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MBWPG: Punch the bidet! -

The first victim of the ModMatic Beta Watch Press Gang is Project: Secret Weapon by a certain Степаненко Дмитрий, who has allowed us to punch bidets with our bare hands and get machine guns in return. If that's not reason enough to give this mod a lash, I don't know what is!

  • It's like the telly in the 50s: tap ALT for the Black-and-White-Visiorama
  • Eyesore: HDR is a killer in indoor areas.
  • Evil eye: iconoclasts are in for a surprise.
  • Eye in the sky: fly that funky stalker-cage chopper.
  • Bloodshot: a certain secondary fire is lethal.
  • Cotton-eye Ivan: most in-game texts appear as place holders, the html tasks are in ANSI encoded cyrillic
  • Wink-wink: it's mad and fun and buggy and nicely tactical in some areas and doesn't take itself too seriously. Plus we're certain we've seen most of the models elsewhere...
  • Punchline: drop everything and punch the bidet!

Download the Beta!

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Campaignjunkie's gravatar

1. Fists o' fury!

Posted by Campaignjunkie at 12:38AM, Sunday January 6 2008

I think the punching weapon is from SMOD or whatever it's called... After all, it's not theft if you're not caught, right?

Sortie's gravatar

2. Promising! Wait COMBINES?

Posted by Sortie at 4:41PM, Sunday January 6 2008

The first screenshot really looks awesome, and the huge amounts of sheety foliage is impressive. I'm sure to try this out later!

It almost looked like some sort of STALKER alike game or something realistic, until I spotted that damn Combine. Well I had the hopes. :P
Too bad the screenshots are in a really high resolution, but the image quality isn't. (Brilliant filtering! ARGH)

Theory's gravatar

3. Was that the secret weapon?

Posted by Theory at 7:05PM, Sunday January 6 2008

I reliably punched the bidet (and absolutely everything else destructible in the opening room) without ever knowing what it was. Fantastic. It's just a shame about the combat and stability!

Theory's gravatar

4. Correction

Posted by Theory at 7:06PM, Sunday January 6 2008

ever -> even, as in "I didn't know what the word bidet meant".

Sortie's gravatar

5. What have I just done?

Posted by Sortie at 2:30PM, Monday January 7 2008

I just realized I'm downloading an Exe name Secret Weapon from an unknown and far from thrusted russia site. However if it is damned computer virus, at least I know I caught a good one; the users did rate it 10!

Crispy's gravatar

6. Me no speak cyrillic

Posted by Crispy at 2:40PM, Saturday January 12 2008

Erm, any chance you can print both the Cyrillic and Romanised spellings of this chap's (chapess'?) name? I would like to know who to google in years to come if I forget the name of the mod itself ("Project: Secret Weapon" is fairly generic).

Trurl's gravatar

7. I speak no Russian

Posted by Trurl at 8:59PM, Monday January 14 2008

"Дмитрий Степаненко" = "Dmitry Stepanenko", or something like that.

Cyrillic's easy - know a couple of letters, and previously impenetrable signs in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. et. al. become instantly legible. Loads of technical terms seem to be pretty much transliterated from English or Latin equivalents - I was amused to find that I had no problem at all when operating my camera with its language set to Russian.

As for the mod - it's bananas. Utterly, but with a veneer of respectability concealing the true insanity. Very short, though, with three 'proper' maps and a peculiar extra...

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