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Mod "5": trigger_weapon_dissolve
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Author:  Kenny [ Thu Feb 21, 2008 5:26 am ]
Post subject:  Mod "5": trigger_weapon_dissolve

I'm currently working on a map for my "mysterious mod" (that I will now reveal as "5") and have run into a major technical hurdle. I'm currently attempting to get the "trigger_weapon_dissolve" entity to work. What I'm trying to do with it is parent it to an npc such as a metrocop, such that when the npc dies, the weapon stripper will fry his weapon shortly afterward or when the player gets in proximity (a trigger_once), and shortly afterward the corpse left behind will burst into flames (scouts in question having killswitches to prevent the player from using their weapons or armor, or so the story would explain). I have the input/outputs hooked up correctly (supposedly), since the sound effects for the frying event proper are playing correctly, but the dissolve isn't working at all. I can still pick up the pistols left behind, they don't fry!

Does Adam or locworks or anyone else here who maps know how trigger_weapon_dissolve works and can you help me?

I/O set:

cop1 - npc_metropolice

OnDeath - cop1_killswitch_zone - Enable

cop1_killswitch_zone - trigger_once

OnTrigger - cop1_killswitch1 - Enable
OnTrigger - cop1_killswitch_gundissolvenoise - PlaySound

cop1_killswitch1 - trigger_weapon_dissolve
OnDissolveWeapon - cop1_killswitch_suitflamewarmup - PlaySound -delay 1.20sec
OnDissolveWeapon - cop1 - Ignite - delay 2.00sec

cop1_killswitch_gundissolvenoise - ambient_generic

cop1_killswitch_suitflamewarmup - ambient_generic

(I know this is possible, since in the citadel levels of Half Life 2, Combine soldiers killed there wouldn't drop weapons, the weapons would fry instead. But was it a parented trigger or a level state?)

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