MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2


I believe its contents may be important.


Unfortunately, it needs to be deciphered first.

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1. A Unix File?

Posted by Crane at 8:18PM, Sunday July 13 2008

Unix!? Gods damn it man!

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2. RPS steam chatroom is on the case

Posted by trioptimum at 8:25PM, Sunday July 13 2008

Polish? Gods damn it man! :)

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3. curses

Posted by kast at 8:49PM, Sunday July 13 2008

Well I'm useless at this kind of thing and the Steam chat is empty. I'm just gonna sit and listen till you folks sort this all out.

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4. from RPS chat...

Posted by personage at 8:56PM, Sunday July 13 2008


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5. dva, zero, jeden....

Posted by Sanjuro357 at 10:14PM, Sunday July 13 2008

The recording posted by personage is a very long series of numbers.

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6. spoilers?

Posted by Pace at 10:50PM, Sunday July 13 2008

Perhaps we should have a brief moratorium on solutions/spoilers till anyone who wants to have a crack at this has a chance?

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7. so far

Posted by Electric Dragon at 11:51PM, Sunday July 13 2008

Out of interest, how did you convert that into an mp3? Obviously the right choice, and explains why my attempts to get an image out of it weren't working. I have however got a very pretty looking histogram.

This link may be useful: http://www.meetpoland.com/learn-polish/numbers.html

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8. Stating the obvious...

Posted by Freakoftheuniverse at 6:39AM, Monday July 14 2008

Well, the music at the start is the Mazurek DÄ…browskiego.

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9. Electric Dragon

Posted by trioptimum at 7:15AM, Monday July 14 2008

Opened it in Audition (Audacity will do it too, I'm sure) as raw PCM audio data with these settings:

Sample rate: 8000
8-bit mu-Law Compressed

Then saved it as an mp3.

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Posted by Sortie at 11:36AM, Monday July 14 2008

So yeah, Im in spain and this is a machine I have to pay for to use the Internet, and thats okay. But then they provide me with a spanish keyboard layout, a spanish OS and absolutely no possible way of visiting that URI Adam provided! Stupid security!

On the other hand, this just made Adam's puzzle even harder and funnier!

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11. PCM?

Posted by isoma at 11:49AM, Monday July 14 2008

That's actually a valid "audio/basic" recording (gzipped, obviously) - on an old SparcStation it would play back just by writing it to /dev/audio

*goes to put Unix nerd cape on*

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12. DTMF

Posted by Moi at 1:59PM, Monday July 14 2008

Has significance. Worked it out for myself.

Don't ignore it :)

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13. Re: PCM?

Posted by jat at 2:07PM, Monday July 14 2008

Actually, that should work on any Unix-like system that supports OSS. This works on Linux:

gzip -cd transmission.gz > /dev/audio

If for some strange reason you're on Linux and have ALSA but not OSS, this also works:

gzip -cd transmission.gz | aplay -f MU_LAW

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14. numbers station?

Posted by fitzrovia at 2:43PM, Monday July 14 2008


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15. Discussion page

Posted by fuzz at 4:09PM, Monday July 14 2008

Post on the forum for discussions:

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16. Holy moly...

Posted by Pace at 6:06PM, Monday July 14 2008

Whoa, Moi wasn't kidding. Major message here. I won't spoil it just yet, but I'd encourage everyone to give it a crack. This is a puzzle with many layers, but we've already got a good start here, I'll give another hint in that forum thread. Holy moly...

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17. Excellent!

Posted by Nightshade at 9:16AM, Tuesday July 15 2008

These problems are the reason why I love being an acolyte! Good work Adam!

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