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1917-2008 -

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1. He wasn't that old

Posted by BW at 12:28AM, Wednesday March 19 2008

And what's with the black box?

Birds Eye adverts will never be the same again.

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2. Something fishy

Posted by Cargo Cult at 12:34AM, Wednesday March 19 2008

I'm still new to Photoshop - these are but early attempts at digitally recreating fish-fingers!

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3. Monolithic

Posted by RodeoClown at 12:39AM, Wednesday March 19 2008

BW - Look at the dimensions of the box. It has a depth of 1 pixel.

CC - just from looking at this page I deduced what must have happened, went and checked the news to confirm...

very sad.

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4. :'[

Posted by rb_lestr at 12:41AM, Wednesday March 19 2008

This is so sad.

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5. 149

Posted by macc at 1:27AM, Wednesday March 19 2008

When you hover your mouse over it, it says "1x4x9"

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6. :O

Posted by Sortie at 9:57AM, Wednesday March 19 2008

This is obiviously a puzzle, so well I found some disturbing information when opening this file in my Hex editor.

Dude, I wonder what's written in Adam's Avatar..

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7. RIP

Posted by fuzz at 11:25AM, Wednesday March 19 2008

Probably the one writer that did most to make me enjoy SF. And he invented geostationary comms satellites FFS, can you be personally responsible for the future any more than that?

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8. hex

Posted by kast at 12:59PM, Wednesday March 19 2008

Oh great! First the cake, now Minerva!

Also: I'd kind of assumed he was already dead. my bad.

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9. RIP

Posted by macc at 6:14PM, Wednesday March 19 2008

Yes, RIP, Clarke was a great man, and f**k the Daily Mirror for all that child molesting nonsense. Those people must have ruined many many lives.

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10. The Daily Mail

Posted by Kate at 3:28AM, Friday March 21 2008

People take them seriously? That's alarming.

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11. Clarke

Posted by Evan at 4:20AM, Friday March 21 2008

I have a mixed opinion of the man, but it's still unfortunate that he has passed.

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12. Ignorance

Posted by Anschluss at 4:51AM, Friday March 21 2008

Sorry, but I must ask, who are we talking about? I should be considered "out of the loop" to the point of mental disability.

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13. Re: Ignorance

Posted by Naurgul at 9:10AM, Friday March 21 2008

It's some kind of bizarre riddle-ish way for Adam to pay his respects for the death of science fiction author Arthur C. Clark.

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14. ..

Posted by Pace at 9:52AM, Friday March 21 2008

I'm not sure I see a riddle, any Clarke fan should immediately recognize the monolith, a fitting tribute, and Sortie's 'discovery' looks like a prank of his (Sortie's) to me. Not a bad one I must say, though perhaps not the greatest timing. The only thing I'm missing is the Birds Eye reference.

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15. spelling

Posted by Naurgul at 9:52AM, Friday March 21 2008

I can't believe I managed to spell the name wrong in my previous post. :(

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16. A hero of the modern age

Posted by Cargo Cult at 2:01PM, Friday March 21 2008


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17. Re: ..

Posted by Sortie at 5:33PM, Friday March 21 2008

Actually Pace, I did realize someone had died when I saw the title. Yet some searching in the media as well as googling revealed nothing, and when Adam talked about fish fingers it led to me to believe it was some kind of prank puzzle; a theory which explained the current events really well. Oh except for there was no puzzle except for the one I invented..

However! Cargo's page mentions the captain only got 86 years when he died. Due to some newer mathematical breakthroughs it is possible to determine that if he was born in 1917 and died in 2008, he would have been 91 years old. Even considering the fact from Cargo's Guardian that the actor was thought dead in 3 years, 86+3 = 89 isn't enough. Yes it is shocking how far the modern mathematics have gotten!

Additional amusing yet probably not related to the subject: My glorious final 4 map non-final LDR + HDR lighting compile has initialised! The final countdown has been estimated to 1 hour and 44 minutes totally. Not much for 4 maps; yet consider the tremendous amounts of optimisations they've gone through lately.

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Posted by Sortie at 12:48AM, Sunday March 23 2008

Once again I rape the terms of use on the blog-beast and advertise for my WIP demo releases.
I've successfully kept yet another self-made deadline. (23rd, every third month).

My mod is called Altered Transmission and is set within another city. The amazing about this mod is that it is a true recreation of a real city and that it is in fact well made.

In case you wish to help me with my playtesting, fell free to download my ~65MiB Demo 5. Fell also free to add me at Steam Friends, my SteamId is Sortie.
Basicly the mod is 1 hour long so far, featuring somehow working Sound Caches, SoundScapes and 4 'long' and 'huge' levels.
I've added some of the guys from here to the list of playtesters, but I wont say who, you must complete the game to find out and if you're on the list then; well you just playtested it.

The Mod can be downloaded from: http://www.maxsi.dk/Altered%20Transmission/Altered%20Transmission%20-%20Demo%205.zip

The ReadMe contains more information and installation instructions for these guys not able to handle a .zip file. If you cannot figure out how to install a custom mod and run it; do not attempt to and seek help from your friends.

(I'd posted this on the forums; but they're appearing dead and deceased. Zombies?)

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Posted by Sortie at 8:41AM, Wednesday March 26 2008

Some users, roughly 25% of the testers, have suffered from a critical desktop crash. Since this is a rather critical bug I'll release a patch for these suffering.

The patch is OPTIONAL and only these with the issue should consider downloaded it, as it contains nothing but a small bug fix. (Loading times may be faster though, yet untested).
Please note the patch is not properly tested by me, only by testers. So I disclaim any warrenty, offically. ;-)

Download Here: www.maxsi.dk/Altered%20Transmission/Altered%20Transmission%20-%20Demo%205%20-%20Patch%201.zip

Thanks for your time! :D

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20. A mod to play?

Posted by SenatorPalpatine. at 9:20PM, Sunday March 30 2008

I will happily play it/test it when my gaming computer is no longer dead.

Out of all his stuff I have only read Childhood's End, and I though it was pretty good. Not brilliance, but pretty good.

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21. odyssey

Posted by Greg at 8:05AM, Wednesday April 9 2008

2001 a Space Odyssey anyone?
we are the chimps let us begin to use tools.



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