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1. So,

Posted by Theory at 11:19PM, Friday September 19 2008

How much did Apple fleece you for that?

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2. The Question Mark

Posted by Naurgul at 11:22PM, Friday September 19 2008

That looked a lot like installing a new hard drive. Now, not being a Mac user myself, I wonder whether that question mark in the end is a good sign or not. Hope it is.

Should I be looking for a domain named after the screwdrivers brand where there is a FTP, the login of which is related to the number of glasses and the thing with the half-empty/half-full glass? Then I bet there's a single passworded rar file there the password of which is "questionmark". I won't try to imagine what procedure one needs to follow in order to decode the files within and gaze at a photograph of your glorious toe. :p

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3. Apple?

Posted by Cargo Cult at 11:29PM, Friday September 19 2008

This was a typically unconventional, completely third-party upgrade - with an OEM-style disk purchased from a generic parts supplier. Apple knows nothing!

You may also note the non-Apple RAM present in this little machine. It's a very-first-generation MacBook Pro, and it's now so vigourously out of warranty that I thought I'd do a spot of upgrading.

You can tell it's an early model due to ... interesting little design warts, such as the location of the Bluetooth module. It's that tape-wrapped lump hanging off a ribbon cable, shoved in the gap between the hard disk and the wall for the battery compartment. Steve Jobs, what were you thinking?

Still, I've cloned the OS back on to the new disk with the aid of the aptly-named SuperDuper! [sic], and I'm now marvelling at the prospect of being able to fit all my photos on my laptop. At the same time.


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4. Laptop Bad

Posted by U-Mu-La-Mah-Ri at 11:58PM, Friday September 19 2008

I have an HP Pavillion zd8000 putting a new HDD in wasn't near that hard, however I cant find the video card in here. Which sucks since I have to use an external monitor to hide all of the 80+ colored lines that appeared thanks to the incredibly amazingly intelligent fan design that ejects no heat away from the vents, So there it sits upside down on top of my desk with a large fan on high power sitting on top. So it's for all intents and purposes no longer even a laptop, yay. Not to mention I still havn't found a store that even sells laptop video cards. Ho hum, lonely anecdote over.

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5. So...

Posted by VFIG at 12:15AM, Saturday September 20 2008

Do they let you use a mac at your new job then?

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6. thirsty?

Posted by Pace at 12:20AM, Saturday September 20 2008

For a second there that third pic made me think you had a "sonic screwdriver set". (ya know, like Dr. Who?) Oh well.

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7. AA1

Posted by fuzz at 1:26AM, Saturday September 20 2008

That looks almost as complicated as adding extra ram to my shiney little Acer Aspire One (can you tell I'm in love with it?) . Cunningly they decided to put the spare Dimm slot on the underside of the laptop, but not bother adding a hatch above it, so you have to take the whole laptop apart and take the motherboard out before you can put the RAM in.
Cheers who ever thought of that, and an especial thanks for adding a hatch above the absent 3G module instead of the ram :(

ok, rant over, computers, don't you just love em?

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8. Ick...

Posted by Almagnus1 at 10:49PM, Saturday September 20 2008

That looked a little on the ridiculous side to replace a hard drive.... maybe I've been spoiled by the upgrade simplicity of a (pre-Dell) Alienware laptop though....

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9. Another thing...

Posted by Cargo Cult at 1:32PM, Sunday September 21 2008

Hooray for Time Machine!

My attempt at merging two Lightroom catalogues rather catastrophically fouled up.

However, retrieving yesterday's known-good version of what had been on my laptop was so gloriously simple that it looked more like some sodding sales-pitch for Apple. ;-)

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10. Through a glass darkly

Posted by Baffled at 2:00PM, Sunday September 21 2008

Like Naurgul, I find myself rather puzzled by the number of glasses on hand here.

Was it particularly thirsty work, did you have to get drunk to steel your nerves to disembowel an old friend, or did you have five or so helpers in this most delicate operation: "Nurse, pass the Torx T8 ... yes Doctor ..."?

Do the glasses all contain the same amount of mysterious liquid or are they strangely thick bottomed and empty, or are they in fact candle holders .. without candles?

