MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Radiator and PIES -

The humble radiator. It's watching you. Wherever you are, it is there - watching, waiting. For PIES.

So now that you know, perhaps it's time to investigate an entirely new mod for Half-Life 2, entitled Radiator. It has a manifesto.

And it has a mirror. And possibly a plan!

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boff's gravatar

1. nice pics, oh and btw, e3

Posted by boff at 11:59AM, Tuesday June 9 2009

dude, give Gabe a nudge to state something about ep3. Fanbase just went nuts.....Boy I'd love to see that monday's meeting :)

Sonokamome's gravatar

2. Intersting movement

Posted by Sonokamome at 7:54PM, Tuesday June 9 2009

At first the concern was reworking gaming engines now it's that and then some that are working with whatever engine and building games to make a message.

Pretty powerful mediums indeed.

Heh...kind of like the "punk rock" of games in that it's fast, short, and to the point (kind of).

Evan's gravatar

3. Radiator Issues

Posted by Evan at 8:09PM, Tuesday June 9 2009

I cannot get Radiator to show up on Steam. I've tried installing it and restarting Steam, and even restarted my computer, and it will not appear. The file folder itself does appear where it is meant to, but that is all.

Seventh Raven's gravatar

4. Do they at least have good dental?

Posted by Seventh Raven at 11:48PM, Tuesday June 9 2009

Good Lord, I hope that's not your new apartment! I had no idea the compensation packages at Valve were so lackluster.

Kaith's gravatar

5. Fascinating

Posted by Kaith at 5:50AM, Wednesday June 10 2009

Definitely a nice change from your typical First-Person Shooter madness. It was nice to just read the narrative and stare at the stars. Who knew that stargazing could actually be a succesful concept to build a mod on. All in all, a nice way to spend 20 minutes.

fuzz's gravatar

6. OpF

Posted by fuzz at 6:44PM, Tuesday June 16 2009

Radiator reminded me of a mission in Operation Flashpoint where you were shot down in enemy territory with nothing more than a flare gun and a note showing you how to find polaris.
You then had to navigate by the stars until you could be picked up by friendly forces, kinda dull compared to shooty shooty bang, but incredibly nerve-racking as you were essentially unarmed.

I suspect I shall now always be able to find Orion and Polaris because of this game.

JohnRawls's gravatar

7. Valve People

Posted by JohnRawls at 6:15PM, Sunday June 21 2009

With this and Dear Esther, there's a veritable glut of non-shooty HL2 mods!

Also, Adam, why don't you have a profile at http://www.valvesoftware.com/people.html ...?

chiasaur11's gravatar

8. There's a good reason for that

Posted by chiasaur11 at 5:49AM, Monday June 22 2009

He did that to avoid firing sprees.

Recent events showed just how wise that was.

Pace's gravatar

9. New Mod

Posted by Pace at 7:14PM, Monday July 6 2009

There's a very impressive new episodic single player mod out, called 'Mission Improbable.'
It looks like the guy is a professional level designer, and it really shows. Go play!

dude's gravatar

10. missions improbable

Posted by dude at 11:43PM, Monday July 6 2009

great stuff, very nice map, i enjoyed playing it, lots of nice combat. got stuck in the lift at the top of the lighthouse though, i was in the lift when the lighthouse tilted and couldn't get out so had to reload.

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