MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

MINERVA: Metastasis released -

Two and a half years in the making, it's finally done.

Yes, this version requires Valve's Half-Life 2: Episode One to play - if you don't have it, I fully recommend the new Orange Box as a perfect way of warding off gaming scurvy. And no, I wasn't paid to say that!

In terms of MINERVA, there's a 150MB installer ready for download - and if you get stuck or would otherwise like to express your undying admiration for our dear Minerva, there's the newly invigorated forum for you to explore.

Foreign language packs should arrive soon, once again courtesy of the Sarmatia project - for now, you'll have to make do with the inferior English original.

I am exhausted. I have an unopened , 750ml bottle of Duvel looking longingly at me, ready for a triumphant one-man celebration.


Edit 2007-10-02: One major issue people are having is the lack of HL2: Ep1 content in MINERVA. Make sure that Steam restarts after running the MINERVA installer, and if you haven't played HL2: Ep1 for a while, start it up to make sure all relevant files have been extracted from the GCF archive thingies...

Edit 2007-10-02: Looking for the MINERVA soundtrack additions? All available for download in stupendous-o-MP3 format at zhaymusic.com!

Edit 2007-10-03: A review! From the mighty Rock, Paper, Shotgun! Slightly spoiler-y screenshots, but fantastic ones nevertheless. My ego is close to rupturing.

Edit 2007-10-03: It appears the installer has a bit of a bug - any desktop icon it creates will try launching the new MINERVA as a Half-Life 2 mod, not as an Episode One mod. Resulting in big red ERROR models, magenta-and-black checkerboard textures and lots of other missing stuff. Launch the game from the Steam games list instead, while I sort out an updated installer...

Edit 2007-10-04: Updated installer! All links should now point there. Torrent with new download may be back up again tomorrow.

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1. Yay!

Posted by Eggplant! at 1:25AM, Tuesday October 2 2007


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2. wewt!

Posted by amd-barton at 1:52AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

awesome! now i just have to wait 2 months until thanksgiving when i can go home to my desktop and play :( (i don't want to spoil it on the 950gma graphics in my laptop)

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3. minerva

Posted by pox at 1:52AM, Tuesday October 2 2007


It is done, for now...

This should be more than enough to tide the acolytes for many weeks, if not months on end, poking apart every little detail and soaking up the newly established developments of the mythos. I know I'm still reeling ; ^ )

Rest now Adam, for an accomplishment such as this you have more than won a reprieve of complacent bliss.

Terrapin's gravatar

4. Amazing

Posted by Terrapin at 1:56AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Amazing can't even come close to describing the last hour and a half of puzzles, gunfights, and revelations. I won't spoil anything, not yet, but I will say that not everything is answered - for all our weeks of theories, only one is confirmed, undoubtedly, to be true (and it's one of mine :-) ).

But at the end, even if there are still questions to be answered and doors to be opened, I feel... satisfied. Invigorated. Euphoric. For months I waited, and now, like a present unwrapped, all that really matters is out in the open.

Adam, congratulations; what you have created is the video game analog of a work of art. What you have produced is worthy of the highest accolade. What you have done has, I'm sure, placated hundreds, thousands, of eager and loyal acolytes with something we can enjoy again and again. So enjoy the Duvel - you've earned it.

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5. I'm still at a loss for words

Posted by DiDo at 2:04AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

All I can really say right now is... Thanks.

Timewaster's gravatar

6. awesome stuff

Posted by Timewaster at 2:06AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

just completed the final two chapters, and they're some of the best stuff i've played all year

macc's gravatar

7. yes

Posted by macc at 2:27AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

It's not with many game experiences that I have such a satisfying feeling at the end. It's really a worthy final chapter, certainly the best part of the three!

The maps are really amazing, and the story is awesome. I would like to type so much more, but I want to keep the spoilers out.

FinalWarning's gravatar

8. The Best

Posted by FinalWarning at 2:41AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

No one could have asked for anything better.Three Cheers from a loyal Acolyte.

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9. Gah...

Posted by Nick at 2:41AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Already stuck... Without any tools to give me the slightest of edges, but stuck in a truly beautiful environment. I stood in awe while stuck at the arrayed machinery though the window, wondering once more, just what are they up to, and why is there a hologram of a moon sitting there?...

Ah, back to it... Any suitable vague and twisted advice welcome.

wargamerROB's gravatar

10. Disbelief

Posted by wargamerROB at 2:49AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

I seriously didn't believe you could ever top the first two parts. God, was I wrong. And in the best way.

Nick's gravatar

11. Stunning

Posted by Nick at 3:01AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

No longer stuck, but still running and hiding like a rat, accompanied by Minerva's taunts and riddles.

And drooling, the vista is as always stunning, breath taking and sometimes very revealing, while the puzzles are often cunningly simple, yet remain vexing when 1st observed.

Naurgul's gravatar

12. Thanks

Posted by Naurgul at 3:04AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Thank you, Mr. Foster. The new chapters were great.

DiDo's gravatar

13. It doesn't feel right saying this...

Posted by DiDo at 3:05AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Well I've regained my ability to speak. All I have to say is enjoy your break. You've earned it.

Terrapin's gravatar

14. Puzzles

Posted by Terrapin at 3:09AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

I agree, the puzzles were often so simple that I felt like a complete moron once I realized that a few seconds of observation could best several minutes of brute force, trial-and-error attempts. But now, with a glimpse at a truly well-built game, the wait for Ep2 and Portal is all the worse. The 10th can't come fast enough, so far as I'm concerned. But this should keep me busy.