Also, who is the man in the photo on what looks like a Id Card in Picture 12? Is it you? I hadn't pictured you as bald!

So many questions, so much bafflement.

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11. Answers, possibly...

Posted by Cargo Cult at 2:57PM, Sunday September 21 2008

The glasses? 'Borrowed' from a cupboard, used to temporarily store the myriad different tiny screws used to hold the bleddy laptop together. (Torx T6 screws were some of the larger examples!)

You can see the scraps of paper I used to label where each batch came from, so I wouldn't get confused. A previous incident left me with a decidedly oddly-shaped Atari ST.

(And yes, the glasses are thick-bottomed and empty. They provided no ethanolic sustenance to the surgeon...)

The card? The traditional way of fixing something Apple-related is to throw money at it, so I'd been using my own credit card to help prise things apart. My father (of Scottish ancestry) saw this, was somewhat horrified, rummaged in his wallet and provided me with an apparently-expired pensioner-benefits card thing for me to use instead.

For the record, he's not bald - just silver-haired. Which looks *fantastic* for photos done against a white background.

Anyhow, the patient appears fit and healthy, despite the transplant - and after downloading stupendous amounts of patches, runs Spore much faster than it did before. I'm going to feed it the Source SDK next...

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12. work work

Posted by Omega at 2:53AM, Monday September 22 2008

To work on OOT no doubt!

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13. Work work work

Posted by Yar Kramer at 6:58AM, Tuesday September 23 2008

Unless Valve formally uses Source SDK to work on their proprietary projects. ;)

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14. Work Work Work Work

Posted by Omega at 11:22AM, Tuesday September 23 2008

Yes, but Ep3 has a whole company of people working on that. OOT has but a single man. Personally I'd rather see OOT come to fruition. Ep3 will come in undue time.

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15. Altered Transmission - Demo 7 (v23.09.2008)

Posted by Sortie at 11:34AM, Tuesday September 23 2008

Hi. I'm making a Single Player mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two called Altered Transmission. While this mod is still in development I release all content made so far every third month.

While I do not wish to get public attention to this mod; having too many play the buggy betas will only harm me, I have decided to post the mod here as usually, since the acolytes seems to have more intelligence than the generic ModDB.

Demo 7 is an expanded and improved Demo 6, featuring two new maps, full Episode Two support and better gameplay.

For more information on Altered Transmission please visit the website.

I need to get some feedback on this thing, so give it a shot, download it for free and play it whenever you get a chance.

Thanks for helping me provide you a good Single Player mod!

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16. AT - Demo 7 - Privacy concerns

Posted by locworks at 12:26PM, Tuesday September 23 2008

Please see http://www.hylobatidae.org/minerva/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=241 for more information.

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17. Great.

Posted by Sortie at 12:50PM, Tuesday September 23 2008

Great. I hadn't expected this would piss people off; I will however make a few things clear:

- The only data transmitted is your Steam Username, the version of the game you are trying to install, and the installer version. At NO point will this data be available to anyone and will ONLY be used for statistics.
- There is no privacy breaking functions in the installer, but the username-transmitting function.
- The self-updating system is only run when re-running the installer. Nothing but a mod will be installed to your computer.
- I added these paragraphs to the license to ensure I wasn't doing anything illegal, not expecting people would have a problem with it, since Google has the exact same line in their license agreement.
- I will never make a license agreement I wouldn't accept myself if I were you.

I suggest the following:

- Any message regarding Altered Transmission – Demo 7 is removed from this blog and the forum, including the original message and this message.
- I change the license and remove the troubling paragraphs and make my intentions clear.
- If the administration finds the revised version acceptable I will repost the mod.

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18. AT7

Posted by Pace at 8:21PM, Tuesday September 23 2008

Sortie, to throw in my opinion, this sort of thing would definitely make me suspicious. If I didn't 'know you' (sort of) I wouldn't download a mod with this sort of thing going on. It's one thing to trust Valve or some other reputable company with a license agreement, but there's no reason to trust Random Man of the Internet (which you'd be to most people) with a custom executable with a lot of stuff going on including potential privacy issues. I can very easily imagine this being an issue for some people if you try to go for a wider release. Is it worth losing some potential players?
Of course I have my own reasons I can't play your mod:
Did you ever abandon that separate directory approach, or did you stick with it? (I don't suppose you'd listen to this, but if it were me I'd skip the tricky stuff and just make the mod, you know?)

