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Welcome to ModMatic! -

ModMatic - where we believe that the only true form of gaming is single-player, with none of this multiplayer nonsense. Escapism, storylines, and new worlds to explore, all thanks to the ever-inventive modders and mappers using Half-Life 2 to bring life to their creations.

We may even veer off into other games too, so if there's something we like for the original Half-Life, or Portal, or any other game we admire, then don't be surprised to see it appear on here.

We like games. More importantly, we like released games - so we'd far rather post a news article about a single, completed map than an update on a massive, still-unfinished modification. Games like Doom, Quake and Marathon all had huge single-player mapping communities, so why can't Half-Life 2? It's definitely possible - but without it, we gamers are missing out.

So whatever happens, we hope to enjoy it. And that you can too!

This system is running the same, peculiarly home-grown software as the MINERVA blog, albeit with a completely different database. If you see any favourable reviews of that particular mod on here, do get very suspicious as it's almost certainly an insider job. In fact, we'll try not to mention the M-word at all, since the purpose of ModMatic is to publicise, celebrate and enjoy everything else released for our favourite games. It's no competition - and we're looking forwards to seeing what comes from this project. If you're interested in writing for us, let us know!

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1. Celebrations

Posted by Kast at 12:29PM, Saturday December 8 2007

Yay! *Smacks ModMatic with a bottle of cheap champers* More tasty gaming news.

Best of luck with this.

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2. Deja vu

Posted by Theory at 2:58PM, Saturday December 8 2007

I think I'm seeing <a href=">a touch of ModDBv2</a> in this site design...

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3. *Happy Dance*

Posted by Al at 9:15PM, Saturday December 8 2007

"In fact, we'll try not to mention the M-word at all, since the purpose of ModMatic is to publicise, celebrate and enjoy everything else released for our favourite games."

We <3 Cargo Cult, one of the most benevolent, talented modders out there! Seriously, a boon to the hyper-critical HL2 mod community.

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4. Co-op Portal - Help Wanted

Posted by andrewdoull at 2:27AM, Sunday December 9 2007

Hey there. Thought I'd jump in early with a help wanted request for a Co-op Portal mod. I describe the initial idea at my blog as a multi-player game with Portal's sensibilities: think of it as a cross between Sven Co-op, Cube (the movie) and Paranoia.

You and five others have to navigate a death-trap filled map using your wits, mad skillz and the bodies of your colleagues to weigh down buttons. It's important to note there is no portals - this way the game can be implemented in the Half-Life 2: Death Match engine with no new assets (everything from Portal).

I have a complete 1 map design. There is only a requirement for map design and simple scripting, as far as I can tell. Anyone interested? I will be continuing to work on it myself in the mean time, but a competent mapper will speed the process up immeasurably.

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5. Reads top of page

Posted by andrewdoull at 2:32AM, Sunday December 9 2007

Ah. Single player. I'll take my help wanted elsewhere then...

(Looks sheepish. Backs away slowly...)

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6. Liek hai. Seriously.

Posted by Sortie at 10:18PM, Sunday December 9 2007

"Welcome to ModMatic! - posted by Trurl on Friday December 7 2007"
Clever renames, eh. The site design is good but the content lacks as mentioned. Maybe this is the place to post my newer Demo 4 once it's out the 3rd, but looking back at what happened when I showed Demo 3 to that cargo guy, it's probably not. That Adam Foster guy shouldn't let Cargo_Cult have taken over both his website and steam group chats.

Kidding aside. Any upcoming content / eventually wikipedian content system where anyone can add content like he wants to, or a system where everyone can submit but *is* moderated?

Campaignjunkie's gravatar

7. So...

Posted by Campaignjunkie at 10:20PM, Sunday December 9 2007

... given the current HL2 SP scene, I suppose we can expect to see some posts in a year or two, eh?

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8. Cast-iron rules

Posted by Trurl at 11:40PM, Sunday December 9 2007

Co-op's okay, most likely - it's more the endless virtual murdering of our fellow men that ModMatic steers away from.

As for submitting maps and things, right now send details to the massively redistributed address, which should forward the information on to our vast* team of writers**.

(Campaignjunkie: it's a marginally busier scene than Ten Four makes out, at any rate. Want to write for us too?)