In fact, I think myself and some of the other acolytes may need to pass the time by spinning out some more plot theories. We've had some (rather large) revelations sent our way, and now have some entirely new questions to ponder. As soon as Adam okays spoilers, I have a few conjectures to put forth. But that's for another time.

Cargo Cult's gravatar

15. Spoilers? Forum!

Posted by Cargo Cult at 3:23AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

It's, well, for 'em.

Geddit? Geddit?


I'm sorry. I shall go to bed now. ;-)

Nick's gravatar

16. Re: Puzzles

Posted by Nick at 3:55AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Indeed the solutions are quite simple, but finding it is the hard part. I was seemingly stuck for some time till realising the destructive tricks Adam had worked into the environment.

Sheer bloody brilliance.

That and Pegasus is... *shudders* I love my shotgun.

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17. Dear Adam Foster

Posted by Foodstuff at 3:56AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

I freaking <3 you.

Marshall's gravatar

18. Thank you.

Posted by Marshall at 4:24AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Congrats Adam. Thanks so much.

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19. Problems with Skins

Posted by Shawn at 4:40AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Hi there,
I have heard all of the excitement generated by this game already, I have played the last two episodes, but I have one problem with this game...
There are a lot of floating error signs, black and purple textures, and inviable props. I am not sure if I perhaps installed the games files incorrectly, but it certainly makes the chapter all the more, well, interesting. I was just curious if anyone knows why this may be occurring, if they have encountered similar problems, and perhaps how to fix this.

I do own Half-Life Episode 2 by the way.

I appreciate any help given!

M_Gargantua's gravatar

20. Awe inspireing

Posted by M_Gargantua at 4:53AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Between this and Gurren-Lagann, my weekend couldn't have been better in any reguard.

This is a work of genius, the final descent, the language, the emotion.

The utter and complete fear at something you wouldn't fear, and the cold acceptence when most people would have feared. Your writing has a real impact.

Then I got within reach of the end, just around the corner, but crushingly out of reach. Minerva Crashed and I get a memory error whenever I start it up now.

But until those last few moments, and maybe some sort of lackluster ascents that was the greatest two hours of gaming I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

DarkPrimus's gravatar

21. And here I am...

Posted by DarkPrimus at 5:08AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

...with a busted sound card.

What terrible timing!

spect3r's gravatar

22. DIGG IT!

Posted by spect3r at 5:15AM, Tuesday October 2 2007



LocoYokel's gravatar

23. @ shawn

Posted by LocoYokel at 5:24AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

You need episode 1 for the game to work properly. Also, did you use the installer or the zipfile? If you are unfamiliar with the steam directory structure I would suggest you get the installer and let it manage it for you.

And get episode 1.

ufotofu's gravatar

24. Fantastic job!

Posted by ufotofu at 5:32AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

I must say, Adam, Metastasis 3 was as good as I expected, and more. The pacing was impeccable, the maps were complex and innovative, and the writing was intriguing. A fitting "end" to the best mod I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

Take a break- you deserve it!

SkUrRiEr's gravatar

25. Argh! Work!

Posted by SkUrRiEr at 5:37AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

I'm at work, and Minerva's downloaded and waiting for me on my home machine.

I can't fecking wait - I won't be able to play it for another 8 hours!


By the way, I'm going out on a limb and guessing that I'm the only person who downloaded it with wget.

In a side note, does anyone have a md5sum so I can check that I have all of it in all it's delicious completeness?

MrHappy's gravatar

26. Thanks.

Posted by MrHappy at 7:19AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Whenever I finish an amazing game, and it is finish, you can't beat her, i always end up the same way: staring blanky at the screen unable to move, unable to speak, unable evem to think.

It took awhile, but the paramedics finnally got my brain working again.

So I'd like to say, very simply, thank you. It was all I wanted and expected and yet so much more.

vindow_viper's gravatar

27. Adam Foster is the 8th wonder of the world

Posted by vindow_viper at 7:23AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

This is THE best mod I've played in a long, long time (quite possibly ever).... brilliance!

Well done, Mr. Foster!

Ace's gravatar

28. Alrighty then

Posted by Ace at 7:26AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

.. bitchin game! (my new word for the day). An outstanding effort for which I salute you Mr. Foster! Easily beats episode 1 if you ask me. But if we're avoiding spoilers here not too much to say at the moment...

..But as to the forums, does anybody else get a headache from looking at white text on a black background? My eyes aren't very pleased with that at all. The gray is okay though, or pretty much anything but black, especially if I then go read something black on white background.

(And wazzup wit da 4 riders of the apocalypse business? Goodness, I get a headache and depressed at the same time.)

Max's gravatar

29. Perfect

Posted by Max at 7:46AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Pegasus was a trip, you're very good at what you do.

Hope to see more from you in the future, but take a break first.

CoBB1e's gravatar


Posted by CoBB1e at 8:14AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I`m waiting this mod so long!!!!!!!!!

Quaunaut's gravatar

31. Well, some of that was pretty shit.

Posted by Quaunaut at 8:20AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

And I don't mean 'the shit'.


