final release of Metastasis.

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15. Dog

Posted by You Know Who at 10:08PM, Friday June 15 2007

Obviously they are going to kill off Gordon Freeman. Alex caught him trying to look down that little part at the back of her pants where you can see her underwear and she snuck a poison headcrab into his bedroom when he was asleep.

The whole thing was foreshadowed by Concerned.

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16. w00t?

Posted by Kurrus at 12:20AM, Saturday June 16 2007

All your base are belong to us.

What? It's more descriptive than this crap.

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17. Pharmaceutical.

Posted by AtrumAstrum at 1:26AM, Saturday June 16 2007

I for one am giddy with excitement. Or perhaps excrement?

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18. The cube

Posted by Yar Kramer at 5:04AM, Saturday June 16 2007

I'm curious as to what precisely Adam meant by his "cube."

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19. Cubtastic

Posted by MrHappy at 6:11AM, Saturday June 16 2007

Perhaps something to do with one of those boxes you play with in Portal?

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20. Cube

Posted by Naurgul at 8:51AM, Saturday June 16 2007

Maybe Portal reminded him of the Cube film series? Or maybe it is a cubical pun, because Valve already has an office waiting for him at Bellevue? :-P

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21. An office?

Posted by MrHappy at 10:26AM, Saturday June 16 2007

Could be! And maybe he misses his sparsely decorated and cube shaped apartment?

I hope Adam doesn't get hired by Valve though, as it would most likely mean the end of minerva

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22. game endings

Posted by Boff at 12:24PM, Saturday June 16 2007

oooohhh please let EP2 have the lowest point of the HL2 series.

Games build up, movies build up, it's constant add more energy and momentum to that big ass boss fight at the end.

I hope EP2 have the "Empire Strike Back" feel.
Valve have the premier story driven game at the moment.

If they don't do something spectacular dark and evil at the ending leaving a total hopeless feeling then I might be a little dissapointed actually.

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23. misinterpretations...

Posted by krisvek at 4:38PM, Saturday June 16 2007

I actually implied from his post that these two games he played was on his GameCUBE...but I haven't been keeping up on the last post's comments, so i may be missing something

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24. RE : CUBE

Posted by irondragons at 6:03PM, Saturday June 16 2007

@Naurgul :

I'm betting that the "CUBE" is infact is the cube we see in the 'portal' videos, the cube that one may need to approach to the next sector.
Perhaps Adam got emotionally attached... for progressive reasons? :)

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25. Serious

Posted by Naurgul at 9:38PM, Saturday June 16 2007

My serious suggestion would be that the cube comment has something to do with a witty thing that narrator in Portal says at some point in the game; probably something that links progressing through the level and the player's love for cubes... possibly the ones you use to activate pressure pads.

Unless krisvek is right, the two games are Resident Evil 4 and Wind Waker and the cube is a gamecube. And the trip was in order to purchase a gamecube, because he couldn't find one where he lives.

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26. Buy a game cube?

Posted by MrHappy at 5:02AM, Sunday June 17 2007

Would it not be more prudent to order one from online?

GameCube: $250 USD
Airline Ticket: $200 - $1100 USD
Hotel: $40 - $125 USD per night
Games: $60 USD each

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27. Re: Serious

Posted by pox at 5:20AM, Sunday June 17 2007

the names of the two games in question were originally shown when Adam first posted the article. I suppose he ompted instead to entertain the boredom of his acolytes and leave them "unknown".

As for the "cube", who knows?

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28. cube

Posted by fuzz at 2:03PM, Sunday June 17 2007

well, he doesn't seem very happy about his cube, so maybe it's a cubicle at work where he is forced to work rather than finish minerva
which is obviously what he'd rather be doing :)

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29. Ep2's ending

Posted by Holy Socks at 8:03PM, Sunday June 17 2007

i agree with boff, ep2 should have the death of a major character and generally a sad ending, leaving ep3 open for sweet, sweet revenge:-)

If game B is portal, then i'm wondering if its ending links it in with the HL universe. also i'm looking forward to portal having a sense of humor, like some previews have said.

As for the cube it could be the cube from the video, a gamecube, or perhaps an item you pick up in one of the games?

