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Welome to minerva!!!

hi i'm giGaDeTh2000[h4x] and im making an awsome mod for hl2. its goign to have loadz f guns (20 more tham Countar==tsrike, whch is teh SHIT) and new worlds and everuting! were lookiung for more modeelars (my freind jimmy's making sme awsome weaons models!), textur artists, five programmars (im learning visual basic tho) animators, music peopl, beta testers, anothar website designre and so on. its goign to be awseom!!!!

the story

its 2020 and teh earth has been ovarrun by teh COMBINE (liek in HL2<) but yuo(a mersenary whu escapde teh combine and was turnd into a zombi but survivd) and the supar-baeb MINERVA will fight back, chwe bubbalgum and KICK ASSS! weve got loads of plot stuff to post, and wnat to get yuor ideas (WE WILL NOT IGNOER ANY!!!!) so psot in teh forum plz!

P:S: teh mod will be 5,00 maps long, adn will be awsom!!!1

--== media==0--

am still waiting for jimmy to fix his computar aftr his hard dsk crashed (he neds to refornat) btu hes a real 3d artst and is AWSOME with 3d studeo (he downloaded it wiv shittorrant ad sez he cought a virus HA HA HAHA!!!), but well be posting loads of weapnso rendars when he hets it working again. jimmy sez hes neraly don with the AK47, which is AWSOME! and uessd by territst what yuo will be fihgring witg!!!!1

cnontact us!!!

PLS SEND JOB APLICNATIONS TO US AS SOON AS POSIBLE, BEFOR WE GET HIRARD BY VALBE OR SOMTHING! (except vavlv ar rubbish coz thy kep misgng deadlines!)




nothign yet but offisial releas will be 26 June 2006! WE PROMIS!

D0wl0de fr33 g4m3z
wanna play teh laetest gamez withaut $$$$???
wiv new ShitTorrant tehcnolagy, yuo can!!!
v1ruses, tr0jans, k3yl0ggers guraranteed!!!1
bankutrpt teh devealopars with pir4cay!!!
Laboratory specimens required
Humans augmented by Combine regime sought for
new lines of investigation. Travel the world,
meet interesting new zombies and kill them!
(Assuming you survive long enough...)
Scientific plagiarism
Need research results? Don't wish to spend time
on pesky simulations or novel ideas? Easy! Log in on
terminal TTY-S117, username 'ahauschild', password
'medusa216' and help yourself!
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