So, why is it that throwing barrels into the holes in the walls does *nothing* like it did before? And why is it that if you throw a grenade it, in magically does the damage, but one launched from your smg can't do shit? I unloaded every last thing I had on me except the nades at the things and it did nothing- I just don't use nades that aren't alt-fire very often, so it felt pretty fucking stupid to me.

And also, the pressure valves. The first one I got easily. Then, I broke open the door, got the pressure thing down there, run up and...thats odd, this spot with the health pack beneath it I sitll can't get.

OH RIGHT THAT INVISIBLE FUCKING PIPE RIGHT NEXT TO IT. Seriously, you should've put more lighting on that. For such good action and well placed music and otherwise great level design, those both seemed like glaring, *angering as fucking hell* flaws.

Anonymous's gravatar

32. Installation

Posted by Anonymous at 9:11AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Noo! It deleted my savegame profiles! :(
Ah well, looks like an excuse to start the game all over from the beginning...

U-Mu-La-Ma-Rhi's gravatar

33. Damned Plasma Condensers

Posted by U-Mu-La-Ma-Rhi at 9:13AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

I threw my nades in them and nothing happened

drunkill's gravatar

34. Congradulations adam!

Posted by drunkill at 9:13AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Mmmm Duvel.

Ant's gravatar

35. Episode 1 and skip to part 3?

Posted by Ant at 9:42AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Hello! I loved the first two parts of your mod in the past.

However, why does your mod require episode 1? I got rid of episode 1 after I finished it last year. Can I still play it?

Also, does this mod let me start with the third part? I finished the first two parts long ago.

Thank you in advance. :)

fuzz's gravatar

36. It's a sign!

Posted by fuzz at 10:00AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Yesterday I had the whole day off because my car was in the garage, but because I'm in the uk I had an entire day of no minerva :(
I started downloading the torrent last night but I needed sleep, so I was getting all excited knowing I'd be able to play when I got home from work.
Thing is, on the way into work, something went bang on my car and one of the wheels stopped going round :(
So, car is back with garage (They put a new wheel bearing on that wheel so I'm going to blame them for this), and now I've got at least a few hours before it's ready and I can go to work, and the torrent says just over one minute left until it's downloaded...


fuzz's gravatar

37. balls

Posted by fuzz at 10:14AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Deleted old metastasis directory, unzipped new one, started Steam.
Now I seem to have to wait for Episode 1 to redownload? Although I'm sure I played Ep1 recently.

Anonymous's gravatar

38. Problem with Carcinogenisis

Posted by Anonymous at 10:15AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

I'm starting Minerva from the beginning, but there seems to be a problem with the clipping for the first map (metastasis_1) - Combine soldiers would fall through the ground, and occasionally the player falls through too. Can anybody check if they have the same problem? Thanks.

Mr. Bunny's gravatar

39. Torrent

Posted by Mr. Bunny at 10:29AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Why was the torrent up, then taken down? It was working fine... Are you updating the installer to fix some glitches, like the one in the initial loading of the first chapter? (where HEV suit was not given upon landing, but if the chapter was restarted it would work)

Mr. Bunny's gravatar

40. Torrent

Posted by Mr. Bunny at 10:30AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

By working fine I mean I downloaded my installer twice from it (2 computers) then seeded (on my at&t box, I would on Comcast but they suck and actively won't let me seed)

MrHappy's gravatar

41. Seeding

Posted by MrHappy at 10:54AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Mr. Bunny, that seems like a violation of net neutrality that they won't let you. I don't *think* congress has killed it yet.

Sue em. Sue em hard.

Homicide's gravatar

42. Torrent

Posted by Homicide at 10:58AM, Tuesday October 2 2007

The torrent was for the .zip version. There'll be a new one for the .exe version.

parm's gravatar

43. Torrent

Posted by parm at 12:05PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Adam hasn't updated the website yet, but there's a torrent of the .exe up at:


I'd put the .zip torrent up (and the tracker is still there, but I'm not seeding it any more) and then went to bed; Adam got the installerificated version back after I'd gone to sleep so I didn't get round to sorting it out until this morning. Should be working now, though.

fuzz's gravatar

44. woot!

Posted by fuzz at 12:41PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

ok, I should have been at work hours ago, but thanks to fate my car is still buggered so I have a legitimate excuse to play minerva.

Adam, hats off mate you've done a great job, and answered some of our questions, and scared me with zombies and pretty much put every other mod out there to shame with your level of mapping.
You realise valve are going to try and hire you now right?

locworks's gravatar

45. No spoilers here, please.

Posted by locworks at 12:42PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Please use the forums for that.

Installation problems, crash reports, general support

Gameplay discussion (with spoilers!)

Story discussion (with spoilers!)

fuzz's gravatar

46. Portal

Posted by fuzz at 1:21PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

(Sorry for multiple posts.)

Portal is now ready for pre-loading.

so that.

Holy Socks's gravatar

47. Wow!

Posted by Holy Socks at 3:43PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

I had to pull my self away from Halo 3 to play MINERVA, and ofcourse I wasn't let down, it really is incredible what you have managed with this mod Adam. I Haven't really got anything constructive to say as I just enjoyed the whole game so much, so anyway thanks for Metastasis and I'll be looking forward to what might be coming next.

Birdoman's gravatar

48. Revelation

Posted by Birdoman at 5:11PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Brilliant. Just played through from the beginning, an experience that ranks with my first ever playthrough of Half-Life.

Good to see all that work on the holy titles.txt really paid of - fantastic character development through such a unique (at least to my memory) medium.

