MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

It's the end of the world as we know it... -

... and I've got a cold. Which I appear to have acquired in Mexico. But I'm just about better now, which makes me immune.

Well, humanity, it was nice knowing you. I'm currently making sure all my cameras' batteries are fully charged. I've got some work to do...

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1. Post-porkopalypic

Posted by Sortie at 10:09PM, Saturday May 2 2009

Post-porkopalypic? That's a brilliant pun. I love this blog post. The frequence of these posts are also increasing, interesting.

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2. So long...

Posted by locworks at 11:34PM, Saturday May 2 2009

and thank you for all the pics!

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3. The World Without Us

Posted by xd18911 at 1:14AM, Sunday May 3 2009

I recently saw a programme on British TV about what would happen to the cities without us being there to maintain everything. Very fascinating it was, basically everything will fall down

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4. Post-Aporkalyptic

Posted by Cargo Cult at 4:54AM, Sunday May 3 2009

Trust me to get the pun horribly wrong (now corrected with an invisible ninja-edit) - it must be my comeuppance for stealing it from the hallowed Charlie Brooker...

Anyway, the sudden Flickr-frenzy is partly to do with seeing some of my favourite photos languishing at around two views over twelve months. I'm *proud* of 'em, dammit, and I want people to see what I trudged through industrial waste to get!

Oh, and there's also the recent upgrade to Lightroom 2 to bear in mind. Photo library's currently at 25,411 photos. Must ... take ... more!

As for global decay - many years ago I read an article in New Scientist about what would happen to London should it be abandoned and left to nature. I need to find it again - it's affected my thinking ever since...

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5. So, once again we're all going to die.

Posted by chiasaur11 at 8:00AM, Sunday May 3 2009

Well, I couldn't hope for a better last human survivor than Foster.

If the victims reanimate, could you promise to quote Left 4 Dead over the corpses of your victims? I could rest easier knowing that.

Also, the London article sounds interesting. Could you post a link if it's online?

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6. Well...

Posted by Actaeon at 5:12PM, Sunday May 3 2009

...it's kind of scary, but it isn't exactly 28 Days Later either.

@chiasaur11: GRABBIN PEELZ

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7. Re: Post-Aporkalyptic

Posted by Sortie at 6:44PM, Sunday May 3 2009

Having browsed though all Adam's photos, I feel proud to being 50% of all viewers..

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8. Return to Paradise

Posted by Cargo Cult at 9:35PM, Sunday May 3 2009

Found the article in question:


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9. A bit off-topic here...

Posted by Actaeon at 10:35PM, Sunday May 3 2009

I always imagine stuff when I'm listening to music and recently I got the idea of actually executing those concepts. It concerned the song Just Like You Imagined, from Nine Inch Nails, which is part of the 300 soundtrack, and somehow I always associate it with MINERVA:metastasis.
I learned a lot about how to record movies in Source and stuff, but I'm having one crucial problem here.
It seems that whenever Metastasis is exported to the Episode 2 engine, which is necessary to get in into GMod 10, which is required since I use the advanced camera tools of it, that certain things start to behave very oddly. Most remarkable: the waves. I believe these are costum made by Adam, but somehow these screw up in Synergy, GMod, etc. They look like this. http://images41.fotosik.pl/25/c23d767935b831b6.jpg

So, I thought, I'd ask Adam and the Acolytes to see if they can come up with some ingenious and wonderful solution or bypass to this problem from the unfathomable depths of their intellect. It would be appreciated.

PS: That "London after man" thing reminds me of this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/After_Man:_A_Zoology_of_the_Future

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10. Re: A bit off-topic here...

Posted by Sortie at 10:43PM, Sunday May 3 2009

Looks like you miss a shader or something, or some content are missing, or the syntax required for that shader has changed. Try make sure you are using Adam's content, if you are, try include the Ep1 content for that wave (or CS:S can't remember) and see if that works.

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11. flickr

Posted by Omega at 12:46AM, Monday May 4 2009

And that makes me the other 50%! YAY. One can only hope he's browsed through mine.

