MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Rock, Paper, Shotgun, MINERVA -

Despite some of our number suffering jet-lag, zombie fatigue and certain thousand-yard-stares resulting from the deaths of thousands, we Britishers are certain to gather and plan for acts of moral turpitude - especially in this time of electoral strife.

To Rock, Paper, Shotgun - thanks for the beer!

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1. Which one is...

Posted by locworks at 8:15PM, Tuesday November 4 2008

Shotgun? :-)

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2. Warm Fuzzies

Posted by Colinmarc at 11:02PM, Tuesday November 4 2008

Haha I love RPS and when I read this article in Outlook, I thought it was the RPS guys based on the first sentences (I also subscribe to RPS). That's great that two of my favorite things in gaming just coincided. It gives me warm fuzzies about being a gamer.

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3. Very interesting

Posted by Yar Kramer at 8:30PM, Wednesday November 5 2008

Sounds like a rather interesting game. Now, if only I was interested in either zombies or multiplayer ... ;)

Sortie's gravatar

4. Oh

Posted by Sortie at 10:29PM, Wednesday November 5 2008

I still don't understand how paper beats rock.

Woot's gravatar

5. BOOM!!!

Posted by Woot at 12:18AM, Thursday November 6 2008

Who cares shotgun beats em all!!!

Yar Kramer's gravatar

6. Re: sortie

Posted by Yar Kramer at 5:32PM, Thursday November 6 2008

By *covering* it, duh.

Alternatively, look at it like this: Paper is made from trees, right? And as trees grow, their roots are capable of splitting rocks. Therefore, paper beats rock.

Alternatively alternatively, it's just a case of sacrificing realism in order to provide fun gameplay, a cause I heartily support. :)

Sortie's gravatar

7. Re: Yar Kramer

Posted by Sortie at 8:10PM, Thursday November 6 2008

Well, meet me at the playground, you armed with a piece of paper, and me a rock, and we'll see who wins.

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8. Pre-Release Joy

Posted by Scutter_2 at 5:34PM, Friday November 7 2008

Been playing the pre-release demo, and I'm thoroughly impressed. However, the forums are flooded with people complaining about the matchmaking system. Whilst I'm a much greater fan of the old server list (which IS accesable, but not conveniently) I could live with it. That said, here's hoping Valve can make some concessions where needed.

Yar Kramer's gravatar

9. Pre-release demo

Posted by Yar Kramer at 5:57PM, Friday November 7 2008

As far as that goes, I kinda think that releasing a demo to people who have already bought it is somewhat missing the point of a "demo."

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10. Which reminds me

Posted by fuzz at 1:04PM, Wednesday November 12 2008

I owe both Adam and RPS beer...

Busy last night so haven't been able to try the demo yet (I've pre-ordered a boxed copy because it was loads cheaper), but then I'm off work tomorrow so...

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11. Aslong:

Posted by FrontLineAssembly at 3:23PM, Wednesday November 12 2008

Aslong as its a double-barreled SPAS-12 or 13 shotgun, otherwise i WONT use it :P

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12. Minerva

Posted by Random uselessness. at 5:17PM, Tuesday November 18 2008

Minerva is the name of a computer science server used by students at the Harvard Extension School.

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13. I still think

Posted by fsfgd at 9:40PM, Wednesday November 19 2008

that Chronoclasm is a better name than Out of Time.

Just sayin', y'know.

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14. Re: fsfgd

Posted by Yar Kramer at 3:41AM, Thursday November 20 2008

And I still remind people that the very first mod which starred Minerva was titled "Someplace Else."

Just sayin', y'know.

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15. Those who RSS this blog be awesome.

Posted by Sortie at 9:00PM, Thursday November 20 2008

I'm bored. Anyone got any interesting bits of information on anything Minerva-Related? No? Darn Ep3!

Also Yar Kramer, the first mod to star Minerva was called Parralax. Though only a beta of it was released. A shame it was never finished. (Still, I'd love to try some of the unreleased maps, Adam)

Anschluss's gravatar

16. Just agreeing

Posted by Anschluss at 4:33AM, Friday November 21 2008

with sfsgd about Chrono.

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