Great puzzles, fun (and sensible) enemy placement, gorgeous scenery and architecture, stunning vistas, and a perfectly poised storyline. Congratulations Adam, you are indeed a God.

(Personally I think the experience so graciously provided by our benefactor could only work as a mod - I can't imagine the daring and ingenuity passing the commercial test, despite the near unparalleled game design, which I would gladly pay for.)

Mangatome's gravatar

49. Thank you !

Posted by Mangatome at 6:05PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Thank you so much for you so talented work !

Ben's gravatar

50. Thanks

Posted by Ben at 6:32PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

For HL2, Minerva is awesome. Thanks a lot!

Baffled's gravatar

51. Wowed to the nth degree

Posted by Baffled at 8:04PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

I've just finished it, on hard, and oh boy, it was tough. They fought me to a standstill on at least three occasions with flanking and rushing tactics that had me quite frazzled.

But I persevered, and would like to add my thanks for all your efforts to fashion such an exhilarating ride.

Well done indeed!

The credits included thanks to those whose contribution was "just plain enthusiasm", and as, I like to think, one of the foremost such contributors, I say that you are most welcome Adam.

You, and your Art, are entirely deserving of all the praise and fuss that you both receive.

Pyro-Dude's gravatar

52. Yay! *Cough* Whoops

Posted by Pyro-Dude at 8:16PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

(Yes, I am such an idiot that I posted what was meant for this news article in another and then only realise hours later.)

I guessed right about what was down there!

*Spoiler (kind of)*
Interesting to see that the other side was fleshed out, as I could see Antlions running around there

Ted's gravatar

53. Thank you.

Posted by Ted at 8:53PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Man, some of those scenes will stick with me for a long time. Hope to hear more from you.

vecima's gravatar

54. RE: Whooping cough

Posted by vecima at 9:53PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

Pyro: i didn't see any antlions!!!??!???!

perhaps it's already time for another play through.

Legolas's gravatar

55. Minerva rocks !!!

Posted by Legolas at 10:25PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

The game is great, it seems like Hl² episode 1,5, a real game made by Valve !
Very good work!

locworks's gravatar

56. Spoilers

Posted by locworks at 11:04PM, Tuesday October 2 2007

vecima and Pyro-Dude: no spoilers on the blog, please. The forum is the best place for that: http://www.hylobatidae.org/minerva/forum/index.php

Semiloki's gravatar

57. Fantastic

Posted by Semiloki at 12:43AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

One word is all that is needed. Thanks Adam.

Mr. Bunny's gravatar

58. Finished!

Posted by Mr. Bunny at 1:20AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

Phew! That was amazing! There were many, many times where the visuals were so amazing my jaw literally dropped. The puzzles were a nice break in the action, if a little unorthodox. Solvable by those with patience, the group of which I am proud to be a member of in this case.

weirwood's gravatar

59. Disappointed

Posted by weirwood at 4:24AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

So, as it turns out, the Combine did *not* funnel all that power underground to fight off Nazi saucers inside the Hollow Earth. A slight disappointment there, I've got to say. :)

Seriously though, what I maybe like most about MINERVA is that its atmosphere resembles HL1 much more than HL2. The sense of isolation and making your way through an alien and hostile installation evokes flashbacks of Interloper, my favorite part of HL1.

Awesome. Literally.

cypher543's gravatar

60. It was... ok?

Posted by cypher543 at 4:34AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

I fear I may get jumped by a group of MINERVA fans when I leave my home tomorrow morning, but I'm going to speak my mind anyway...

I've been waiting quite a long time for this. What did I get, exactly? Well... 30 minutes of gameplay and a story that really didn't progress much farther than it did in the first two chapters. I don't know about you all, but I still haven't a clue who Minerva is. Oh, and look! Now there's a completely new DIMENSION to think about!

Oh, and that 30 minutes of gameplay was filled with what? Zombies? No, no... COMBINE zombies! With a few fast zombies thrown in there to annoy me, of course. Fun.

I will say, though, that the ending sequence and the portal sequence was very well done. I very much enjoyed those parts. Overall, I think the whole thing was simply "ok". Not outstanding and not really what I was hoping for. I wish a little more could have been explained. I almost had the same feeling at the end of this chapter that I got at the end of Halo 2... shock and utter annoyance.

Ok. You all may ready your stones.

vindow_viper's gravatar

61. good points

Posted by vindow_viper at 4:45AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

I understand where you're coming from, but I think we did get some exposition, namely...


Minerva is confirmed to be ex-human, via her dialogue. Whether she is now residing in some kind of AI or someplace else is up in the air (though she does remark that the Combine is able to reach her now, post-satellite energy discharge. The ramifications of this could prove intriguing... Minerva rescue mission, anyone?)

I, for one, look forward to someday storming the "bizarre alien world on which unfathomable secrets reside" (this sort of sounds like the Forerunners from Halo or the Jjaro from Marathon).

But all in good time. Adam deserves a break. In the meantime, I plan on playing the hell out of Ep.2, Portal, Black Mesa, They Hunger: Lost Souls, and assorted others :)

vindow_viper's gravatar

62. crap, i didn't see...

Posted by vindow_viper at 4:50AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

.... the "post spoilers in forum" bit earlier. Sorry about that... there needs to be an 'edit comment' or 'remove comment' feature.

