MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Journey To City 1 - pt. 1 -

No idea how long I can keep this up for, but here's a start...

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1. Decommissioned

Posted by Lobster at 10:32PM, Monday July 21 2008

Did you travel back in time, I thought concord was scrapped a long time ago!

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2. City 1?

Posted by AiusEpsi at 12:16AM, Tuesday July 22 2008

I always figured City 1 would be New York or something. Or London, if I'm being vaguely patriotic.

Actually, I always wanted to know what CNCT stood for on the train departure board...

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3. nice try

Posted by kast at 9:04AM, Tuesday July 22 2008

"I got hired by Valve, you know. So... umm... can I get moved up to First Class?"

Hey, if your air steward is a gamer it might just happen! ;)

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4. I guess we'll see...

Posted by Nightshade at 9:46AM, Tuesday July 22 2008

... just how "Out Of Time" it is till the photos become forbidden ;)

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5. Oops

Posted by Cargo Cult at 10:32AM, Tuesday July 22 2008

My Charlie-Brooker-inspired keywords managed to get my OWN BLOG blocked on this 'ere fancy business-class lounge PC things.

But I'm now on the free WiFi, routing via my home-grown VPN. Hooray!

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6. what?

Posted by kast at 10:47AM, Tuesday July 22 2008

What's your airline got against underwhelming knitting patterns?

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7. Oopsy daisy

Posted by Baffled at 3:05PM, Tuesday July 22 2008

On a list of unwise activities to undertake in a airport awaiting a flight to the United States, using the airport's internet service to access a website sub-titled "Carnage" is likely to be quite highly placed on said list!

I suspect that some suspicious glances have been cast over this blog in the last hour checking for other keywords and phrases such as "bomb" and "death to America" and such like. Lucky for you no-one is going to post such phrasing here, so you're ok .. oh wait ..

Anyway, we, the aforementioned unexpectedly lovely "vast numbers of random people", wish you a safe and comfortable trip to the beautiful State of Washington ( I've been there myself ) and look forward to being not-too-annoying-we-hope constant virtual companions in your new American life :-).

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8. where?

Posted by fuzz at 3:55PM, Tuesday July 22 2008

so, um, where is that particular photo taken? I'm pretty sure it's not the Concorde in bristol coz that's not got buildings in front of it...

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9. where else?

Posted by Namthe at 5:25PM, Tuesday July 22 2008

Heathrow Airport, I'd imagine, if wikipedia is right about there being one there.

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10. re: where else

Posted by fitzrovia at 6:25PM, Tuesday July 22 2008

...where it is being mothballed to keep Richard Branson's grubby hands off it.

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11. Ha!

Posted by AndyMacK at 7:42PM, Tuesday July 22 2008

What you don't realise, is that Valve have had that concorde refitted inside with a long, but thin resteraunt. And then they chartered it for their new employee :)

Anyways, the one in Heathrow is just a replica, kept there to hide the real one from Branson. Which is kept in my city - Edinburgh. :P

I believe I shall find this part of the blog quite entertaining/interesting.

"Fly well/Good Trip?"

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12. Also,

Posted by Cargo Cult at 10:10PM, Tuesday July 22 2008

Chicago's a bit flat, innit?

(And humid. Obviously needs more snow-capped mountains.)

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13. when here

Posted by Omega at 7:43AM, Wednesday July 23 2008

If you make it to Chelan or wenatchee anytime, lemme know. We'll go out for tea or coffee!

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14. Re: Oops

Posted by Sortie at 2:12PM, Thursday July 31 2008

I'm surprised as well that IE7 hasn't blocked this site for pishing or something clever. On the other hand, it is IE7 afterall.
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