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The Boeing Museum of Flight is great. Shiniest MiGs on Earth!

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1. minitrue at it again

Posted by S01fenix at 10:59AM, Wednesday December 10 2008

when I visited this site about half and hour ago the title was different perhaps the combine minitrue got a hold of it and rated it EC-10 for content *puts on foil hat*

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2. funny that

Posted by fuzz at 10:59AM, Wednesday December 10 2008

Just this morning I was thinking about a trip to Duxford (a big british flight museum).
Ep3 coming along well?

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3. Re: minitrue at it again

Posted by Sortie at 1:34PM, Wednesday December 10 2008

What was the original title? Post it quickly so it won't be forgotten!

Anyways kidding aside, when I read Boeing I read Boring. Ooops? This looks quite awesome, there's probably gonna turn up some more photos on flickr at little later today.

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4. Tell

Posted by Mikel S. at 4:30PM, Wednesday December 10 2008

Please send me an e-mail with the information undone at


This is my investigative e-mail.

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5. Cool (your) jets

Posted by xd18911 at 8:56PM, Wednesday December 10 2008

An SR-71 and D-12 drone!

Even though it's long retired the SR-71 is still the most awesome aircraft there is. The drone is just weird!

Yeah, how is Episode 3 coming along? :¬)

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6. D-12?

Posted by Pace at 12:16AM, Thursday December 11 2008

Heh, I never knew they actually fitted an SR-71 with a drone. I guess that means my Cobra Night Raven http://www.yojoe.com/vehicles/86/nightraven/ is just a bit less stupid than I'd previously assumed.

I think we need to take our informational queries one step at a time. Presumably Adam can't tell us anything about Ep3, though we still haven't heard anything about how the move went, how life is going in the US, and of course, is he a Seahawks fan yet? (rough year for that though.) Then maybe some work related tidbits will begin to slip out?

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7. "Shiniest on earth"

Posted by Yar Kramer at 7:00AM, Thursday December 11 2008

Ooh, shiny! ;)

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8. Adopt a Plane!

Posted by Baffled at 3:25PM, Thursday December 11 2008

Apparently you can adopt one of these babies ( planes that is ) for a fairly eye-watering sum of money per year or a one-off endowment. To become a proud parent to that Blackbird costs $15,000 a year!


Just remember a plane is for life not just for christmas.

Is it me or does all that 60's-tech blackbird-concorde-Apollo-etc , just seem more ambitious, imaginative, and sexy than anything we can do today? Perhaps we really have peaked as a civilisation and have started our way down the long road of decline ... :-(

Mind you that road doesn't seem to be all that long, Britain seems to be falling apart with alarming rapidity, the Pound's collapsed, we're a TRILLION POUNDS in debt :-O, and to cap it all Woolworths has just gone bust, oh dear oh dear oh dear ... whats it like over there Adam?

And yes Adam, please, titbits titbits titbits!

Does that sound rude? I suppose I should use American spellings as you're one of them now ...

tidbits tidbits tidbits!

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9. tibits?

Posted by Omega at 12:00AM, Friday December 12 2008

We never say tidbits...
And yes, we're in debt too. Getting better though.

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10. Tidbits

Posted by Yar Kramer at 8:15AM, Sunday December 14 2008

I sometimes say "tidbits" ... not necessarily unironically, though.

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11. Tidbits!?!

Posted by Omega at 7:59AM, Monday December 15 2008

You betray your country comrade...

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12. Re: Omega

Posted by Yar Kramer at 11:28PM, Tuesday December 16 2008

Hey, I *did* say it wasn't necessarily unironically :P

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13. subject

Posted by Omega at 5:13AM, Wednesday December 17 2008

I was just kidding... Or was I?

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14. That's not a SR-71

Posted by Almagnus1 at 7:12AM, Wednesday December 17 2008

After having been to that same museum (I recognized it from the picture), it's not a SR-71 per se, it's a CIA variant. Essentially different registration number, same basic plane. For the life of me I can't remember what that is though.

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15. A-12

Posted by fuzz at 12:06PM, Thursday December 18 2008

I think the CIA one was called the A-12, wikipedia tells all.

I've noticed an option in L4D to "Join Steam Group Server", but nothing comes up. Also, at work we're leaving all the servers on over the holidays, so I was thinking about setting one up as an L4D server, does anyone know how I'd set it up as the unofficial Minerva server?

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16. Lies

Posted by fuzz at 12:09PM, Thursday December 18 2008

According to wikipedia that particular aircraft is called an M-21:


so now we know.