Nightshade's gravatar

63. Perfect!

Posted by Nightshade at 6:49AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

Finished! It surpassed my expectations and more. Adam, you should feel very proud! Such awesome scope and atmosphere - the new dimension shall entertain my imagination for months to come! Well done! (Can't wait to hear Terrapin's theories!!!) ADAM'S NOT A MORTAL, HE'S A SHINING GOLDEN GOD! :P

Divals's gravatar

64. Re: good points

Posted by Divals at 7:39AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

Jjaro = Forerunners. >.<

Vodkarn's gravatar

65. The Adventure Continues

Posted by Vodkarn at 7:44AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

I skipped the comments to avoid any spoilers, but -- just wanted to say thanks.


Kelerain's gravatar

66. Amazing

Posted by Kelerain at 7:53AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

This is one of the best single player campaigns I've played. I feel it rivals the official half-life games in quality.

Yar Kramer's gravatar

67. Beautiful

Posted by Yar Kramer at 8:21AM, Wednesday October 3 2007

That's all I have to say, really.


Errant's gravatar

68. It's fate

Posted by Errant at 1:22PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

Today my new 20" monitor arrived

Today I downloaded the new Metastasis

They are made for each other!

Thanks Adam good work

(and Im stuck already!!)

Evan's gravatar

69. w00t

Posted by Evan at 2:42PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

Mr. Foster, your attention to detail is unmatched.

I did get stuck at a few parts, but it seemed when I sat down and really thought about it it worked out well. I had to laugh when I found the key to my victory would be a misplaced wrench...

A brilliant mod, and worth the wait to have it in its entirety. I'm tempted to start from the beginning again, maybe go and play Someplace Else again while I'm at it.

Au-heppa's gravatar

70. Mr. Walker from getting bored and jumping from a great height during a Very Important Plot Moment.

Posted by Au-heppa at 2:56PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

What part of the game was it?

vartaxe's gravatar

71. bugs?

Posted by vartaxe at 2:58PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

i install the mod... but if i login with an normal hl2 acount the mod doesnt apears on the games list... but if i login with an account with hl2ep1 the mod appears in the game list...

i started playing the mod but after the part when i lost my weapons... i actually dont get or find any weapons anymore...

Naurgul's gravatar

72. Clarifications

Posted by Naurgul at 4:56PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

Evan, you don't have to use the wench, any item would do.

vartaxe, keep playing, you'll get your guns back eventually. Also, Minerva is now an Episode One mod, so you need Episode One to play it.

Pyro-Dude's gravatar

73. Re: Mr. Walker from... etc.

Posted by Pyro-Dude at 6:26PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

I'm guessing it was during the portal sequence

Schrodinger's gravatar

74. Oustanding! All of it!

Posted by Schrodinger at 7:46PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

Well, I have only one thing to say to you Mr. Foster: You have outdone yourself once again.

Not only is this story wrapped up in a spectular way, it has been done in such a way which redefines amateur modding. I never expected such a high standard from one mod!

Thank you, thank you very much!

locworks's gravatar

75. Fast speaking Australian says that Halo 3 is not God...

Posted by locworks at 7:49PM, Wednesday October 3 2007


locworks's gravatar

76. Looking for help? Look for Pestilence on the fora

Posted by locworks at 7:50PM, Wednesday October 3 2007


No spoilers on the blog, please.

Errant's gravatar

77. So.....

Posted by Errant at 8:29PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

... whens the next installment ;)

Just finished it - amazing stuff. Good work.

SenatorPalpatine's gravatar

78. !!!

Posted by SenatorPalpatine at 10:17PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

It was awesome, I beat it on hard, just finished it. (Wow there were a lot of zombies at the end there!)

I offer my congratulations on finishing Metastasis, you've been working on it for so long.

My only question is what will you do now? Work on another installment of Minerva? Get a job as mapper somewhere? (Minerva should be all the resume you'd need. You created a game by yourself. (Yes, a game, it's more then a mod. I liked it just as much as HL2 and HL2: Ep. 1)) Or quit the whole mapping thing, having wasted enough time on it?

Now excuse me, I'm going to go check out the forums.

Ace's gravatar

79. Re: Fast speaking Australian says that Halo 3 is not God...

Posted by Ace at 11:06PM, Wednesday October 3 2007

Is Yahtzee enunciating more clearly these days, or am I just getting used to him? I understood everything he said the first time through! I was surprised though that after all the ripping he's done on Halo players that he said he'd never even played any of them before! (somewhat negating his review in my opinion unfortunately.)

Anyway, this thread is also good if you're stuck on something in Metastasis.


Legolas's gravatar

80. kick ass

Posted by Legolas at 12:22AM, Thursday October 4 2007

I've just finished it and its awesome !
This game is very well made, you have a real talent !
I appreciate that the story start on a beautiful island and finished on it !
Great work buddy !

locworks's gravatar

81. Fast speaking Brit

Posted by locworks at 1:09AM, Thursday October 4 2007

He got a bit slower alright. You bring up an interesting point, Ace. Should sequels stand on their own or should they be only judged in relation to the previous instalments?

