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Black Mesa, New Mexico

Wednesday 10th July 1974

Re: Experiment 82-3543 Apparatus Malfunction


In response to the catastrophic failure involving the research conducted at the Experimental Technologies Facility, I must draw attention to a potential security breach. An operative in the Public Relations office reports being questioned by an employee of the National Seismic Monitoring Center regarding an unusual seismic event determined to have taken place in the Facility on the 13th June.

Considering the sensitivity of the research taking place, and the recent failure, I would recommend a temporary halt to the program while safeguards can be put in place, both to prevent security incidents and reduce the risk of further personnel casualties. It is imperative that the existence of the transportation technologies in question do not become known to third parties, and that full security must be maintained, regardless of the cost. I have assigned Lieutenant M. Weinberg to oversee the security review, and assure you that no further breaches, however small, will occur.




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