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19. Re: AT7

Posted by Sortie at 10:09PM, Tuesday September 23 2008

While this shouldn't be a forum for trouble shooting, the technical problems with previous demos should be no more. Try and install Demo 7, if you get content-releated errors just copy the contents of City 12_Shared/ folder into the Altered Transmission/ folder.

And do not worry about privacy, I have updated the installer as well as the agreement and removed all debated paragraphs and replaced them with terms that limit me from using the data in any way but stasistically.

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20. AT

Posted by Pace at 11:18PM, Tuesday September 23 2008

I tried various ways of copying things from that shared folder into the other one before but couldn't get it to work. (though I'll admit to being a bit frustrated at that point and probably not putting sufficient dedication to the problem. If you ever revert to a single directory approach let me know, I would like to play the mod.)

I'm not worried about privacy, I'm just saying that an executable from an untrusted source (which you are to everyone who doesn't know you) that calls home with any sort of personal information is the sort of thing that gets people suspicious regardless of whatever you write in the EULA.

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21. Minerva archeology

Posted by Pace at 4:10AM, Thursday September 25 2008

I stumbled into an interesting discovery of very old Minerva texts on Ten Four forums today. Apparently our Minerva was originally known as Joyeuse, and made several posts there including what's now archives 1-4 (though archive 4 has a different date) as well as some other texts that have come out here or there. But there are several that I'd never seen before, and may be of interest to theorizing personages. All posts can be found via http://tenfourmaps.telefragged.com/phpbb2/search.php?search_author=Joyeuse

an example of an interesting one:

"Sometimes, I wonder what has become of myself, what has become of what I knew.

From here, looking up to the heavens, I could count the stars, but not the stars I used to know - once, I could seize their burning power, and bring forth howling terrors, but no more. This is a world subtly changed, for now I roam forests of eternal death, despairing for what is so near, yet infinitely far.

I have lost, not the war, but myself.

A friend of a friend."

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22. Re: Minerva Archeology

Posted by Sortie at 4:20PM, Thursday September 25 2008

This is why this community blows my mind: People willing to dig through every silly .jpg people on this site, parsing every XHTML line for information, following each link carefully, feeding the FileGoatAtMatic with invented numbers and filenames (in order to find stuff Adam has been hidden), browsing old archieves, behind the scenes distributing unavailable content, decrypting random files for carefully hidden clues, browsing the flickr for interesting things, discussing in great detail every single character of text distributed and spamming an other-wise rarely used blog about it.

Wait, I've done all that.

I love being an acolyte.

Let's get knee-deep in the archeology!

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23. Minerva Archeology!

Posted by Sortie at 5:25PM, Thursday September 25 2008

"Two billion people died, and I did nothing.

I am the music in your head which compels you to kill. I am the cause for which you will die.

I am a thorn in the side of the oppressors. I am a dagger piercing the heart of an angel: blood spilt which destroys all that it touches.

I am the stain which can never be cleansed: proof of a guilt which can never be forgiven. My body is broken, my mind is in pain: tended by machines which predate all of your fears.

Two billion people died, and I did nothing.

But never again! "


Stay tuned!

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24. HTTP/1.1 100 CONTINUE

Posted by Sortie at 5:50PM, Thursday September 25 2008

Ever heard about Someplace Else and its TenFour review that Adam so proudly presents on its homepage? Digged up from the Ten Four forums!

In addition I found a few more new fragments on the Ten Four forum Pace listed.

"I had a dream as well.
It's the same one I always have - while the details may change, the overall theme is the same. It's probably too awful to relate here, but I'll try.

I am trapped - I am at home, yet it is not my home. I am inside, yet locked out, around a corner nobody knew existed. There are monsters here - not aliens, but alien to us. An ancient, destroyed civilisation more like a huge animal colony, dependent on the castoffs of another, much older race.

There is no way out - no way of escaping this dreamworld - no way of waking up from this nightmare.

