MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Referencing City 44's Downfall, pt. 5 -

In other news, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is fantastic. And so's its bigger, image-editing brother...

Edit: additional photos available on Flickr!

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1. Yay!

Posted by MedO at 8:46PM, Thursday March 13 2008

Looks like you are getting a lot of very good material. The environment almost looks great, and by great I mean run-down and dirty and rusty.

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2. Err, correction

Posted by MedO at 8:47PM, Thursday March 13 2008

cut the "almost", it was left over from editing :(

Holy Socks's gravatar

3. So much potential.

Posted by Holy Socks at 11:22PM, Thursday March 13 2008

Its been quite a while since I posted here, but those photos just drew me in.

They're all interesting but I'd have to say that the first shot is the most intriguing, what could lie at the end of such a path in the MINERVA universe? A Combine workhouse? Rebel safehouse? Also ep2 props could be used very well to give a sense of nature reclaiming the area.

Still they're only references I suppose, but with these, the previous ones, the books and those great texture tests I can see Out of Time could be shaping up to be something very special, not that I should have ever have doubted that ofcourse.

kast's gravatar

4. words

Posted by kast at 9:03AM, Friday March 14 2008

1 - Intriguing - Follow the grey cobble path to freedom!
2 - BioShock? - Seriously, isn't that the thrower?
3 - Cranes! - Hot crane on crane combat
4 - Sulphurous - Look at all those phys_props!
5 - Ambush! - I hear the fast zombies howling!

Sortie's gravatar

5. Clevery Automatically named Photoes. :D

Posted by Sortie at 12:05PM, Friday March 14 2008

And what about the 100+s of images that didn't make the final cut? That's just cruelty not posting all of them here! Oh, will these people make an appearence in the final mod?

Well, so far we know OoT will feature streets in the city and the filthy docks. Was I the only one thinking China when looking at these photoes?

New Theory: Minerva is a communist! Stalin is probably Freemas father! And Stalin is Minerva! Freeman is a communist!

Ehm... OoT is truly going to be awesome.

Nesretep's gravatar

6. Lookin' good thus far...

Posted by Nesretep at 4:21PM, Saturday March 15 2008

I haven't been around for bit myself and thought I would check back in. These reference photos provide some great possibilities for enviroments in the game! Keep up the good work!

Yar Kramer's gravatar

7. Eeenteresting.

Posted by Yar Kramer at 9:59PM, Monday March 17 2008

If the point is to intrigue and tease us, I have to say Adam knows exactly what he's doing.

And, kast? It's prop_physics, not phys_prop, by the way. ;)

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8. eeep

Posted by kast at 8:39AM, Tuesday March 18 2008

I knew that... *cough*

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9. Groovy.

Posted by Levdir at 4:40PM, Wednesday March 19 2008

I'm always struck by how well-researched your work is.

Any chance you have higher-rez versions of those photos somewhere? The green one especially would make a rad desktop.

57E's gravatar

10. Neat

Posted by 57E at 6:13PM, Friday March 21 2008

If you can make the actual maps look even half that good then this would be the enviorment I realy would like to be shot by overwatch ;-)

The first picture reminds me of Tresspasser's lab area.

Frymaster's gravatar

11. in-game shot? :P

Posted by Frymaster at 3:33PM, Sunday March 30 2008

Anyone else think picture 4 looks like an in-game shot from STALKER? :P

Yar Kramer's gravatar

12. Re: in-game shot

Posted by Yar Kramer at 7:05PM, Monday March 31 2008

Nah, though that might be partly because there's no way my computer could possibly handle graphics that realistically ;)

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