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30. Re: I <3 my cube. :-(

Posted by FinalWarning at 4:57AM, Monday June 18 2007

Cargo Cult,

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31. Re: Holy Socks

Posted by Elyscape at 10:21PM, Tuesday June 19 2007

>> If game B is portal, then i'm wondering if its ending links it in with the HL universe.

It has been stated that Portal is indeed set in the Half-Life universe.

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32. Spoilers for Episode 2 and Portal

Posted by Yar Kramer at 1:00AM, Wednesday June 20 2007


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33. ugh.........................

Posted by LNL(coldshock) at 4:10AM, Wednesday June 20 2007

um.......i don't get it^

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34. 'Bout Portal

Posted by Sortie at 10:01AM, Wednesday June 20 2007

You learn more about Aperture Science by playing Ep2.

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35. the new character

Posted by Au-heppa at 4:42PM, Wednesday June 20 2007

that new scientist has probably something to do with Science

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36. dr. whats-her-name

Posted by MrHappy at 5:08PM, Wednesday June 20 2007

somehow i doubt that

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37. BEEP

Posted by irondragons at 7:01PM, Wednesday June 20 2007

Portal has absolutely nothing to do with the HL2 universe.

Portal is merely a bettered version of P'drop. With the same team as P'drop. If they wanted to make it somehow relatevent to the hl2 universe, they'd get valve to do it instead.

Besides that, i'm going on holiday in 4 days, for 2 weeks... sooo either release Minerva within 3 days or hold it off for 2 weeks Adam ;)

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38. um?

Posted by Au-heppa at 7:18PM, Wednesday June 20 2007

The makers or Portal are part of Valve you know. Secondly, they have stated many times that Portal has a lot to do with the HL universe.

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39. *blank subject*

Posted by SenatorPalpatine at 10:36PM, Wednesday June 20 2007

Yes, portal is definitely set in the HL2 universe, good job pulling facts out of your ass irondragon.

As for the comic thing, *spoilers* Snape killing Dumbledore and Trinity dying are 2 of the biggest spoilers. I don't know about Rosebud though.

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40. Rosebud...

Posted by Jumbles at 11:02PM, Wednesday June 20 2007

...is the sledge from Citizen Kane.

Who's Snape, Dumbledore and Trinity?

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41. .....

Posted by Holy Socks at 11:11PM, Wednesday June 20 2007

I do know that portal is set in the HL universe, what I was asking about portal's ending was if it would reveal the time-period/location in which the game is set or involve one of the characters we know from the HL universe.

Portal is a part of the HL universe, but we might not find out how it links in with Half life until a later game, unless valve have said something different.....

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42. RE: BEEP

Posted by Kage at 6:01AM, Thursday June 21 2007

Narbacular Drop, not P'drop. The team that created Narbacular Drop were picked up by Valve to bring the game to the Source engine before the game was completed. As has been mentioned, they're a part of Valve now.

Also, Snape and Dumbledore are from the Harry Potter books, and Trinity is from the Matrix movies.

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43. Portal = HL1.

Posted by Sortie at 8:22AM, Thursday June 21 2007

I believe Portal is set within the same timeline as HL1, if not off by a few years. Their website hinted 2002.

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44. portal and episode 2

Posted by MrHappy at 9:52AM, Thursday June 21 2007

The main character from portal is in episode 2, which is a starting point from which the two storylines may merge. I think that this connection may be merely filler though, a way to round out the universe, rather than anything truly important to understanding the HL2 story arc.

Some people believe also that Aperature science, the company whoms obstacle course you navigate, is controlled by either the combine or the gman's race.

Narbacluar drop, as short as it is, is quite fun, so I'm sure portal will be most excellent :-D

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45. For the love of godat

Posted by DeconstructionistByDay at 3:33AM, Saturday June 23 2007

The D is silent. Yes, that's right. It's pronounced Goat. Always has been. Even the Pope isn't infallible. Sits upon his own ass and all that.

So look... Mr. Foster.

I know, and believe me I know.