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9. Want a wiki? Use the VDC!

Posted by Klapaucjusz at 12:27AM, Monday December 10 2007

Campaignjunkie's gravatar

10. Low blow, Mr. Foster...

Posted by Campaignjunkie at 3:45AM, Monday December 10 2007

... Oh, I can't stay mad at you! Sure, I'll write if you'll have me!

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11. names

Posted by Kelvin at 4:13AM, Monday December 10 2007

I thought this was an 'unsexiest sounding new username' contest until I caught the theme. Is mine perhaps then too presumptuous? (Or am I just a sorry hanger-on?)

Nesretep's gravatar

12. Re: Names

Posted by Nesretep at 4:40PM, Monday December 10 2007

What's with the different names, locworks and Adam? If I didn't recognize your avatars I would have no idea who you were. :P

Trurl's gravatar

13. Different for Emphasis

Posted by Trurl at 4:51PM, Monday December 10 2007

I *was* pondering everyone having to write under a pseudonym, and with references to identities carefully removed - but it's all blatantly obvious already even without the avatars as a final clue.

I think it's primarily to hint that this isn't about MINERVA - it's about *everything else*. Or something.

(Do note that I still haven't really thought any of this through! It's an experiment, and my investment so far has been a couple of hours mucking around with different templates for the blog-beast. The ultimate success would be a renaissance in single-player mapping for HL2 - unlikely, but we can live in hope...)

Nesretep's gravatar

14. I question for "Trurl" or whatever in the heck Adam calls himself these days :)

Posted by Nesretep at 5:54PM, Monday December 10 2007

Now is ModMatic for released projects only or for discussion of upcoming HL2 SP mods too?

Nesretep's gravatar

15. oops

Posted by Nesretep at 6:09PM, Monday December 10 2007

Nevermind... *feeling sheepish*

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16. I have an opinion for that guy asking so many damn questions.

Posted by Sortie at 6:42PM, Monday December 10 2007

"we like released games". If the upcoming mod is having some kind of alpha demo available then it counts as released. It IS possible to make some sort of semipublic demo of a SinglePlayer mod and not spoil everyones play.

Hmm. Black Mesa: [Source] could very well just make a playable portion of their game and release it every few months, and then get feedback. People already played the game! ^^ ;P
And it would really undermine the concepts of their intern leaks, cause' what's the point of hacking their project if people already can play it?

Well. It worked for me.

Nesretep's gravatar

17. Re: Sortie and his 'tude

Posted by Nesretep at 7:37PM, Monday December 10 2007

Everytime I read your posts you make me laugh. You remind me of me at times. Maybe it's the Danish blood in both of us... :)

Sortie's gravatar

18. Re: Re: Sortie and his 'tude

Posted by Sortie at 9:41PM, Monday December 10 2007

You're Danish too or remotely connected? Hang on I'll activate my survilance systems also known as Steam Community. Aha, last time you was online was 54 days ago, and you are still waiting for MINERVA: M3. (Sorry for mentioning the forbidden mod). United States? I guess you're an immigrant or something like that.

I'm yet to determine whether you're using ironi, sarcasm or just being serious.

Nesretep's gravatar

19. Re:Re:Re: Sortie and his 'tude

Posted by Nesretep at 4:21PM, Tuesday December 11 2007

Yes I would be a Dane by descent. As Sortie Holmes may have already deduced(sp?), my username is my last name (Petersen) backwards(*very* creative, I know). I was being serious about what I said. You do make me laugh at times because you remind me of me sometimes.

Trurl's gravatar

20. Re:Re:Re:Re: Sortie and his 'tude

Posted by Trurl at 6:25PM, Tuesday December 11 2007

You should see his email address. Even more imaginative!

Sortie's gravatar

21. Re^6: Usage of promons

Posted by Sortie at 4:22PM, Wednesday December 12 2007

Clever usage of the promomen 'his', you lead the reader to instant confusion about who you're talking about, whether it's my email or nesrepteps. Wait. Did you mention you follow random http refer addresses? Prepare for a massive DOS attack of queries manuelly sent, I dare you to click the DO NOT CLICK HERE links!

