MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Look, MINERVA's on telly! -

First I heard was a comment on ModDB. Some basic fact-checking would also have been nice... ;-)

In other mod-news, Radiator, now there is two of it. And another mirror is up, unsurprisingly. Mission Improbable is also rather lovely. Enjoy!

Edit 2009-07-16: Run, do not walk, to play Research and Development. I'm only one map in so far, and it's decidedly impressive.

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1. Fact-checking?

Posted by locworks at 11:11AM, Wednesday July 15 2009

It's like "work," isn't it? :-)

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2. Facts? Obviously it's the facts who are in the wrong here.

Posted by chiasaur11 at 1:39AM, Thursday July 16 2009

New, eh?

Wow. Either G-4 messed up, or Adam Foster used some kind of dark time travel wizardry.

I'm kind of leaning towards option "B".

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3. Even More Fact-Checking Confusion

Posted by Pattom at 3:48AM, Thursday July 16 2009

What gets me more than Minerva is the fact that they included DayHard on the list. I played that quite a while ago and enjoyed it, but I'm almost certain it doesn't work anymore. It was broken by an update to the Source engine years ago, and the dev team never released a patch for it.

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4. Pfffft.

Posted by Campaignjunkie at 9:43AM, Thursday July 16 2009

Only Adam Foster would complain about being on TV... granted, when they spit out gems like "the level design is conducive to gameplay" it made me vomit a little - but hey, it's G4, they're not paid to fact-check or to research.

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5. meta-stasis? Is that even a word? ... Handle with Care actually

Posted by Pace at 5:14PM, Thursday July 16 2009

I really enjoyed Handle with Care Mr. Junkie. I'm trying to think of something intelligent to say about it, but I think it's far too creative for little old left brained me to know what to do with. I honestly have nothing to compare it with, no basis for judgment. I think that's a good thing. (reminds me of the time I read "The Metamorphosis" in school. When I finished it I was quite sure there was something intelligent to be said about it, I just wasn't the one to do it.)
I can't help but wonder, given the nature of these scenarios, why the character we're playing as is (if I understand correctly) a girl in the first part, and a gay guy in the second. (that is, why is this person I'm on a date/relationship with a guy?) Seems to make it harder for the typical gamer to identify with the part. For some reason it didn't bother me as much in the second part, but I really felt disconnected from the character in the first. (the fact that she was annoying didn't help.)

Oh, and Mr. Foster; get a TV already! Scrubs reruns are all the justification you need.

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6. Research and Development

Posted by Cargo Cult at 6:52AM, Friday July 17 2009

Go play it.


(Peculiarly, the mod team, or perhaps mod person, appears to have concentrated on making a mod, rather than publicising a possible future mod. Oh, if more people would do this...)

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7. R&D

Posted by dishwasherlove at 3:44PM, Saturday July 18 2009

R&D is the bastard child of Portal and HL2:E2. And I'm madly in love with it.

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8. R&D

Posted by fuzz at 2:11PM, Friday July 31 2009

Bits of R&D made me make funny noises in delight at the things your get to play with.
A few bits could have done with trimming (eg shooting anything down with mines is a PITA), but it's still somewhere in my top 5 HL2 mods EVAR

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9. Minerva

Posted by Delete_Me at 11:11PM, Tuesday August 4 2009

Hey, first off- congrats on getting into the biz. I know I'm a little/lot late, but I just got back around to it all. I have to say that after playing Minerva the entire way through, it's been a blast watching things mature, yet stay oddly similar to the good ol' Someplace Else in PQL. Best of luck in the future and I look forward to seeing if I can place your impact on Ep.3!


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10. Recent developments of "What's in the Box?"

Posted by pox at 5:31AM, Tuesday August 11 2009

This blog has been bereft of titillating speculation and story for far too long for my taste, so I present you with the following:

I recently visited the website of the viral video "What's in the Box?", a live action short film using soundtracks from both the Half-Life series and The show "Lost". It is possible to watch the video from the site, but requires a "magic word" to otherwise delve deeper. I have found that password.


which redirected me to this video:


TL;DR version= found a video, looks cool, explanations?

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11. Re: Recent developments of "What's in the Box?"

Posted by Sortie at 3:07PM, Tuesday August 11 2009

Wow, new footage from What's in the box. That's pretty cool. Any links to places where they discuss this stuff?

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12. box

Posted by Omega at 11:20PM, Tuesday August 11 2009

That footage is almost 4 months old.

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13. Great...

Posted by Anschluss at 6:59AM, Wednesday August 12 2009

Is there any particular reason they decided to make that video play like crap? Is there anywhere I can view it where it will play like a video, not a slide show?

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