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17. Big damn lies

Posted by locworks at 4:15PM, Thursday December 18 2008

Check out the sv_steamgroup cvar.
Sampleconfig:: http://webpages.marshall.edu/~wolfe21/l4d/server.cfg

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18. Big damn lies (cont.)

Posted by locworks at 4:48PM, Thursday December 18 2008

And the group ID is only viewable by the group's founder.

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19. ... and Statistics

Posted by Cargo Cult at 11:23PM, Thursday December 18 2008

The group ID is 5235, apparently.

(If anything bad happens as a result of publicising this, it'll be a test to see if it's possible to make things right again!)

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20. L4D Server

Posted by fuzz at 3:03PM, Friday December 19 2008

Well, I've got Ubuntu server running in a VM now, going to work on getting the steam server tools up and running as soon as it's copied off my usb disk.
I guess, Ubuntu and the Steam server both being available for free, that distributing the VM image of a working L4D server would be legit. I'll look into that but it would make it much easier to set up for other people if all you had to do was run the VM, setup your config and hit go, yes?

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21. Boeing

Posted by Actaeon at 9:31PM, Friday December 19 2008

...That looks like it's rather impressive up close. It's a miracle that such a weight of steel and fuel ever got of the ground.

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22. A VM...

Posted by locworks at 10:43PM, Friday December 19 2008

would rock, indeed.

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23. Flickr

Posted by Omega at 6:29AM, Monday December 22 2008

Love the new pics, btw. You can see where Valve gets alot of their concepts from...

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24. Ummm

Posted by U-Mu-La-Mah-Rhi at 11:15AM, Monday December 22 2008

You posted an RCON password, and some other information i think the owners of that server would want kept secret

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25. "frogopusisdumb"

Posted by locworks at 1:15PM, Monday December 22 2008

The link to the sample server.cfg is available from http://www.left4dead411.com/forums/index.php?action=vthread&forum=9&topic=5427

atomicpenguin also posted the "frogopusisdumb" RCON password and all the other info in the body of the post. I have no reason to believe that these is sensitive data.

I do hope that puts your mind at ease.

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26. So...

Posted by Campaignjunkie at 6:58AM, Tuesday December 23 2008

... I'm finally playing Stalker and noticing a lot of similarities with some certain snowy levels set in Poland. First the love letter to Halo, and now this? :)

Not that they're bad things. I actually find it to be quite adorable.

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27. Server

Posted by fuzz at 10:46AM, Tuesday December 23 2008

Right, I've still got a day and a half left until I finish work, but my boss is out today, so the server is running. It should be up at, can someone check if they can connect please? (obviously there's not much I can do to test until tonight, and then less I can do to fix).
Server has dual 3.2GHz xeons, 2Gb of RAM and a 4Mb up and down connection in the SW of the UK, so hopefully should be quite good (if only I could be sure the damn thing worked)

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28. As of 2008.12.23, 11.12 GMT +1

Posted by locworks at 11:12AM, Tuesday December 23 2008

- The IP can be pingified.
- No connection through the console ("connect").
- Not available through Play on Steam Group Server.

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29. bum

Posted by fuzz at 11:17AM, Tuesday December 23 2008

well, that would explain why I've not seen anyone connect, I'll move this to the forum:

in which I reveal my self to be utterly incompetent...

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30. Argh... Damn you Adam!

Posted by Esvandiary at 5:11PM, Sunday January 4 2009

I want to know how long traitor.shtml has been sitting there now...
Also, the Museum of Flight, eh... Perhaps we're taking to the skies in OoT! ;)

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31. Re: Argh... Damn you Adam!

Posted by Sortie at 3:51PM, Monday January 5 2009

Hey, traitor has been there for quite a while. If you browse back to the comments a few 'articles' ago you might find more information. Or incidentally, someone might have made a topic about it on the forum. ;-)

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32. Welcome to Seattle!

Posted by Uber Monger at 6:16AM, Friday January 9 2009

Boeing Flight Museum is awesome. Did you check out the WWII wing?

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33. Mod content released under Creative Commons

Posted by Sortie at 10:21PM, Saturday January 10 2009

Hey, lately I've been thinking about how some mods copyright their works very intensely. For instance, Black Mesa has remade a lot of HL1 models in high res. There are other HL1 Expansion Packs remake mods, that could use this content as well, but can't for legal reasons.