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12. Waves

Posted by fuzz at 11:49AM, Monday May 4 2009

I had that exact same problem trying to play M:M using the Ep2 engine, all I can find in the forum is this thread:

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13. A cold does NOT make you immune to the flu

Posted by LocoYokel at 6:07AM, Tuesday May 5 2009

They are completely different viruses.

Not even having a flu will make you immune to the next one that comes around. And the scariest thing about the H1N1 is that it is a variant that is completely new. No past exposure to any type confers even a partial resistance as is the usual case. This is why it is spreading so quickly and why all the health organizations are scared spitless.

That said it is just a flu that hits a little quicker and is spreading more easily. All the normal things, rest, fluids, etc are just as valid and it looks to be tapering off.

More people die in the US from a common flu every year (~1300 or so) than have even CAUGHT this yet.

Please don't spread the hype and panic.

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14. Ah, but you forget

Posted by chiasaur11 at 8:06AM, Tuesday May 5 2009

He's immune to this flu, which obviously will wipe out mankind, preventing any new flus for humans from forming.

Thus, he's now immune to every flu ever.

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15. PANIC!

Posted by Pace at 7:13PM, Tuesday May 5 2009

loco; I think it's conceivable you're taking what Adam said a smidgen too seriously. (speaking of puns, is this all parm's fault somehow? Has he been having intimate relations with a Mexican pig? Is he a Mexican pig?)

(oh, and if you're going to go around 'correcting' others, you may want to at least get your figures right. http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/04/28/regular.flu/index.html ).

locworks; someone really needs to go check on the dolphins.

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16. ... and I feel fine!

Posted by Kaith at 5:25AM, Thursday May 7 2009

It's the end of the world as we know it-
It's the end of the world as we know it-
It's the end of the world as we know it-
And I feel fine!

Sorry, maybe I've been listening to too much R.E.M. inspired Great Big Sea songs for my own good.

Oh and hey, it's good to be back again. ;)

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17. Pace,

Posted by LocoYokel at 7:04AM, Thursday May 7 2009

You are correct, I had my numbers on annual deaths from the flu in the US wrong. At least according to that article. I must have mixed up the deaths to date with total annual.

However the much higher number of deaths annually, on the order of 3X, makes my point even stronger. Many people die of the flu every year and while this variant has potential to cause problems it is not armageddon and can be contained and treated mostly like any regular flu with extra precautions due to it being more aggressive.

Last I read it still appears to be tapering off in Mexico and they are starting to open things back up, with precautions.

Quote from the article

Seeking to put the swine flu outbreak in perspective Tuesday, Los Angeles County public health officer Dr. Jonathan Fielding echoed other public officials calling it "cause for concern, but not for alarm."


"So it would also not be surprising if there were deaths with swine flu -- even if it had the pattern of seasonal flu," he said. "Thus far, the pattern we see in the United States is very similar to that of seasonal flu -- relatively mild to moderate cases."

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18. Death count pedagogy

Posted by Pace at 7:43PM, Thursday May 7 2009

Ah, so you meant 13000, not 1300? I guess that would've been close enough not to complain about. And I just meant that the tone of this post is generally, um, ironic? satirical? something like that. (I don't think anyone's genuine reaction to armageddon (again, parmageddon?) would be 'woohoo, now I can go take some pictures.') (nor does he need pointed out that flus and colds are different viruses.) Speaking of,

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19. If Pigs Can Fly, Then Pigs Must Die!!!

Posted by Baffled at 1:15AM, Friday May 8 2009

If Swine Flu is an airborne virus, we got us some flying pigs to shoot, boys:


Click PLAY to save the world.

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20. this just in, best treatment for swine flu is plenty of oinkment.

Posted by Pace at 5:08AM, Friday May 8 2009

Man Baffled, those swine flu right past me.

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21. Holy hell

Posted by Actaeon at 10:48PM, Friday May 8 2009

I've never seen so many bad puns in one place. This is how the world ends? Flooded with disease and bad puns?

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22. 2 Sick - State Orders 32 Million Face Masks

Posted by LuaPineapple at 9:31PM, Tuesday May 12 2009

Hummmm..... 2 sick..... 32 million face masks.. 2 sick..... Hummmm... I guess either they must know something I don't or they're morons.

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