I'm getting in a car, you see, which is actually not a car but rather an SUV. And in it, will be 3 cats in one overlarge dog kennel. My wife, she, she will be getting in a car, which is actually a car. In it will be two dogs in nothing resembling a kennel, save for the car.

And then, Mr. Foster, we will be driving, and driving, and driving, where each instance of the word driving represents approximately six hours of travel, give or take.

At the end of that time, we will be stepping over a threshold. Quietly, until the lawyers.

Do you recall with any fond grimace that I awarded you the internet?

True, look it up.

And with an empty bottom, and hardly better-than-passable top, we'll be painting and other unglorious shit that I just really don't want to do.

And the entire time, Mr. Foster, the entire time, the only thing that will keep me awake in the dawn hours, the only thing that will drive my unconscious mind to the edge of a deep cavern and pump two shotgun rounds into the midsection of the gray matter, is a download link.

Get my hopes up, Sir.

A link to the muppet babies movie.

Doctor who up an aliens soundboard with every button as 'game over man, it's game over'.

A download link, Sir.

Maniacal mindf**k it may be, or reality. A download link, You can keep the internet. It loves you more anyway.

Driving, driving, driving.


Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto

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46. Spoiler alert

Posted by xbskid at 5:35AM, Saturday June 23 2007

Hide your shame, Mr. Sarto. :D

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47. Whoa....

Posted by Nesretep at 6:51AM, Saturday June 23 2007

He isn't asking for MINERVA to be done yet is he? I didn't think so.

Giuseppe, ol' pal, let me tell you how this works. See first, Adam makes a killer mod that everybody (or at least everybody that matters) can't get enough of. Then he says more is coming, but nothing about when. When he finally gives us a possible due date for said episode of his mod he misses said due date. We all keep waiting till it finally arrives. End of story.

You should be grateful that he at least *tried* to distract us by hinting at a trip to Valve. He could have just left us waiting.


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48. I don't think so

Posted by Pyro-Dude at 4:12PM, Saturday June 23 2007

I very much doubt that Portal is set that close to the HL1 period. The machinery making the portals in the Lambda complex were far from portable, so either it has been a while since then and there has been some huge advances in technology, or it borrows alien technology or something similar.

I'm guessing that perhaps after Black Mesa was destroyed, another research facility was set up, possibly with some funding or the like from the gman, or a second one was going at the time. When the combine invaded, it wasn't found and they have stolen combine technology to use.

Other than that, meh

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49. Lexicographic anaylsis

Posted by MrHappy at 5:31PM, Saturday June 23 2007

If you look at the word choice and grammar of the aperature science website you will notice a distincly non-human feel implying an extra-terrestrial influence or origin of the company.

U-mu-la-mah-ri's gravatar

50. Maybe.....

Posted by U-mu-la-mah-ri at 8:25PM, Saturday June 23 2007

Maybe protal has nothing to do with half life at all.......anyone think of that?

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51. Its all in the portals

Posted by Stil at 10:37PM, Saturday June 23 2007

I think Pyro-Dude is onto somthing there.

The hand held portal technology is quite in advanced of that we see in half life one. Besides i'd vouch that a lot of HL2 players havn't played the origonal. To start jumping back and forth with time lines risks getting confusing. So to my thinking that rules out the black mesa connection.

More interestingly to me is that the tech seems to be over that of modern day Half life 2 tech aswell. Look at the massive combine teleport at Nova Prospekt. The size and energy of that thing would suggest it isn't combine. Throw in the fact that they're using a human test subject, that we don't see combine elites jumping poping around through portals AND the fact that the gun design looks different to combine stuff... I don't think we're in kansas anymore.

But... if it does tie into Ep 2... that means there have to be other suspects too. Gman is compelling, especially as we're supposed to finally get someway to the bottom of this guy this time round.

But considering xen was allready a mecca for portal tech surely thats the obvious suspect. Mebby the vorts are even involved somehow, we... did apparently witness the rise of the "third power" in the universe.

Who knows.

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52. Hmmm

Posted by Pyro-Dude at 11:40PM, Saturday June 23 2007

One thing I wonder is why have an artificial voice do the talking. Wouldn't it be easier to just have someone do it? I'm guessing it's because the poeple running Aperture Science are like Gman, and aren't comfortable with human speech. I'm guessing they're method of communication is very different, and Gman has gone to great lengths to learn the human language, and still isn't completely comfortable with it.