If this copyrighted mod content was released under a free license, then we could all save time making content and improve our own projects with it.

Instead most people worry that people will steal their content and claim it's their own. A shame. But if people are going to steal it, then a copyright notice won't help.

Therefore I suggest that modders should release all their reusable content, such as materials, models, sounds, and scripts under a free license such as Creative Commons 2.5 Generic. Though, maps and binaries should still be copyrighted, since few will need to reuse them for their own projects.

So, what are your thoughts on this?

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34. CC licensed Mod content

Posted by windlab at 6:53PM, Sunday January 11 2009

I believe it could be done, but I think it would require new website (fresh blood in the arena) to get things started.

I can envision a nice website with many categories, rather like jamendo.com, except for mod content.

It's the sort of thing the chaps at Moddb.com could do if they wanted, but I think their attention is fully occupied already.

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35. Re: CC licensed Mod content

Posted by Sortie at 2:58PM, Monday January 12 2009

Oh a website would be very useful if people shared their stuff there. Though my idea was pointed towards developers, that once the mod releases, all the models/materials/sounds/scripts in the release should be released under the Creative Commons license. (Or alike).

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36. Re: CC licensed Mod content

Posted by vecima at 3:21PM, Friday January 23 2009

I'm working on a major addition to my own website (http://www.type3studios.com) that will allow people to upload all sorts of resources for the collective of mod developers to use. adding a "choose a license for this content you're uploading" feature would be a useful and probably easy addition.

If anyone with any web knowlegde is interested in helping out that effort, be sure to stop by as it's pretty slow going on my own (i'm also making a mod at the same time).

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37. Minerva

Posted by toddbailey at 6:43AM, Thursday March 12 2009

Just wondering if/when you plan on releasing another level to your work of art.


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38. Re: Minerva

Posted by Sortie at 12:26PM, Thursday March 12 2009

Oh soon. Adam and his team is working hard to get the next release out. Though he has gone retail, I guess you need to pay at least $20 to play the third episode.

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39. Chatter

Posted by Omega_Absolute at 6:38AM, Friday March 13 2009

Finally, some chatter here. It's been too long.

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40. re: Chatter

Posted by fuzz at 12:46PM, Friday March 13 2009

Anyone played anything good recently?
I've only just picked up World of Goo, and it's every bit as good as people say it is...

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41. Re: re: Chatter

Posted by Sortie at 2:48PM, Friday March 13 2009

I tried that Unreal Tournament 3 thingey. Much better than expected, so I bought it. Of course the player count increased with 2000% after the free weekend, so they made another Free Weekend. Awesome for those who didn't get to play in the first.

I did some spam on the HLCoders mailing list and Valve released a patch for the Particle Editor. Finally! Now to blow up some stuff!

World of Goo? Better than everyone says. And they say it's awesome.

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42. On the topic of abandoned buildings

Posted by FeepingCreature at 2:54PM, Saturday March 14 2009

This site may be of interest: http://www.preservationphoto.com/

(well, at least some of those)

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43. Chatter!

Posted by kast at 5:32PM, Saturday March 14 2009

I've been keeping an eye on Tale of Tale's (they of Endless Forest's beauty) new game, <a href="http://tale-of-tales.com/ThePath/">The Path</a>.

I would so giggle like a school girl to see a Minerva reference in Episode3. BioShock2 however, Fuzz, is less likely :P

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44. Chit chatter

Posted by Pace at 7:35PM, Saturday March 14 2009

I'll be interested to see what ep. 3 looks like. It seems like the traditional HL2 style gameplay has become somewhat outdated. I wonder if any big changes are in store?

Myself, I discovered Civ IV. It took a damned long time for me to learn how to play, but once I got into it it's really fun and addictive. I wonder if we could come up with some sort of Minerva mod or 'scenario' for that. We need to franchise this Minerva thing somehow.

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45. So... HL2 ep3 or Minerva ep3?

Posted by Kerath at 8:42PM, Sunday March 15 2009

"Oh soon. Adam and his team is working hard to get the next release out. Though he has gone retail, I guess you need to pay at least $20 to play the third episode."

No seriously?

Either way, has there been any news from Adam? Last thing I heard is he's working for Valve now... This site has been dead a while and I don't know if there's any other sources of news (forums maybe?).

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46. Re: So... HL2 ep3 or Minerva ep3?

Posted by Sortie at 9:25PM, Sunday March 15 2009

Hehe that was a joke. I was referring to Half-Life 2: Episode Three, where Adam has been hired to work on.