Ace's gravatar

82. Re: Fast speaking Brit (even farther off topic so sensible people should probably just skip on ahead)

Posted by Ace at 1:43AM, Thursday October 4 2007

I'm reminded of Tom Walsh, my senior composition teacher in high school, who was also the greatest teacher I ever had. I remember him trying to make the point one day that "you can't write what you don't know." He said it many many times. He said it loudly, he said it quietly. He stood on a chair and said it. He got down on his knees and said it. He paced back and forth in front of the class repeating it over and over gesticulating wildly with his arms. He said it while cleaning out his glasses. Then he said it on the way out the door. We waited for awhile, starting to look at each other and wonder where the heck he went. He then comes storming back in the door saying "you can't write what you don't know."

Ahem, anyhow, Yahtzee is trying to write what he doesn't know. But, he's funny as always, even if he is running out of ways to do shit jokes, so I guess that's what's important.

Andaru's gravatar

83. Liquid Amazing

Posted by Andaru at 3:32AM, Thursday October 4 2007


I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say better than half life 2. It was everything I wanted half life 2 to be.

My biggest problem with half life 2 was the gimmicky game-play and story. Run from combine! Run from zombies! Run from antlions! If I am Gordon Freeman I do not run. Also the last "boss" was lame.

But this... well I nearly peed myself a couple times it was so fun. I mean really, an enormous hi-tech facility, epic architecture, huge machines that i have no idea what they do. It's so half life. If I have to run through another basement parking garage like I felt I did over and over in half life 2, I'm going to kill someone.

In terms of story, yea it was vague, but it was the same for half life. Here's my take on it (simplified obviously). In Half Life all you know is escape and then the scientists tell you to get to the lambda core and save the world. You do that and get sent off to some other dimension with some weird dude in a suit. In MINERVA: Metastasis all you know is explore and then get told to shut down the portal and save the world. You do that and you get picked up in a helicopter chartered by a voice in your head. Yea cliffhanger, but what more do you want?

Favorite moment in Metastasis: after you wake up from the explosion. First thing that happens is you get the crowbar. From that moment on you knew you were gonna get out ok. Its like your own little duvet cover. I couldn't stand ep 1 because all I could think was: 'wheres the crowbar, wheres the crowbar?' It literally made me hate the gravity gun cos I was using it so much.

If any of this tired rambling set of text sounded at all reasonable then maybe you understand too. I might be crazy, but MINERVA: Metastasis rocks half life 2's socks hardcore style.

Rob's gravatar

84. Wow...

Posted by Rob at 3:46AM, Thursday October 4 2007

Just finished playing it all the way through. One of THE most stunning gameplay experiences I've had in a very long time. Even better than HL2 in so many ways.

You should be getting paid for this level of work!

M_Gargantua's gravatar

85. Yahtzee

Posted by M_Gargantua at 4:04AM, Thursday October 4 2007

You guys just found out about him? I've been following him since he posted"holy shit, peter molyneux emailed me" back in 05. Great guy.

M_Gargantua's gravatar

86. Doh

Posted by M_Gargantua at 4:06AM, Thursday October 4 2007

Forgot the entire reason I was writing that.

I told him he should review TF2, he said it was too good.

Evan's gravatar

87. Wrenches of Doom

Posted by Evan at 4:17AM, Thursday October 4 2007

@Naurgal: Pffah. I still liked the wrench.

I'm surprised I got stuck at some of the other parts as well. Maybe I was just tired at the time, but I had to sleep on it before I started to play again and figured out how to get up another level when the elevator wasn't working.

Took a 'spark' of inspiration to show me what to do.

Ace's gravatar

88. Re: Yahtzee

Posted by Ace at 5:03AM, Thursday October 4 2007

maybe I'm missing something, that wasn't just a couple months ago (in '07)?


en's gravatar

89. thankyou

Posted by en at 11:00AM, Thursday October 4 2007

just finished playing through and I'm wearing a big grin on my face, everything from the level design to the challenging puzzles satisfies throughout . After just playing through hl2 and episode 1, it's hard not to compare them, and I think doing so would be a mistake, but what I will say is this, you've created one of the best single player experiences I've had, period.

locworks's gravatar

90. half life 2's socks

Posted by locworks at 12:30PM, Thursday October 4 2007

I'd venture something about standing on the shoulders of giants, but I got a monster book to proof.

Also, "no crowbar" is bad. In Minerva's name, there are crates are to be smashed and headcrabs to clobber!

.black.swan's gravatar

91. Sensory Overload

Posted by .black.swan at 3:49PM, Thursday October 4 2007

Ughh, I'm still reeling from the overstimulation I got from playing this game last night. The way everything built so fluidly upon previous chapters was flawless. I wanted to get the most out of the game, so I played it on hard, and found it to be an awesome challenge, so thanks for making the right combination of enemies in number and position. The game never, ever got dull, and I felt true, strong emotion towards Minerva and her actions throughout these last two chapters.