A friend of a friend. "
- http://tenfourmaps.telefragged.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=3048000&highlight=&sid=f1bb20ba557bb53f47d8990295db596c#3048000

Anybody knowing his MINERVA will quickly realize the similarity with the end of Someplace Else, Minerva is trapped in Xen.

And here is Minerva (in one of her many aliases) commenting on how silly we all are with our near-religous faith in technology.

"Sometimes, your near-religious faith in technology gets a little wearing. The blind trust you put in purely deterministic, electro-mechanical hardware is misplaced, even if some of you do proclaim that crude, obvious artifacts such as integrated circuits and even transistors are of 'alien' origin. Trust me, if any knowledge transfer has taken place, mankind got a rum deal. Not that I've actually met any of your 'aliens', mind you.
Other technologies do exist, although are almost justifiably shrouded in secrecy. On several occasions in the past, certain 'difficulties' arose, almost revealing the developments to the rest of humanity. In the second incident, I was more directly involved, not just as a bystander - the first didn't leave me much choice. The third? You'll probably claim to know all about that already.

A friend of a friend"

- http://tenfourmaps.telefragged.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=3048000&highlight=&sid=f1bb20ba557bb53f47d8990295db596c#3048000

In addition I recovered Adam's true Ten Four account that should reveal some interesting stuff, perhaps.


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25. Minerva Archeology!

Posted by Sortie at 4:44PM, Monday September 29 2008

Information yet to be parsed:


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26. "Time, Seargeant Morley? Sit right down"

Posted by Sortie at 5:25PM, Monday September 29 2008

Introducing a lost short story revealing critical information and currently unavailable screenshots of Verc_18 (Someplace Else).


It appears the player in Someplace Else, or the Soldier mentioned by Minerva, may in fact be Seargeant Morley, which has never been on Earth. In addition the structure in Xen may once have been an alien complex on Earth, but was 'lost' within some years. I'd like some other interpretations on this!

UCC Rosencreutz? http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t2764.html

Stay tuned while I keep on poking!

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27. Stalking:

Posted by fuzz at 9:05PM, Monday September 29 2008

There I was reading an interesting slashdot thread about a disk with both C64 and IBM format tracks crammed into the same place, when I found an informative comment with a familiar signature...
I know who you are on slashdot Adam!

(sorry, wasn't really stalking, but it's odd how your 'tone of voice' now seems familiar, I think I knew the comment was by someone I knew before I read the sig)

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28. Grand Unified Theory

Posted by Pace at 7:19AM, Tuesday September 30 2008

Nice find Sortie, that post about Someplace Else (though it's not named as such) (first link in your last post) made several things seem to fit together for me. It's a bit tough to tell what's there purely as part of the back-story for his apparently planned Natural Selection mod and what really applies to SE, but I'd guess that Sergeant Morley isn't our character from SE. (at the very least he'd have to travel back in time to take part!) But, I would agree though that perhaps that whole alien machine (the island from SE) could've been discovered buried on Earth, and then 'lost' in an accident (the whole thing transporting itself to Xen). This could then be what happened in 1974, and would explain why it sounded like a mine cave-in (archive 1), why there's human technology on board, and also what happened to Minerva; she would've been inside it at the time it jumped away. It also fits well with the architectural similarities to the portal from Minerva (and my theory about that):
The device itself then was constructed by the ancient civilization that's been referred to several times, and this could explain how Minerva found their civilization, that device probably took her there (from Xen) (to Lux Aeterna). It would also explain why she's worried that the combine found the portal in Minerva. (see:
Once there, she accessed their technology, became whatever she is, and plans to use their technology in a bid to get back at the combine.
This may well all be wrong (and possibly nonsensical, it's late here) but at least for the first time I feel like I've got a semi-plausible theory for most of what we've seen. Have I missed anything that shoots this down? I know I'm still missing some stuff, but I don't think it's anything that changes these theories.

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29. hmmm

Posted by Omega at 11:33AM, Tuesday September 30 2008

lux aeterna is a song... Not a place, Pace.

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30. Forency

Posted by Sortie at 1:25PM, Tuesday September 30 2008

Sure about that, Omega? http://www.hylobatidae.org/minerva/sellout/lux-aeterna.html

According to a post by about in the first link I posted jst above, adam said that:
" I wanted to build a multiplayer map, and Natural Selection sounds unusual, fun and more interesting than, say, Counter-Strike. ns_sugarlump is currently in the thinking-it-out-in-my-head stages (yes, I map in my head before going anywhere near Worldcraft). Of course, I had to link the back-story into Parallax..."