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53. Stuff we know about Portal

Posted by Yar Kramer at 6:10AM, Sunday June 24 2007

1. It ties in with Half-Life 2.
2. Main character is a girl.
3. Computer voice is goofy and ominous at the same time.
4. We'll find out ... on my 22nd birthday, actually. :D

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54. ..?

Posted by U-mu-la-mah-ri at 8:49AM, Sunday June 24 2007

so wait, I missed it, HOW do we K NOW its in the HL "universe" why cant it just be a seperate game....I mean if there is a VALVE website that says so fine...but its not good to make assumptions like that

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55. The answer to life, the universe, and portal.

Posted by Sortie at 10:21AM, Sunday June 24 2007

Portal is set within the HL universe ( Comfirmed ).

Every faction in the Half-Life series, so far, are interrested in getting Portal technology. The rebels are these who has the best tech so far.
However, think as Marc Laidlaw, introduce a new faction that has everything the other look for. Aperture Science, as I stated previously, it's set in around 2002, so it's far more advanced than Black Mesa. That might be because I think it's private funded.
Why this portal gun is being tested is out of my range of speculation, and might not be revealed in the game itself.

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56. One last thing

Posted by Pyro-Dude at 1:44PM, Sunday June 24 2007

One final thing is, why would the Gman's employers want to stop the timeline? There are a plethora of reasons, but one could be that, due to the fact the Combine are dimension hopping technology theives, they could have stolen and still be trying to steal the technology, like the Portal gun. There are some similarities between stuff in Portal and Combine tech i.e. using those energy balls to power things and the turrrets.

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57. Portal > Combine

Posted by Sortie at 2:49PM, Sunday June 24 2007

I presume Aperture Science invented the stuff, and the combine stole it from them, or..

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58. Aperture Science

Posted by Naurgul at 3:29PM, Sunday June 24 2007

They're just a company that provides furniture for offices, such as the Citadel.

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59. A glimpse of Olympus

Posted by Baffled at 4:40PM, Sunday June 24 2007

It seems that our Adam has ascended to the very summit of Valvedom, having not only an open invitation to Olympus, but the Gods themselves playtesting His creation.

Bravo sir, bravo.

U-mu-la-mah-ri's gravatar

60. another idea

Posted by U-mu-la-mah-ri at 11:10PM, Sunday June 24 2007

You know Cpl. ALan Shepard hasnt show up in the game yet....maybe he is the bald headed orange clad man we see a glimpse of? possible sent to apature by G-man to gain this technlogy, in order to assist Gordon?.....Or maybe replace? damn that seems far fetched but sounded good when i thought of it

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61. recursive mirror

Posted by kast at 12:45AM, Monday June 25 2007

I believe the character you describe was a placeholder model for the person you play, as seen running through the same corner and falling for ever below and above you.

Pyro-Dude's gravatar

62. Yes

Posted by Pyro-Dude at 12:54AM, Monday June 25 2007

It's been confirmed that you play as a woman character, and seeing as it's doubtable that Opposiong force was canon given the fact it was made by a completely unrelated company, it's not that likely Shpeeard will turn up again. It would be pretty interesting to play as him dropped in the middle of an area swarming with combine and rebels, and would be amusing to see him meet G.Freeman, who I think would be a bit annoyed if he knew he was one of the spec ops guys sent in to kill the science team

U-mu-la-mah-ri's gravatar

63. :(

Posted by U-mu-la-mah-ri at 2:15AM, Monday June 25 2007

Yeah Op For was a favorite of mine, they relly need to tie it in

Sirc's gravatar

64. Now Where Did I See That...

Posted by Sirc at 6:04AM, Monday June 25 2007

I remember reading somewhere that they would be giving Gearbox another shot after they finished the episodes...

Don't hold me to anything but I am certain I read that somewhere so there is a possibility (however distant) that there might be a 'sequel' in the future...

