MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Journey to City 1 - pt. 2 -

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1. You have to believe me.

Posted by Max at 6:37PM, Wednesday July 23 2008

At first I thought it was animal. Some kind of bird or something. But it was a man! There were flames coming out of the engine, and a flash of smoke. Maybe it was a technician who was caught on the side of the plane when it took off. How could he survive out there? The air's so thin, the blast of the wind. It's so cold!

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2. I saw it too!

Posted by Baffled at 9:03PM, Wednesday July 23 2008


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3. William Shatner!

Posted by Pace at 11:33PM, Wednesday July 23 2008

William bleedin' Shatner! Ha hah! Ah, eh, sorry...

That isn't Mount Rainier in the background by any chance is it?

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4. rainier

Posted by Omega at 4:18AM, Thursday July 24 2008

It is

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5. Disappointing

Posted by Cargo Cult at 3:12AM, Wednesday July 30 2008

I think it's actually Glacier Peak and, erm, Disappointment Peak. Judging by comparisons with the photos I have, the path the plane took and Google's slightly-crap topographic maps...

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6. Oh, and ...

Posted by Cargo Cult at 3:18AM, Wednesday July 30 2008

... I'd have to murder you if I spoke of the wondrous things I've seen out here. Definitely *not* disappointing!

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7. Referencing

Posted by Omega at 7:13AM, Wednesday July 30 2008

You mean Washington, or Valve?

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8. talk about a peak with an inferiority complex

Posted by Pace at 5:16AM, Thursday July 31 2008

Care for any nonlethal elaboration on the 'wondrous things'? Ep3 perhaps?

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9. Bit late but.....

Posted by U-Mu-La-Mah-Ri at 1:24AM, Friday August 1 2008

My most sincere congratulations on landing a spot with Valve, you're living a lot of peoples dream right now, DON'T SCREW IT UP!!!!! just kidding

Anyways, I hope my subliminal "get me a flamethrower" message has taken affect, I say good day sir, and god speed

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