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Grraaarrrhhh. Brrraaaainnns! Mmooooooddsss? -

ModMatic is not dead, merely decomposing quietly in a pool of foul-smelling bodily fluids, while its part-putrefied neural tissue slowly continues to scheme and plot ways of gaining delicious, delicious nourishment from the brains of the truly alive.

Yes, it's time to unveil our latest gimmick, that being Reginald, the ModMatic zombie!

Reginald Gets A Life with Get A Life

First of the mods foolish enough to wander into Reginald's secluded sewers is Get A Life for Half-Life 2, and the very name of this mod Reginald finds somewhat offensive. Please stop the anti-undead bigotry, before the zombies rise up and revolt against the living!

Anyhow, Get A Life boasts many maps, many hours of gameplay, new weapons, enemies, music and pretty much everything. Is this the total conversion we've been waiting for? Who knows - especially not Reginald. He's downloaded it, but hasn't got round to playing it yet. The shame!

Download here...

Reginald has Issues with Reissues

Bit of an insider-job this one, but one of Reginald's friends has been working on a mod for the original, still-apparently-not-dead-yet Half-Life - that being the mighty, noble and not-remotely-corpselike Reissues. If you've ever played Project: Quantum Leap or Issues, you'll know what to expect - a gloriously random and arbitrary selection of single-player maps for your delectation.

Reginald is very happy about this. Less so that the only download links right now are on FilePlanet, but he'll see what he can do about that...

...Edit 2008-05-25: and cue some officially unofficial ModMatic mirrors!

Reissues website here...

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Sortie's gravatar

1. MiB

Posted by Sortie at 10:34PM, Sunday May 25 2008

Awesome this blog is back on track, currently downloading at mindblowing speeds. Well. As mindblowing as 1,5MiB/s is.

I found it amusing the filesizes were written in MiB, Imaginary Megabytes. ;-)

Laco's gravatar

2. Thanks!

Posted by Laco at 1:52PM, Monday May 26 2008

Thanks for posting about these on RPS, there's no way I'd ever have found out about them otherwise! Downloading Reissues now.. I loved custom Half-Life maps back in the day, but managed to miss this series (Quantum Leap, Issues) when it came out.

Nesretep's gravatar

3. Get a life v1.1 patch

Posted by Nesretep at 5:38PM, Tuesday May 27 2008

I visited the Get a Life website and there was a blog posting about a patch for the original release. Do the links for downloading here on Modmatic just link you to the original release or does it include the patch?

Nesretep's gravatar

4. **Slapping forehead really hard**

Posted by Nesretep at 5:39PM, Tuesday May 27 2008

Just ignore me...

Sortie's gravatar

5. Give it a try! (Get a Life)

Posted by Sortie at 11:38PM, Tuesday May 27 2008

I downloaded Get a Life and am busy playing it. I personally think the developers should've playtested it a lot more, a lot of the puzzles would improve greatly from playtesting. (I got stuck a million times until I learned how the mod works).

When I opened the mod the load time was incredible but the start was cool enough, some custom-made radio station with some cool music. That's the best way to start a mod. Sadly the next thing that came up as some Find the Key puzzle. Aww. Anyhow, you soon find your way until the streets all blocked by "This is not the correct way!" invisible doors.
The visuals on the streets are stunning with all the custom content and details. It's that stunning that my computer decided to use an extra 50 miliseconds to render each frame resulting in some annoying lagging, origining from non-existing SoundCaches and too many textures at one scene.

If the developers had reuse some content and kept it more simple it would have been much better. Then comes I couldn't find the way forward and had to noclip through a locked door. But then the mod begins, following a subway scene which was pretty decent yet good in many ways.

Overall the next parts are kinda crappy in their mapping until Chapter 2 really begins and the EVIS assault the city. Even though it's too hard, the mod is just pure awesome gameplay almost from this point off. My only critic is the lack of health and ammo at certain points and perhaps the first chapter.

Concluding, I think it's a great game so far. I think that everyone should give it a shot and try and ignore the first parts's awfull gameplay/puzzles and eagerly await the awesome battles ahead. If it gets too hard simply noclip and see if you can figure out the way forward, then try and see if you can figure out the puzzle then and if not then just skip that section. ;-)

Oh did I mention the voice acting (varies from good to meh!) and SUBTITLES! So guys, give it a shot and hope you survive the horrors. :D

SEThorian's gravatar

6. It's Safer Here bugfix

Posted by SEThorian at 12:54PM, Thursday May 29 2008

It's Safer Here sky-of-doom bugfix:

r2d2rigo from the Spirit of Half-Life forums found a fix for the It's Safer Here skybox bug;

1. Start the map.
2. Quicksave.
3. Quickload.
4. Behold! 3D skybox without HOM that makes you wanna go on a killing spree!

Rejoice and thank r2d2rigo.

Yar Kramer's gravatar

7. It's Safer Here

Posted by Yar Kramer at 5:58PM, Friday May 30 2008

I have to say that a HL1 mod which uses HL2 textures, and a 3D skybox, is awesome on so many levels.

Yar Kramer's gravatar

8. D'oh

Posted by Yar Kramer at 10:51PM, Friday May 30 2008

And then, a little ways into ISH's second map (after fighting the, uh, Combine soldiers), it crashes. Lovely.

Freakoftheuniverse's gravatar

9. Reissues

Posted by Freakoftheuniverse at 1:37PM, Tuesday August 5 2008

I've played through most of Reissues, doing all the levels except for Cyan, which I can't finish because the "lead me to the scanner!" dude didn't want to scan his eyes. Grr... *seethe*.
The other levels are quite enjoyable though, I did think the fact that the "combine" were using the M41A's was a bit funny, though.

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