Nesretep's gravatar

22. Re:....well you know...

Posted by Nesretep at 6:27AM, Friday December 14 2007

@Sortie: He's referring to me, just trust me on this one. :)

@Adam, CargoCult, Trurl, or whatever: Who came up with the idea for your new nicknames, you or locworks? I noticed that they appear to both come from The Cyberiad. I have my guess, but I am curious.

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23. Any champagne left?

Posted by Crispy at 12:40PM, Saturday December 15 2007

Got here a bit late but I'm excited about seeing this work. I should have time enough to play Paranoia this weekend (no enforced overtime), so expect to see more a fairly long and reviewesque comment in the other article 'soon'.

Sortie's gravatar

24. Lots! And we got cookies too!

Posted by Sortie at 4:32PM, Saturday December 15 2007

Welcome. Welcome to ModMatic. It's reviewed here. See, now that it was been done ONCE it's not old. Do not ever do this again.

Oh. This site missed a huge wellwritten Terms Of Usage that strips all our rights and we have no choice but to accept. Eh. When is there any new content of the ModMatic?

Crispy's gravatar

25. Sortie = staff?

Posted by Crispy at 8:50PM, Saturday December 15 2007

Meh I'll just link to a review if it can't be posted in the Paranoia thread.

P.S. I don't buy into the anonymous stuff. My personal circumstances don't see any call for it.

Klapaucjusz's gravatar

26. Sortie =!staff

Posted by Klapaucjusz at 9:22PM, Saturday December 15 2007

Crispy, you are most welcome to post your impressions on Paranoia in the relevant thread.
What's been done once can be done again.
The terms of usage, if any, are decency and respect. The odds of us pulling a STICK TO DRAWING COMICS, MONKEY-BRAIN! blog-to-book operation are nil.

drschelter's gravatar

27. single player possibilities...

Posted by drschelter at 7:41AM, Thursday December 20 2007

I agree with the modmatic mentality....there are many possibilities yet to be explored in the single player arena...places where most big companies are too scared to go, due to the risk.

I also believe that *episodic* single-player gaming is the future of entertainment. Well, the single-player side of entertainment, anyhow....

Crispy's gravatar

28. Like Half-Life: Short Stories

Posted by Crispy at 12:46PM, Thursday December 20 2007

These guys are looking for help...

Sortie's gravatar

29. Ah the Au-Heppa Mod. :D

Posted by Sortie at 11:11PM, Thursday December 20 2007

Remember seeing that video, Heppa showed me it. It looks pretty promising. :D

Sortie's gravatar

30. AT4.

Posted by Sortie at 2:23PM, Sunday December 23 2007

I recall this place likes released mods. So, would any of you guys like to give me response to my newly released demo? It's around 30 minutes of gameplay, not really counting puzzles.

Download here:

For more information head here:

Trurl's gravatar

31. Argh...

Posted by Trurl at 4:00PM, Monday December 24 2007

My main Steam installation is about 400 miles away, along with the disk containing my secondary Steam installation - my suitcase was ridiculously over-packed, and my laptop bag mainly contained gloriously stinky cheese being imported back into the culinary wasteland that is the UK...

So, no playtesting for now. But there are a bunch of in-progress articles here on ModMatic, hidden away from public sight - expect 'em to be completed at some vague point in the future!

Sortie's gravatar

32. Excuse? Steam!

Posted by Sortie at 5:38PM, Monday December 24 2007

The 'I forgot my CD and PC somewhere else' excuse doesn't really work well after we got Steam. The 'I forgot my primary Steam installation and my secondary Steam installation somewhere else' excuse is better but still pretty bad, as I recommend downloading a third. :P

I still say the 'My laptop bag turned out to contain cheese' is the best excuse I've heard so far, if any.


Maybe I should start working on that automatic-mod-updater-software and automatic-mod-statistic-gather-software I've thought about. Either that or some amusing php.


Nesretep's gravatar

33. Looks interesting...

Posted by Nesretep at 5:50PM, Monday December 24 2007

@Sortie: I'll see if I can d/l it and get back to you on my thoughts. Only problem is my dialup connection takes a while and it's a bit busy being Christmas and all...

Happy Christmas everyone!

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