Chronoclasm is going to kick so much ass =p

Nesretep's gravatar

92. What do we know...

Posted by Nesretep at 5:53PM, Thursday October 4 2007

What do we if anything about Chronoclasm? Maybe it's a tad early to start talk about the next installment in the series, but has Adam said much, if anything, about the story? I understand it will be separate from the story in Metastasis yet still related somehow.

wargamerROB's gravatar

93. Not much

Posted by wargamerROB at 6:03PM, Thursday October 4 2007

All we know is Twelve Monkeys, a Citadel, snow, and a village. Its sounds interesting to me since it appears that Chronoclasm will be very different in style than Metastasis.

mcvittees's gravatar

94. Clipping problem on 1st level

Posted by mcvittees at 6:34PM, Thursday October 4 2007

I'm having a clipping problem with level one - dead combine soldiers fall through the ground so I can't pick up their weapons...Vista, 8800GTX yada yada. Are there only two of us with this problem. I want to play from the start again before playing episodes 3 and 4.

locworks's gravatar

95. Clipping problem on 1st level > Pestilence

Posted by locworks at 6:39PM, Thursday October 4 2007

@mcvittees: please check the list at http://www.hylobatidae.org/minerva/forum/viewtopic.php?t=66

Sortie's gravatar

96. We do know:

Posted by Sortie at 6:52PM, Thursday October 4 2007

Chromoclasm was turned into Out Of Time, because O comes after C. Out Of Time is already in development it seems, Adam said that he launched the OOT version once. ;-)
Out Of Time will take place in a snowy city, which properly will require quite some effort from the texture artists to get completely right, which I don't doubt it'll be.

That means OOT must be played after Metastasis, which means it a countinuation, a sequel, if you will.

Baffled's gravatar

97. The honeymoon is over

Posted by Baffled at 7:49PM, Thursday October 4 2007

Poor Adam, he has been able to enjoy a mere three days of praise and adulation before the Acolytes are, once again, clamouring for more.

Expectation is indeed a tireless and merciless beast.

Are we sure that Out of Time wasn't a little joke?

O coming after C doesn't really make sense to me as a rationale for dropping the rather swanky Chronoclasm title; and I'm pretty sure I saw him say that the supposed launch of MINERVA: Out of Time was just a "test" of the in-game naming thingy on Steam Community.

In any case I fear we must resign ourselves to a 2009 introduction to the next instalment... :-(

Moholinth's gravatar

98. Chronoclasm and Out of time

Posted by Moholinth at 9:12PM, Thursday October 4 2007

The way i understand it, Out of time is the sequel to Metastasis and Chronoclasm is the prequel.

Ace's gravatar

99. eh?

Posted by Ace at 10:30PM, Thursday October 4 2007

Out of Time? This sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't find the quote. Where's that from again??

kast's gravatar

100. nooo...

Posted by kast at 11:05PM, Thursday October 4 2007

Out of Time and Chronoclasm are alternate names for the same thing - the next chapter (or series of chapters?) in the MINERVA series.

locworks's gravatar

101. it is "O" coming after "M"

Posted by locworks at 11:47PM, Thursday October 4 2007

Also, it feels hardly fair or reasonable to start asking Adam about M: OoT a couple of days after the release of M:M 3.

Speculation seems fine though. As is writing a proper walkthrough or doing a speedrun or helping the newcomers with the gameplay or volunteering to test the localized versions (cheers, Naurgul).

I suggest a month-long moratorium on "What's next, Adam?" questions.

Omnivore's gravatar

102. Brilliant

Posted by Omnivore at 3:28AM, Friday October 5 2007

I've been around here for awhile (and have a somewhat unique claim to fame in that regard), and I've just finished. Adam, this was worth the wait and more. I was simply blown away, and had the highest expectations coming in. Your creativity with the gameplay, the sense of place, the thrills of not knowing quite what to do with low health in an unfamiliar place, and the feeling of coming back changed...just outstanding. And the production values were so high that it was easy to let go, immerse, and just have fun, without the slightest fear of an awkward moment or of finding something fudged in the corner.

The gaming world's your oyster now; no one will be able to ignore this. Please do drop a line now and then to let us know how it all plays out.

All the best -- your faithful acolyte.

Deconstructionist By Day's gravatar

103. I have a suggestion...

Posted by Deconstructionist By Day at 8:20AM, Friday October 5 2007

Mr. Foster,
I'd really appreciate a way to help fund your work. I think you should be doing this for a living, and the excellent quality of this mod makes me want to add more than just praise as support.

Also, honestly, I felt far more in awe of this work than of any areas in HL1, 2, or E1. The favorite places in those games are not as good as my least favorite parts of Minerva.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again!

Deconstructionist By day's gravatar

104. Oh bloody hell...

Posted by Deconstructionist By day at 8:21AM, Friday October 5 2007

The suggestion I mentioned was the idea to add a way to send you money; I wasn't very clear.

locworks's gravatar

105. Money and stuff

Posted by locworks at 11:58AM, Friday October 5 2007


Nesretep's gravatar

106. RE: it is "O" coming after "M"

Posted by Nesretep at 3:47PM, Friday October 5 2007

@locworks: a moratorium seems more than fair enough, especially considering the awesomeness he has just given us. I have to apologize for being the one who started it all. I am just curious by nature, I guess. :)

I finally got a chance to read the review on Rock, Paper, Shotgun that Adam had linked to. It was a great review for a great mod. I remember watching the portal opening sequence in the mod and just being stunned by what I was seeing. My first thought was, "WOW! How in the heck did he do that!" I have to say it is one of the most impressive scenes I have EVER seen in a video game. Then again, I'm not even done yet with Depth Charge, so who knows what goodies may yet be coming!

Ratfink's gravatar

107. Brilliant

Posted by Ratfink at 5:29PM, Friday October 5 2007

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
This is by far the best SP mod I have ever played. This could literally be a professional grade game.
Absolutely amazing.
Congratulations, Adam, I hope you continue to create such masterpieces as this.

Esvandiary's gravatar

108. To Adam...

Posted by Esvandiary at 7:44PM, Friday October 5 2007

... I've seen a few sites linking directly to the original filegoatmatic for metastasis.exe (not the patched version). If metastasis.exe isn't the patched one, maybe you should replace it with one that is, because people could be getting the old slightly-broken version.