Sortie's gravatar

65. Re: Yes

Posted by Sortie at 9:13AM, Monday June 25 2007

Opfor and Bs are both canon. Esspecially Blue Shift, since there are many connections between HL2 and BS, eg. Barney Calhoun and the Xen Relay. Maybe this guy Dr. Magnussen has some connection too.

fuzz's gravatar

66. Decay?

Posted by fuzz at 6:33PM, Monday June 25 2007

What about "Half-Life: Decay" eh?
nice to see the spam's back

Baffled's gravatar

67. Flocking back to Sheppard

Posted by Baffled at 8:30PM, Monday June 25 2007

I would have thought that the fabled (and Gabe confirmed) non-Valve Episode Four would be the likeliest opportunity for the good Corporal to shuffle back to this virtual coil.

After all, the great story arc is supposedly ending in Episode Three ( which even Adam hasn't played yet....or have you????) so Four must involve some kind of other perspective upon events.

Any San Fran piccys to share Adam, or better yet, Valve piccys ( we know you took some, come on now ;-) )?

Parting thought: I would be reasonably at ease with the killing of any of the characters, with the exception of Judith Mossman, with whom I'm rather in love ( sorry Alyx ). She's what is commonly known in my parts as "thinking man's crumpet" ;-). She certainly looked in peril in that video missve from Arctic Base so rudely interupted by that Hunter! Oh Judith...*sigh*.

Pyro-Dude's gravatar

68. But...

Posted by Pyro-Dude at 9:55PM, Monday June 25 2007

Huge hands! HUGE HANDS!

Yar Kramer's gravatar

69. Huge hands

Posted by Yar Kramer at 11:54PM, Monday June 25 2007

Yeah, right, they're hardly bigger than Dog's. ;)

xbskid's gravatar

70. Re: Decay?

Posted by xbskid at 3:28PM, Tuesday June 26 2007

I'm still waiting for Decay to make a PC appearance. :(

Pyro-Dude's gravatar

71. Would be sweet

Posted by Pyro-Dude at 6:20PM, Tuesday June 26 2007

I think at some point in a future Half-Life game, seeing, fighting and being able to pilote a mechanical Combine walker would be brilliant.

I know they have the striders, but with the Bio Aircraft they also have choppers, so it could make sense

fuzz's gravatar

72. re: Would be sweet

Posted by fuzz at 9:49PM, Tuesday June 26 2007

I dunno if the combine would have walkers/mechs/evangelions/patlabours/mobile suits etc. what with having the striders and hunters and all.

but that given, it would be sweet :)

(I got to have a go on SteelBattalion with the full double joystick, switchboard and foot pedals setup and a projector once and it was helluv cool)

Sortie's gravatar

73. WOTS Style

Posted by Sortie at 10:56AM, Wednesday June 27 2007

Yeah, it should be done the WOTS Style. Having large metal contraptions walking around and banishing players. Oh, strider? No, bigger than striders. :D

LNL(coldshock)'s gravatar

74. .............

Posted by LNL(coldshock) at 9:32PM, Wednesday June 27 2007

Hey I am finally able to get back on, so does anyone have any news about Minerva or Adam or if he has joined Valve?

Much appreciation

The Observer's gravatar

75. Status Report

Posted by The Observer at 10:22PM, Wednesday June 27 2007

Greetings from germany Mr. Foster,

any new infos or progress from Minerva? I feel like a child which is waitung for santa claus. You know how to torture me with this great sp mod. I'll keep my fingers crossed for an early, early, eraly.... release. :)


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76. Info on Minerva's progress

Posted by Naurgul at 10:38PM, Wednesday June 27 2007

Some say I'm a cyber-pest, others say I'm a cyber-stalker, but since I'm bringing you news about Minerva, who's to complain, right?

Seems like after Adam playtested Episode Two for Valve, they returned the favour and playtested Minerva. So, he's doing more changes, polishing, refining according to their feedback. Which I assume would cause the release to be further delayed.

"Yay for a better game!", if I may add.


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77. LOL at Laidlaw

Posted by MrHappy at 7:17AM, Thursday June 28 2007

Running the wrong way down corriders, getting all confused and such :D

Stil's gravatar

78. Outside the box

Posted by Stil at 11:35AM, Thursday June 28 2007

Ok new theory! The mysterious force behind portal is BLATANTLY Minerva...