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47. news

Posted by Omega_Absolute at 3:56AM, Monday March 16 2009

No, no news from Adam in a while. He has, however, been updating his other sites (Flickr, Interesting Things, etc.). Apparently he went to England for a bit. Probably a break after all the hard work he's been doing.

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48. in-joke

Posted by fuzz at 1:24PM, Monday March 16 2009

That's an interesting topic actually, if Adam were to sneak a Minerva reference into Ep3, what form would it take? a recycled texture, a fleeting modem sound? Maybe a little bit of familiar architecture? Possibly a slightly over difficult puzzle involving valves and grenades?

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49. Re: in-joke

Posted by Sortie at 5:36PM, Monday March 16 2009

Frankly, if I were to add such a easter egg to Ep3, I would make some brushwork shaped like my avatar and hide it in a map, so it only can be seen with mat_wireframe 1 or something. Maybe even cleverly name an entity after myself.

If I was Adam? I would encode a EDCDIC-encoded URI into the vertex stream of some brushwork shaped like some Combine architecture.

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50. Re: Re: in-joke

Posted by Sortie at 5:36PM, Monday March 16 2009

Having thought of that - guess I need to write a tool to look for messages in the vertex buffer in Minerva.

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51. I prefer just hiding a decal with your name on it

Posted by Kerath at 6:47PM, Tuesday March 17 2009


Right, I know Adam's working on hl2:ep3, was just wondering if he's said anything about anything at all lately.

I predict Valve dumped the idea of ep3 being about Borealis and is currently reworking the entire episode to take place on a combine occupied Island, where Freeman has to delve deep into an evil facility, aided by a talking computer. That's why it's taking so long to release.

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52. ..but yeah, if Adam were to place easter-eggs, oohboy

Posted by Kerath at 6:50PM, Tuesday March 17 2009

"Right, I know Adam's working on hl2:ep3, was just wondering if he's said anything about anything at all lately."
That sounded more negative then I intended...

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53. wHALES!

Posted by Sortie at 9:42PM, Tuesday March 17 2009

So I'm going to Wales next Thursday. Gonna visit Cardiff and some town called Cowbridge. Anything I should be aware of?

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54. Things to watch out for?

Posted by Pace at 11:24PM, Tuesday March 17 2009

Well, the rift in spacetime in Cardiff may be of some concern.
And we'd better get a picture of you doing something silly in front of the Wales Millennium Centre.

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55. Re: Things to watch out for?

Posted by Sortie at 12:14AM, Wednesday March 18 2009

Thanks, I'd most certainly watch out for that Cardiff Rift! Don't forget, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It's also effective against Doctor Who. I'm not going to stay in Cardiff long, so I doubt I'd visit that centre. But if I do, I'd post a photo.

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56. re: Whales

Posted by fuzz at 3:41PM, Wednesday March 18 2009

Personally I try and stay on this side of the Bristol Channel.
But if you're in Cardiff around lunch time then wave because I'll probably be sat on the sea front opposite eating my sarnies.
(although today it's so hazy I couldn't see any of Whales)

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57. HL related fan video?

Posted by kast at 4:10PM, Wednesday March 18 2009

I doubt anyone here's missed it but just in case, you'll be interested in seeing a quality video that references Black Mesa, makes use of HL2 sound effects and includes some Combine-like guys in hazmat suits.

Video and speculation linked below.


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58. Re: HL related fan video?

Posted by Sortie at 5:08PM, Wednesday March 18 2009

Personally I missed that thing. Whatever it was, it was awesome. I thought the HL2 Universe recreation in videos peaked with Escape From C17, but this just keeps amazing me. Fantastic work!

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59. Surprises in EP3...

Posted by Nightshade at 7:06AM, Sunday March 22 2009

I've always had the sense that if there is a GLaDOS unit present in EP3, perhaps she might spout a quote from dear Minerva...

That is an impressive video, I still haven't quite figured out what's in the box though...


It's good that people are talking again, been missing the site.

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60. The Box

Posted by Actaeon at 3:34PM, Sunday March 22 2009

I do not believe 'What's in the box?' to be anything more than a most impressive fan video. This is mostly because of the fact that the movie was recorded in my country, possibly even my city. The street where the traffic light gets shot to bits is extremely familiar.

