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Red Star in Orbit

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Convinced that Horizon, the BBC's flagship science series, is these days is a pale shadow of its former self - I went Googling for a particular set of episodes I remembered as being utterly brilliant.

Would Red Star in Orbit, which captivated a ten-year-old version of myself so many years ago, stand up today?

Good news, it's still utterly brilliant. First episode here!

I've also ... mysteriously acquired the other two episodes, and they're even better. And it's strange how much I remembered of television programmes I watched just once, almost twenty years ago...

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chiasaur11's gravatar

1. Looks worth watching.

Posted by chiasaur11 at 11:52PM, Tuesday November 24 2009

I'll need to see that sometime. Having the good luck to dodge the apparently shoddy modern stuff just increases the obligation to watch the good stuff, I suppose.

Besides, it might give hints as to future plot developments in Out of Time.

Nightshade's gravatar

2. Excellent

Posted by Nightshade at 10:41AM, Monday November 30 2009

I learned a lot - thank you for this blog post, I have a new series to enthrall myself with.

Also, please excuse the constant references to MINERVA, but I do feel chiasaur11 may be right... Chief Designer sounds very much like our elusive friend.

fitzroydoll's gravatar

3. couldn't agree more

Posted by fitzroydoll at 4:17PM, Tuesday December 1 2009

This is true. All science reporting today is made up of four characters: mavericks, villains, victims and freaks. Horizon used to be the exception, now it's the rule.

Pyro's gravatar

4. Agreed

Posted by Pyro at 1:05AM, Thursday December 3 2009

I know.
Most new movies and shows these days are either remakes, sequels, or bad attempts at remaking popular genres.

Oh, Hello, by the way.

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