Once again... Well done, another masterpiece. :)

Cargo Cult's gravatar

109. Smoke and mirrors

Posted by Cargo Cult at 7:58PM, Friday October 5 2007

If anyone tries downloading the old metatasis.exe via Das FileGoatMatic(R), it'll mysteriously redirect them to the patched version.

Likewise for the even older metastasis.zip - I hope the sudden arrival of an .EXE instead of a .ZIP doesn't set of anyone's crappy firewalls or browser security extensions...

It's quite a handy system for adjusting the past - I wish more people would link into it. I've got a stupid amount of bandwidth behind the mirrors, too!

Dred_furst's gravatar

110. Excellent

Posted by Dred_furst at 10:06PM, Friday October 5 2007

Just finished it, Brilliantly done, Loved every second of it. Good job.

Esvandiary's gravatar

111. Re: "I've got a stupid amount of bandwidth behind the mirrors, too!"

Posted by Esvandiary at 11:41PM, Friday October 5 2007

I could tell - my metastasis_patched.exe flew down the tubes at nearly 3MB/s :D

Foggle's gravatar

112. buff stuff

Posted by Foggle at 11:50PM, Friday October 5 2007

By far and away the best mod I've ever played, if not the best full game. I havent had so much fun in ages. I played the whole thing from the beginning cos i couldnt really rember where chap.2 left off, and played the last 2 chapters or so in one sitting. By the end of it my mouth had gone dry, and I'd actually shouted at the computer screen in places, which a first for me - never gotten that into a game. I've never felt so satisfied having finished a game, and I dont even feel ashamed that ive spent my whole evening playing computer games!

John Smith's gravatar

113. Amazing

Posted by John Smith at 6:38AM, Saturday October 6 2007

This mod is amazing. The best mod ive ever played and indeed better than no small quantity of valves own work. Thank you for this work and the enjoyable evening it gave me.

Mangatome's gravatar

114. Truely perfect

Posted by Mangatome at 9:57PM, Saturday October 6 2007

Any ungrateful criticizing article may replay the mod. This is the best i've ever played.
Thank you so much for the experience !

MedO's gravatar

115. Thank you

Posted by MedO at 10:29PM, Saturday October 6 2007

I just wanted to say, thank you Mr. Foster.

I've been looking forward to the conclusion of Metastasis a lot more than to HL2:Ep1 and Ep2 combined, and if Ep2 isn't vastly better than Ep1, I will also look back to Metastasis for much longer, and with fond memories indeed.

General Balls's gravatar

116. Grr...

Posted by General Balls at 4:19AM, Sunday October 7 2007

The next time you take so long, I'll eat your face.

Nice game, though.

Hargey's gravatar

117. These are some of the best FPS maps I've ever played

Posted by Hargey at 1:25AM, Monday October 8 2007

My god, you NEED to work for Valve. Or id. If you can't improve Half-Life, you should at least save Doom.

Nick's gravatar

118. Cheers

Posted by Nick at 5:08AM, Monday October 8 2007

I've been meaning to play through it over again, but lacking the time at present (ah uni...) I shall say cheers and congratulate Adam on one of the best, most beautiful and oft vexing single player mods I've ever encountered.

And best of luck with the future instalment, we acolytes shall be lurking...

Lord_Baz's gravatar

119. Epic.

Posted by Lord_Baz at 1:48PM, Monday October 8 2007

Seriously. That was fantastic. I started from the beginning again to play it as a complete episode and it was extremely worth it.

It doesn't reveal much, but it reveals enough to get you thinking and that is always the best way to do it.

I won't miss that island. Neither did she. *Badoom-tish*

Columbus007's gravatar

120. Not quite done it yet...

Posted by Columbus007 at 3:23PM, Tuesday October 9 2007

But man, is it awesome. I finally got to start the last two chapters last night. Amazing work, Adam!

Roger's gravatar

121. Just. Awesome.

Posted by Roger at 7:36AM, Wednesday October 10 2007

Starved for pre-Orange content, I read an article about Minerva and gave it a shot. I'm stunned. Astounded. Standing ovation... I had ten times more fun and chills with Minerva than with HL2:1. It's wonderfully dense, with not a single boring moment, and I love the heavy combat sans-gravity-gun. And the narration really makes this thing intense; you really feel alone with nothing to lose. I can only hope that you keep doing this, because you have a tremendous talent for it. Bravo!!!!

FeepingCreature's gravatar

122. Woah

Posted by FeepingCreature at 1:00PM, Wednesday October 10 2007

I finally got it to run on Linux/Wine (took maybe ten tries just to start) and played it in one go. Words like "awesome" and "delicious" come to mind. Easily the best single-player mod I know.


Darklordkain's gravatar

123. I'd just like to say...

Posted by Darklordkain at 10:34PM, Tuesday October 16 2007

I first played this mod a couple of month after you released chapter one and I thought it had great potential, now having come back to it and played through the whole thing I have to say it is the single best mod I have played for HL2, Period. The story is gripping, cleverly written, fast paced and utterly wonderful, I loved it from the first time I set foot on the island to the final quote at the end.

Thanks so much for releasing this mod, I look forward to playing anything else you release, even if it DOES take another two and a half years, I'm sure it will be worth it ;p

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