And it although it has some references towards the Half-Life universe, (I quote "SINGLE LARGEST COLLAPSE SINCE BLACK MESA INCIDENT"), I think this is more likely to be some kind of graduation project rather than a viral marketing campaign.

fuzz's gravatar

61. Re: The Box

Posted by fuzz at 10:33AM, Tuesday March 24 2009

Whenever Valve have released videos before they've been pretty open about it (the TF2 vids), mind you, the http://aperturescience.com/ site doesn't easily trace back to valve.
(try typing login if you've never tried it before :)

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62. Re: Re: The Box

Posted by Sortie at 11:23AM, Tuesday March 24 2009

Oh. Tracking that site back to Valve isn't that hard afterall.

"Whois Server Version 2.0

Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net
for detailed information.

Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
Referral URL: http://www.networksolutions.com
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 23-oct-2006
Creation Date: 20-jul-2006
Expiration Date: 20-jul-2016

>>> Last update of whois database: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 10:10:31 UTC <<<"

Doing the same thing with WhatsInTheBox.nl ( http://www.sidn.nl/ace.php/c,728,43,,,,Is_the_name_still_available_.html?lang=EN&uitgebreid=CHECKED&domein=whatsinthebox.nl&zoek.x=19&zoek.y=13 ) only gave some links to dootall.com, which isn't Valve.

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63. The Box - Updated

Posted by Actaeon at 8:10PM, Tuesday March 24 2009

I heard an interview on the radio this morning. It was with one of the students who made this video. I can confirm that the area of the recording is indeed my home city, i.e. the city of Nijmegen, Netherlands. I can also confirm that this video has nothing to do with HALF-LIFE 2 Episode 3 and merely borrows the sound effects from HALF-LIFE.

The video itself is most remarkable when one realizes that their budget was a mere 150 euros. The student, Tim Smit, himself, stated that he and his pal had already received several phonecalls from Hollywood concerning special effects and potential jobs.

Actaeon's gravatar

64. The Box - Reupdated

Posted by Actaeon at 9:17PM, Tuesday March 24 2009


Official source from the Radboud University, where these students study. Babelfish translation was at best poor, at worst utter gibberish, so here is a homemade translation for those of you not priviliged with speaking Dutch.

Nijmegian (?) movie scores on Youtube.

Date message: 23rd of march 2009

Phone calls from Hollywood, an item in NOS-News, exhaustive interview in De Wereld Draait Door (litt. The World Keeps On Turning), mentioned in several blogs and that all because of their video on Youtube. Tim Smit, student from Radboud University, and Thibaut Niels scored with a home-made movie which has been watched over half a million times. Besides the movie there is also a website: www.whatsinthebox.nl

Thibaut Niels and Tim Smit made their movie for the masterclass Meestermakers: korte fictie (litt. Mastermakers: short fiction) during the Nijmegian (?) filmfestival Go Short. Smit made up the concept together with Niels, student Movie- and Television Sciences at the University of Utrecht and posted it on Youtube. The movie What's in the Box is set on the Radboudcampus (students' quarters, more or less) and in Nijmegen-East and has got a high Half-Life value. Half-Life is a popular sciencefiction First Person Shooter, in which players assume the role of Gordon Freeman, a scientist who has to fight his way out of an underground laboratory after a teleportation experiment goes horribly wrong.

Smit had similar succes last year, when he and Steven Roeters created a movie for the Mythbusterschallenge for Discovery Channel. Said movie has been watched on Youtube for over 470.000 times. With the movie they won a trip to the real Discovery Channel mythbusters, in San Francisco."

And there you have it. Practically no speculation on this subject anymore. However, I don't know about you guys, but I'm keeping my eye on that site for a while...

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65. The box

Posted by Omega_Absolute at 5:33AM, Wednesday March 25 2009

Even though it's more than likely non-valve, it still gets you pumped for EP3. Tis good stuff.

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66. Re: whois

Posted by fuzz at 12:47PM, Wednesday March 25 2009

sortie, you have exposed a deep flaw in my info finding abilities...
I'm going to blame it on being at work, yes.

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67. Re: Re: whois

Posted by Sortie at 2:33PM, Wednesday March 25 2009

Well, I'm going to Wales tomorrow. That means Adam sometimes between now and the first releases some bitrotated big endian stream containing a .bink video of Obama, with a secret message hidden somewhere, which leads to another bitstream that needs to be decrypted using various methods, which turns out to be Belgium, which translated is a note that Adam got fired from Valve.


That happened last time I went to other countries!

Oh and I'm staying in Cardiff, I'll get that picture of me in front of Wales Millennium Centre doing something silly up on this page the moment I can. :D

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