Parallax being linked with Someplace Else, being linked with MINERVA. This goes quite deep.

Fuck. I'm late for school, I'll post some theories when I get home!

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31. Speculation

Posted by Mikel S at 11:34PM, Tuesday September 30 2008

But, why did Minerva say that that world, your so called "Lux Aeterna", held eschatological value. Eschatologic means concerning the end of the world, or... the future state. Perhaps... combined with your speculations, Sortie, this means that you are correct. That our Chronoclasm will be the... wiping clean of time. A mass reset or something. Or maybe it will simply be an alteration. Anyway, I feel a headache coming on tonight.

Wait, what is Parallax? Did Adam ever write a story? Time to check the intranets for anything I can find.

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32. meta?

Posted by Pace at 5:42AM, Wednesday October 1 2008

So much of this stuff (here and in the forum) has been discussed several times before, with facts discovered, ideas proposed, facts forgotten, ideas neglected, facts discovered again by different people, etc. etc. This was part of my inspiration for collecting links
though taken together it's an enormous amount of stuff, and admittedly most of it isn't too interesting. And I suppose the list itself constitutes just another thing to be forgotten about. I was going to complain about this and point to forgotten posts when I noticed that this post itself is also pretty much a rehash:
I then started to think there was something vaguely 'meta' about all this, got a bit scared, and then felt better when I remembered that I don't really know what 'meta' means. (where's parm when you need him?) Eh, *sigh*.

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33. Meta.

Posted by Yar Kramer at 6:32AM, Wednesday October 1 2008


The dash included, of course. ;)

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34. Hm...

Posted by Mikel S at 5:21AM, Thursday October 2 2008

Minerva WAS human... As for right now... I don't know.

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35. Hm... again

Posted by Mikel S at 5:29AM, Thursday October 2 2008

Sorry bout the double post, just thought about something. Some residual programming in our HEV suit, presumably having had come in contact with Minerva (or her... arms), had it say "no future no past no present no life no death". That fits in with all the Chronoclasm and Eschatological values of that world beyond the portal. I believe a few thigns: Minerva is somehow through the portal (why she was so worried when she saw it), and she is keeping some WMTO (weapon of mass temporal obliteration, heh) that she found or came in contact with while in "Someplace Else"... I may be missing a few steps in between, because I think she has had direct contact with the combine at one point in between... And Chronoclasm and Eschatologic go together nicely... A wiping-clean of time, and the end of the world, and then our "no future no past no present no life no death": There would be no future, no past, no present... there wouldn't be any life, nor death. Just...


But that'd be a depressing ending for Minerva. So I hope I'm wrong. Maybe... the universe will reboot like our suit did or something... Ahh... I loved that movie...

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36. Simplicity

Posted by Dave at 9:21PM, Thursday October 2 2008

...So after getting the @!#$ing star shaped screws out of my missus ebay'd hp nc4000 and soldering the replacement usb ports 2 the bord (the old 1s were apparently not and had literaly just fallen out 1 day) everythings fine in laptop land and I'm now writing this on my DESKTOP whose guts are just 1 pop rivet away hehe

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37. Mods

Posted by Yar Kramer at 4:11AM, Saturday October 4 2008

So, a bunch of Source mods have been put up for download *through Steam,* but no sign of Minerva there yet. Hmm ... I wonder if they thought there might be some sort of conflict of interest, since he works there now ...

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38. mods

Posted by Lord_Baz at 2:16PM, Saturday October 4 2008

Yeah, but all the mods being promoted this weekend are currently multiplayer mods are they not?

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39. mods

Posted by macc at 2:45PM, Sunday October 5 2008

Yeah, not too surprising, because multiplayer mods benefit more from automatic updating functions etc from Steam.

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40. With that in mind ...

Posted by Yar Kramer at 8:25PM, Thursday October 9 2008

Of course, Metastasis specifically requires content from Episode 1, and I suppose they aren't too cheerful about providing it for download for free with that in mind ... especially if you'd to be able to also download the entirety of "Episode 1 Shared.gcf" ...

