MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Началась последняя передача в блоке! -

In case you hadn't noticed, there are newly updated, stupendously polished (and Polished) language packs up for the whole of MINERVA, created with the still-unprecedented full access to the MINERVA back-story. Once again, huge thanks to LocWorks for making this possible - and without further ado, some links:

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Posted by Sortie at 8:49AM, Friday November 21 2008

Wait. You didn't create an American version with the still-unprecedented full access to the MINERVA back-story?

Also the title of the article is rougly translated into "Last transfer to the block has begun!"

Seems like this place still is alive. Luckily.

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2. Oooh...

Posted by locworks at 10:39AM, Friday November 21 2008


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3. Twice the German.....

Posted by Sanjuro at 5:47PM, Friday November 21 2008

It seems that the tooltip for the Italian flag says German language.... Could this be yet another cryptic clue for us acolytes?

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Posted by 13xforever at 6:36PM, Friday November 21 2008

I'd rather translate this title as 'The last transmission in the block begins'

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5. a few things to say:

Posted by krisvek at 9:34PM, Friday November 21 2008

1) Cool.

2) Steam release FTWbbqwtf!!!!11!

3) Can we look forward to any new MINERVA content any time soon? :-D

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6. Don't mention the war...

Posted by Sanjuro at 12:34AM, Saturday November 22 2008

It looks like the Germans have now withdrawn from Italy.

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7. dhey tok dour jobs

Posted by Pace at 1:57AM, Sunday November 23 2008

They took our jobs!
dey tuk urrrr jeeerb
dookar jrrrrrbs
dhey tok dour jobs
durka derrrrr!!!!11!

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8. L4D

Posted by fuzz at 1:57PM, Thursday November 27 2008

I was thinking, Minerva would make a pretty badass Left4Dead map, starting from after everything goes bang, you'd have to fight your way up the shaft to the surface, for a massive finale on the beach, waiting for the chopper...

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9. Re: L4D

Posted by Sortie at 2:18PM, Thursday November 27 2008

Hell yeah. Though, there would need to be a few more ways through the maps, I guess, these Chapter 4 maps is a little linear.

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10. Re: L4D

Posted by fuzz at 1:43PM, Friday November 28 2008

It is pretty linear you're right, but it does open up in parts. I had visions of the bit with the valves you have to open (where everyone get's stuck) making a good 'press this button and hold of the horde while you wait' bit (proper name for that?).
The first part (in our hypothetical level) would probably need to be opened up a bit, perhaps a small way through vents vs a larger corridor section. Whereas the last section would probably need a bit of pruning so it was more obvious where you were aiming for. (hold out in the guard tower with the two fixed guns, before a fraught run to the helicopter down on the beach?)
Adam: would you be ok with this?

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11. Re: Re: L4D

Posted by Sortie at 2:44PM, Friday November 28 2008

He stated in the ReadMe that we could use the map sources for almost anything we can't do, and he said he's disappointed that noone did anything with them. So I think he's perefectly okay with it. ;D

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12. Re: Re: Re: L4D

Posted by Yar Kramer at 11:42PM, Friday November 28 2008

We can use them for almost anything we *can't* do?

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13. heh

Posted by Lord_Baz at 12:40AM, Saturday November 29 2008

So if it's an impossible task, we're allowed to use the minerva sources... but if it's "Easy" we can't use minerva.

That sounds about right for minerva, that sneaky bitch. *Laughter*

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14. 'press this button and hold of the horde while you wait'

Posted by kast at 2:46PM, Sunday November 30 2008

As I recall from the Lost Coast commentary, that scenario is called an Arena. A gated area designed to give the player pause while they defeat large numbers of enemies. With L4D things are a little different, of course - being able to leave before the enemies are cleared - but you get the idea.

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15. ahhh yes

Posted by fuzz at 7:19PM, Monday December 1 2008

That's the word I was looking for, cheers kast :)
I've got a nice chunk of time off after christmas so if no one else has tried by then I'll have a go (not played with hammer for years mind)

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