MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Referencing City 44's Downfall, pt. 4 -

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1. You did what?

Posted by parm at 8:43PM, Tuesday March 11 2008

With who? Shocking! I bet you'll never look at chocolate sauce in the same way again. How did they get the rubber egg out in the end, anyway?

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2. huh?

Posted by rb_lestr at 9:16PM, Tuesday March 11 2008

Em, what?

Something legal?
Anyone care to explain?

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3. A wild stab in the dark

Posted by Theory at 9:23PM, Tuesday March 11 2008

My Polish is wobbly, but I'd say it's an access and photography permit for the old docks in the coastal town of Gdańsk. Am I right?

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4. *Drumroll!* TRANSLATIONS!

Posted by Sortie at 8:02AM, Wednesday March 12 2008

Here's my rough transcript, written on a filthy keyboard not supplied with all those fancy polish letters no one really use.

"Gdansk 06.03.2008

Adam Foster, jest twórca gier/modyfikacji na silniku Half-Life 2 (MINERVA: Metastasis). Obecnie zbiera do drugiej ezesci trylogii Minerva, bardzo by chcial zwiedzic teren Stoczni i zebrac materialy fotograficzbe, klóre by mu pomogly w stworzeniu poziomu zainspirowanemu architektura przemyslowa i post-przemyslowa. Prosze o zezwolenie na poruszanie sie i fotografowanie Panstwa terenu w dniach 06-07.03.2008 dla trzech osob tj; Adam Foster,

Z powazaniem"

And here's the online translation of it.

06.03.2008 Gdansk.

Adam Foster, framer of game of /modification is on engine 2 ( Half-Life MINERVA ) Metastasis. It assembles (collect) for second (other) presently trilogy ezesci Minerva, very field shipyard chcial zwiedzic and zebrac materialy fotograficzbe, architecture in creation of level (horizon) inspired it (him) klóre pomogly przemyslowa and post-przemyslowa. About permission on moving Prosze sie and photographing in days for three 06-07.03.2008 field Panstwa osob i.e.; adam Foster,

With (from) powazaniem. "

Why couldn't Adam just supply us with raw unicoded text! Oh well, that would have destroyed the fun of transscripting it! :P

I wonder if anyone more polish-complicant could improve my transscription/translation. It's *fairly* understandable but hey, could be improved. :D

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5. Feeding the cat with RSS™!

Posted by Sortie at 7:13PM, Wednesday March 12 2008

Hey Adam, I wonder, would this blog software ever feature RSS feeds? I've gotten really used to them lately, since most sites supports them and my browser too! :D


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6. Re: Feeding the cat with RSS

Posted by Akdor 1154 at 9:29PM, Wednesday March 12 2008


Go north indeed, or at at least to wherever your browser displays links to RSS feeds. In Opera here it's up north in the address bar, in Firefox it's (I think) down in the status bar. I have no idea how IE handles them.

Thanks for the translation. :)

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7. "... -3 to resistance against making atrocious puns ..."

Posted by Yar Kramer at 12:34AM, Thursday March 13 2008

So, what's up, dock? *rimshot*

Anyway! Hmm, looks like Metastasis isn't going to be the only Minerva chronicle to be set right next to the ocean ...

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8. proper translation..

Posted by Pace at 1:03AM, Thursday March 13 2008

Indeed Sortie's translation seems to back up Theory's theory. There is however a great lack of excitement, intrigue, conspiracy, and of course, badgers, in that translation. I think parm was on the right track. My theory is that "zainspirowanemu" is in fact Polish for 'Badger matriarch'. I'm still working on where the chocolate sauce and rubber egg fit in..

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9. Naurgul is confused

Posted by Naurgul at 9:40AM, Friday March 14 2008

I don't get it. Why would anyone need a permit to take photographs of old docks?

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10. Duh

Posted by Buddy at 6:18PM, Friday March 14 2008

Well its just a formal paper which asks for permission to take photographs in gdansk for use as reference in mod level developement. But it is certainly fake since generaly such permissions are not given away this way.

So well mark it as Fake.

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11. Reduh!

Posted by Sortie at 9:19PM, Friday March 14 2008

Oh yeah. It still doesn't explain the black fields, but that's probably just a clever cover up. :D

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12. Fake?

Posted by isoma at 9:03PM, Saturday March 15 2008

Is “fake” the same as “no use for gaining access to said docks”?

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13. Wrong Answer!

Posted by Sortie at 11:19AM, Sunday March 16 2008

I guess not, these images are a pretty good argument the scam worked.

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14. RSS

Posted by fuzz at 12:15PM, Sunday March 16 2008


Just to save you the bother of looking for the little icon.

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15. Forgery

Posted by locworks at 3:48PM, Friday March 21 2008

If I understand correctly, Adam and a number of Polish-speaking accomplices drafted a fake and technically flawed photography permit which they used to infiltrate the old docks in Gdańsk.

1. Doesn't that theory strike anyone as unnecessarily complex and far fetched?

2. Would anyone believe me if I told you that the series of events that led Adam and yours truly to the still unidentified (!) location in Gdańsk is crazier and less likely that the tinfoil hat malarkey above?

3. The "Making of MINERVA" gamocumentary (sic!) is practically writing itself.

Happy Easter!

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16. Plus...

Posted by Cargo Cult at 4:31PM, Friday March 21 2008

... I don't think it would have even occurred to us to go to Gdansk had the opportunity of a permit not been presented to us.

So, I vote 'real'. That, or it's such a good fake that even the shipyard authorities were in on the deception...

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17. Re: Adam

Posted by Yar Kramer at 11:16PM, Monday March 24 2008

I kinda like how this underscores our approach to the wild MINERVA theories, especially when ignorance about *real* events is revealed ...

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18. A greater conspiracy

Posted by SenatorPalpatine. at 9:11PM, Sunday March 30 2008

I believe that we've barely skimmed the surface of a greater conspiracy evidenced in the image above. I doubt Adam even knows the terrible truth.

Those poor poor badgers...

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19. conspiracy

Posted by Pace at 9:32AM, Monday March 31 2008

Indeed, I think we're also overlooking one additional mystery: what's behind those black boxes? Pairs of boobs have been known to hide out behind such things.
The tilted box is especially perplexing. Does it just want to be different?

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