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41. Why Apple?

Posted by Anonymouse at 9:04AM, Monday October 13 2008

Why oh why would a gamer burn money on Apple computers...

Something tells me you have too much money, or not enough sense.

For the price of that iMac you got you could of got two comparable PCs or a superior PC with enough processing and GPU power to fly through any task.

And why isn't there a 2.5" drive bay in that thing? It's make upgrading them a lot easier, oh ya, that's right, Apple does not want people to upgrade their hardware, they want them to buy a whole new computer and throw out the old one.

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42. Oranges

Posted by fuzz at 11:24AM, Monday October 13 2008

I dunno, last time I looked MacBooks weren't /much/ more expensive than a similarly spec'ed PC (ok, I've just looked, for a 15" MacBook Pro it's £1,300, for a identically speced Dell Precision it's £1,200, with a discount).
The thing is, Apple don't make they're hardrives hard to get to for fun (and it's a lot easier in the MacBook rather than Pro), it's because they value looks above easy access.
Which is not something I'd pay extra for (I usually take things apart before I even turn them on), and I'm guessing not something you'd pay extra for, but I'd say that the MacBook is £100 prettier than a Dell.

I just wouldn't pay the premium myself.

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43. PC down...

Posted by Omega at 4:51AM, Tuesday October 14 2008

As I was reading this, the following message appears...


So much for your highly praised PC...
As soon as next semester starts, Ima have enough to buy my own Mac.

Mac PwNs PC, get over it.

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44. PC Pwn'd

Posted by Anonymouse at 1:33AM, Wednesday October 15 2008

That BSOD is caused by an unrecoverable hardware error.
That'll kill OSX and Linux just as effectively.

If you'ma going to buy your own mac and want more reliable hardware buy server parts and put OSX on it, there's no more foolproof way to make a system last for ages.

Macs are overpriced PCs running OSX, Get over it.

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45. Mac... PC?

Posted by Anon, I muse at 3:59AM, Wednesday October 15 2008

The "Blue screen of death" is unique to PCs, yes. But its causes are not. It'll happen on a Mac, but you just won't get the kind warning explaining what just happened. It'll just crash. And honestly, how often does the BSoD show up? If it happens too much, you've probably blown something in your computer (like i did to my OLD OLD OLD computer), which can happen to any computer that uses... oh, lets say, ELECTRICITY. Anywho, not to rant, I like PC over Mac, anyday.
BUT! Vista sucks balls. Hairy balls. Vista is a crappy attempt at a near-copyright infringing crossover between a mac and a PC. In heart, this sounds good, but Microsoft screwed that one over big time.

ALSO: What pisses me off is how Mac's claim they are different than a PC. What, are you a mac computer as opposed to a Personal Computer? Honestly, I'd rather have a Personal computer, than a mac computer, I've yet to meet one friendly mac. If there are any friendly mac's on this forum, I apologize.
Bottom line to this "ALSO" topic, a MAC is a PC, unless its at a place of business, of course, hehe.

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46. Re: Mac... PC?

Posted by Sortie at 12:05PM, Wednesday October 15 2008

Yeah, the fun thing is that Apple invented the term Personal Computer.

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47. Re: Mac... PC

Posted by Jonesy at 4:16PM, Wednesday October 15 2008

"The New Hewlett Packard 9100A personal computer".
Source: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/abouthp/histnfacts/museum/personalsystems/0021/other/0021ad.pdf

That's from 1968.

Apple Inc. was founded in 1976.

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48. Oops

Posted by fuzz at 7:12PM, Saturday October 18 2008

I seem to have inadvertently stoked the fires of a flame war.

Look. Macs are good, PCs are good, every thing is wonderful, can't we all just get along?

ps Amiga FTW ;)

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49. Re: Mac...PC?

Posted by Nesretep at 7:29PM, Saturday October 18 2008

@Jonesy: HP might have called that a personal computer, but that is a more of desktop calculator. It is nothing like what we refer to when using the term "personal computer" today.

I don't know if Apple invented the term "personal computer" or not, but the way they used it is more in line with how it is used today.

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50. Who goes there?