Strange mechanical female voice... making some poor guiney pig jump through hoops (kinda literally i guess), Adams mysterious absence to valve.

Yeah... he's sooo busted. :D

Naurgul's gravatar

79. Re: Outside the box

Posted by Naurgul at 2:25PM, Thursday June 28 2007

Well, after returning from his previous trip to Valve he did mention that he had finally found a little place for Minerva in the Half-Life universe. I wouldn't be surprised if they had given him information about this since in Episode One there wasn't mentioned anything that could serve that purpose.

rb_lestr's gravatar

80. awh nooo

Posted by rb_lestr at 4:01PM, Thursday June 28 2007

Well it looks like MINERVA won't be out for another while,,,,,

This makes me a sad bunny overall...

Baffled's gravatar

81. The unnatural silence of the Acolytes

Posted by Baffled at 5:46PM, Thursday June 28 2007

I fear the Acolytes have fallen prey to that strange paralysis known as denial. The normal, natural, and dangit, just plain healthy, reaction to news of yet another delay before we get our mits on that virtual opiate we call MINERVA, is to let out a cry of unbearable anguish thus:


To try to cope with such unendurable news by pretending that you didn't read it, will likely end in a complete breakdown, so Acolytes, let it all out!

I've been fruitlessly banging on that door, at the end of Metastasis 2, for so long now I would REALLY appreciate some YouTube footage of it opening just to know that it's really going to happen......*sob*.....eventually.

@Naurgul: I hope you're not suffering too much from the heatwave over in Greece, it seems that Global Warming may see us all off before we get to play the rest of MINERVA! The UK's sinking beneath the waters as I type :-(

P.S. Who else wishes we might get to blast off to Xen, StarTrek:FirstContact stylie in this ICBM rocket ship gizmo :-D:


Naurgul's gravatar

82. Heat? Nonsense

Posted by Naurgul at 6:24PM, Thursday June 28 2007

Funny you saying that. I was kinda ill for the past week because of the heat. And I have exams to cope with, as well. Feeling strange because of the illness and having to study at the same time, combined with my natural urge to avoid repetitive tasks is an awful combination, let me tell you.

The recent global warming fears coming true ([sarcasm]who would have guessed that scientific predictions are accurate?[/sarcasm]) has another terrible side-effect: science fiction is losing one of its themes. Who can now write a sci-fi book about that? It makes me wonder too, will we lose more material like that? I can't imagine a world dominated by ruthless aliens where people would secretly play Half-Life games.

I believe I'm fine regarding waiting for Minerva to be released. I think I'm used to cliffhangers... unless it's denial; I wouldn't know.

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83. space?

Posted by fuzz at 6:38PM, Thursday June 28 2007

Have the combine even got any assets in space? It's not really mentioned, well, up till now I guess. Mind you, there was that satellite you/Gordon had to launch in HL1.

Gotta wonder whether Adam even needs us acolytes when he's only got bloody /Valve/ playing his mods...

U-mu-la-mah-ri's gravatar

84. Some things

Posted by U-mu-la-mah-ri at 6:43PM, Thursday June 28 2007

As long as Minerva doesnt suddenly become a NON FREE Valve produced mod Im fine.

If you want info on Combine space assets, Play COastline To Atmosphere, I know its just a 3rd party mod with no acctual ties to teh story but fun none the less

As for global warming, I am a firm beleiver that Humanitys only hope is to get off our asses and either get the technology to Terraform the Moon, Or Mars, or make a propulsion system powerful enough to carry peole outside our solar system

SenatorPalpatine's gravatar

85. As stupid as

Posted by SenatorPalpatine at 6:46PM, Friday June 29 2007

I think that last post is, I also heard that water has been discovered on some moon, Mars I think. So that would be a possibility too

U-mu-la-mah-ri's gravatar

86. Well then

Posted by U-mu-la-mah-ri at 6:48PM, Friday June 29 2007

There is supposedly Water on MArs yes, but there is a moon orbiting Jupiter that is made up of ENTIRELY Ice, with possible liquid water underneath

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