MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2


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1. Cover

Posted by ZeDestructor at 9:19AM, Sunday March 7 2010

Nice, and I sense your hand in all these "updates" to Portal :P

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2. Ah, just as we thought

Posted by 13xforever at 9:52AM, Sunday March 7 2010

First thing I thought after seeing those cryptic update notes, was to check out this site.

Just like <a href="http://www.hylobatidae.org/twit/?action=twitlist&username=chiasaur11">chiasaur11</a>

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3. About that Game Informer reveal...

Posted by vanarbulax at 11:01AM, Sunday March 7 2010

Thanks to the magic (or deviousness) of the internet the portal 2 article has been circulating around the forums. Sounds throughly awesome and just gives you a sense of how prototype-like the original portal really was.

And a bloody good ARG, I wasn't smart enough to figure out much myself but it was engrossing watching it unfold. Can we be sure it's really over? :)

Also the ability of the human eye to construct detail from so little information amazes me, the mock-ups of some of the ASCII pictures were almost spot-on. Apart from the Diversity Vent being outside.

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4. I knew you were behind this!

Posted by Karma Police at 8:45PM, Sunday March 7 2010

Can't wait. I <3 Minerva, and knowing you have a hand in Portal 2 makes me even more excited.

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5. Oh man oh man oh man...

Posted by chiasaur11 at 9:07PM, Sunday March 7 2010

The preview promises so much Portally joy.

Foster mapping (right?), Pinkerton added to the writing staff...

It almost makes up for the lack of Episode 3.

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6. Forward-Looking

Posted by NoGo Here at 4:15AM, Saturday March 13 2010

The Portal series presents itself as being...rather silly. I do hope that this sequel will continue to give that impression while hinting at the dark connections with the Half-Life series. A comedy with dark intrigue-relief.

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7. Re: Forward-Looking

Posted by Pyro at 7:13PM, Saturday March 13 2010

It's already been said that they won't expand on the Half-Life connection.

The main reason for the original Portal being set in the Half-Life universe is because the Dev team was very small, and they had to reuse Half-Life 2's assets instead of creating entirely new ones.

More on this Here:

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8. BBS

Posted by Mikel_S at 11:26PM, Saturday March 13 2010

Anybody here follow the ARG to the point of the BBS? I did, and unfortunately couldn't manage to find any software to allow me to connect, so I was stuck there. Just in case I wanted to look into some other old BBS stuff later, does anybody know how I would go about that?

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9. BBS stuff

Posted by chiasaur11 at 12:10AM, Sunday March 14 2010

Get an old dial-up modem.

I know.

It's awesome, Fosterish, and frustrating all in one.

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10. BBS - dial up modem

Posted by LocoYokel at 7:34PM, Sunday March 14 2010

No phone line.

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11. Many cell phones can dial up

Posted by fred at 3:43PM, Tuesday March 16 2010

Try a GSM cell phone. Many will show up as a serial modem device when connected to a PC, or will have a Bluetooth DUN (Dial-Up Networking) profile that will look like a modem when paired. It'll let you fire up a terminal program (Hyperterminal for Win, minicom in *nix) and dial the BBS.

Man, makes me want to try it for old times' sake. Haven't dialed a BBS in 15+ years.

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12. wait a sec...

Posted by Pace at 6:10PM, Friday March 19 2010

What about ep. 3? Ga. Ga! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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13. Ep 3?

Posted by chiasaur11 at 4:16AM, Saturday March 20 2010

Wait for E3, I suppose.

Well, that and hope.

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14. Sorry to ask something this stupid

Posted by chiasaur11 at 12:42AM, Sunday March 21 2010

But I think I might be going mad.

In Minerva, was there ever a magnum before the guard tower?

Because I have some very solid feeling memories of picking up the magnum from one of the little round outcroppings with the boxes, but every video I see, and every time I've booted up since, the magnum is first found in the guard tower.

So, yeah. Confused.

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15. Magnum

Posted by Mikel_S at 1:44AM, Sunday March 21 2010

Yes, there is a magnum on top of a crate on the circular outpost with the turret, just BEFORE the sea arch.

Er, actually, maybe it was on the pillar right after the sunken boat... Either way, you get it before the sea arch. I guess if you break the crate, the gun might fall into the ocean or out of reach, so that might be what's happening.

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16. Good. I'm not mad.

Posted by chiasaur11 at 7:13AM, Sunday March 21 2010

On that count, at least.


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