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 Post subject: Rules of engagement
PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 11:31 pm 
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Welcome to the Minerva forum. We are happy to see you join a growing group of decent folk who chose to spend some of their time to discuss Adam Foster's creations and related topics. Please do take some time to acquaint yourself with the rules below.

If you do not have the time to read the rules or if you have read them, but think that they should not apply to you, because you are too cool or because other forums have different rules, feel free to ignore them. Prepare, however, for the boring consequences of your ignorance or indifference.

1. Courtesy and respect are required. Flaming, trolling and spamming will not be tolerated in any form. If you feel like writing the words "stupid", "noob" or other similar terms in your post, think twice. Many forums will cater for your need to insult your fellow man and woman. This one will not.
Threats of bodily harm towards any living person will see you banned immediately.

2. If you have an issue with a post by another acolyte, send a private message to the active moderator. The dirty laundry will be washed away from the public eye.

2bis. If you have an issue with a moderator's actions, send a private message to the moderator in question, to another moderator or to the site's founder. Public queries, arguments or discussions in reaction to moderation activities are not an option.

3. A genuine effort to use proper spelling and adequate grammar is required. This includes basic punctuation. For more information, see the many resources available on-line and off-line.
Note: Some browsers have spell-checking functions. Use them. See for instance the spell-checking dictionary for Firefox.

4. Common errors consist in:
    - shouting (writing in uppercase letters or "all caps");
    - forgetting to capitalize the first letter of each sentence;
    - omitting the full stop at the end of sentences;
    - dropping the apostrophes in contractions (can't, won't, etc.).
    - writing i instead of I

4bis. We are aware that many forums tolerate careless writing. This one does not. Unless of course you are James Joyce, your streams of consciousness require processing before being posted on this forum.

5. Signatures may have a maximum of four lines of text or a discrete image.

5bis. Excessive SMS style is frowned upon.

5ter. Random clean-up operations will be performed. Some deficient posts will be proofed, others will be made tiny, while their author will be encouraged to get acquainted with the present guidelines and to clean up the mess in his or her post. Repeat offenders will see their posts deleted and themselves banned.

6. Refrain from creating duplicate topics or topics with vague or meaningless titles. Such titles and posts will be edited without mercy.

7. If you would like to post a mod-related help request, please see this thread: Tips and hints (and SPOILERS).
Help requests may only be posted in the Pestilence subforum.

8. If you would like to report a bug, please see this thread: Technical queries and fixes. Make sure to read the check list first. Bug reports may only be posted in the Pestilence subforum.
Note: There is no such thing as a "standalone" version of Half Life 2. Asking how to install and play MINERVA with a pirated copy of HL2 results in an immediate ban. If you can't spare a few quid to pay for your copy, you have no business on this forum.

8bis. Threads which fail to comply with the points 7 and 8 above will be moved.

8ter. Posts which fail to comply with points 7 and 8 above will be deleted and the poster encouraged to repost his or query in the correct subforum.

9. Sanctions range from warnings of various levels of intensity to outright bans. Heed the former to avoid the latter.

10. We will be happy to clarify any of the above. Send us a private message if you require any clarifications.



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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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