Posted by Pace at 1:31AM, Sunday October 19 2008

The name, the avatar, they look familiar, but I.. I just can't quite remember..

So anyway, Episode 3. I was just thinking about Episode 3. Anyone got anything to say about Episode 3? I think in Episode 3 we'll get to see the combine homeworld. And Barney in a parka. Say, anyone by any chance happen to have any inside information???

Perhaps at the very least rumours of a very large monitor can be confirmed?

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51. They go where they go

Posted by Omega at 4:40AM, Sunday October 19 2008

Ya, in fact your not too far off... Barney wears a babushka, not a parka.

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52. They go on and on

Posted by fuzz at 12:50PM, Sunday October 19 2008

I hear there'll be some kind of metal bar as a weapon, possibly used for opening crates....

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53. And on and ON!

Posted by Omega at 4:02AM, Monday October 20 2008

We should really make a wiki for all this shit...

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54. Re: Who goes there?

Posted by Nesretep at 8:24PM, Monday October 20 2008

@Pace: All I have to say is :-P..... :-)

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55. SHIT

Posted by macc at 1:24AM, Thursday October 23 2008

Agreed. We're full of shit! But I love that shit! All those wild theories. If it would ever stop, I will start a petition to bring it back again!

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56. Feelings of Abandonment

Posted by Baffled at 4:01PM, Friday October 24 2008

Adam was supposedly set to start work at Valve "in October" wasn't he?

That would mean that he's almost certainly at his desk already ...

... *sulk*... he's gone without us, not even a farewell, not a word ... *sniffle* ... we've been abandoned!

Oh well, let's hope Gabe keeps them hard at work on Episode Three and slaps another Bioshock ban on them until they've finished:


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57. So Ronry

Posted by fuzz at 10:40PM, Friday October 24 2008

Well, we'll just have to make do without him then. What's everyone playing at the moment then?

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58. onward movings

Posted by Pace at 11:14PM, Friday October 24 2008

Well, we'd need a new leader. I hereby nominate Nesretep, by virtue of having an avatar with the closest color scheme to the old leader's. As long as you don't look too closely, we can just pretend.

I played the World of Goo demo the other day, and will get the whole thing at some point. I wish they'd just put it in a box at retail. I like boxes. I'd get Farcry2, though I feel like I should give Crysis a go first.

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59. Far Cry 2

Posted by macc at 8:42PM, Saturday October 25 2008

I love this game, you should really try it. And it looks stunning. And it also has excellent performance, much better than Crysis.

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60. Re: onward movings

Posted by Nesretep at 7:34PM, Monday October 27 2008

While I am honored to be nominated to be the "new leader" here at our favorite blog, I feel like the inability to do anything more than post comments (rather than create new articles) and my lack of actual knowledge regarding MINERVA's backstory would leave me hardly able to carry on in Adam's stead. I love prestige as much as the next guy, but this doesn't look like my gig to take over. ;-)

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61. games

Posted by Pace at 10:54PM, Tuesday October 28 2008

Actually it seems my comment above spurred me to action. I went out and got Crysis, and man is it pretty! I seem to be one of the fortunate ones who have no problems with performance (with all settings on high it runs fine). I'd played the demo before, but even that didn't quite do it justice. It's got smoke bombs! They are just so totally awesome. And it's overall quite fun too, though everyone seems to say it goes downhill at some point. Anyway, at my rate of buying games I may have to wait awhile for Far Cry 2. I'm wondering if I'd enjoy Fallout 3 too, I haven't played an RPG since, er, well, ever I guess.

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62. FC2

Posted by fuzz at 2:14PM, Wednesday October 29 2008

I've only had chance to play a couple of hours of Far Cry 2 so far, certainly pretty (although widescreen is a bit gimped).
I'm about halfway through playing Oblivion, and quite enjoying it and of course I've got Left 4 Dead on pre-order (the boxed copy is cheaper than buying on Steam in the UK, why?).

Had a go on Guitar Hero at my brothers place over the weekend, that was a massive laugh

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Posted by FrontLineAssembly at 3:20PM, Wednesday November 12 2008

Omfg you physco cargo cult!

Stop riping the poor laptops parts off and together, torturing bastard lol.

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