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Citizenship Lessons with ... The Citizen! -

Reginald, the ModMatic zombie, is looking quite perky these days. So much so that there's a second article posted in just over a week. If this kind of activity increases, Reginald may have to cast aside his putrefied flesh and foul-smelling, apocalyptic home and become a more fully-fledged, non-brain-seeking and productive member of society.

Speaking of which, an updated version of The Citizen for Half-Life 2 has been released back in February of this year - which replaces and supersedes any previous versions you may have played!

Described by a frequently-toasted colleague of ModMatic as 'excellent', this is an episodically-minded piece of classically-styled mapping which is more than welcome in these single-player deserts. Rejoice! And let us hope that it is just the first new citizen in a ever-continuing world of quality released mods...

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1. I remember that one!

Posted by Sortie at 6:07PM, Sunday June 1 2008

Oh yeah, The Citizen. Some parts of it was awful and needed more testing and others one of the best mods I've played. What most pissed me off was the crazy amount of maps, short maps that was. There was a 30 second loading sequence for every 2 minutes of gameplay in most of the maps. The mapper should learn that long compile times aren't that bad, 2 hours can be normal. (Except for me with my crazy optimation methods (func_detail and increasing lightmap scales on boring surfaces!)).

Just ignore the bad parts and focus on the good parts such as Adam did.

Uh and Adam, when you say updated? Does that mean extended? I recall it ended somewhat suddently.

Oh and I hate maps with too much orange lighting like in the canal maps in HL2. That's just too overdone and boring. ;-)

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2. update

Posted by Kelvin at 10:10PM, Sunday June 1 2008

Sortie - I suspect the 'update' Trurl is referring to is their one major update which was in February of this year (v 1.1). I'm not aware of any more recent updates, and checking that new ModDB page or their planetphillip page didn't turn up anything. