Someplace Else - a single-player Half-Life map by Adam Foster

Someplace Else


Now updated for full Steam compatibility, Someplace Else is my first released map - single-player Half-Life, with no crates, no soldiers, no air ducts, and a Xen setting. Aren't you just dying to play it?

A stand-alone map with a story? Pay attention - things are more complex than they might first appear. Intrigue, subterfuge, and mystery predominate. An ancient machine tainted with human technology, guarded by a vicious pack of Nihilanthi aliens. There are few answers, but many questions. Will they ever be resolved?

With a plot which links in to MINERVA for Half-Life 2, Someplace Else is possibly one of the stranger single-player Half-Life maps around. You'll never look at Xen in quite the same way again...


Makes extensive use of Shaderlab's Majestic textures, as well as some mangled together by myself.

Thanks to everyone on the Project Quantum Leap team, particularly Unquenque and loc for detailed reports on the beta. Oh, and Ken Banks, and Natural Selection forum-goers for positive comments regarding screenshots. And more recently, Peter Schauer for help with Steam splash-screens!

Also, thanks to all the people who've emailed me or talked to me on IRC, thanking me for what I've built. It's a pleasure, and you make it all worthwhile.


  • Ten Four Maps gave it their prestigious Gold Award!
  • The now-defunct CreepsWorld SvenCo-Op gave it 90%, and it's a site which didn't normally do single-player reviews. Thanks!
  • Alejandro's Mapping Centre definitely liked it, giving it 93%.


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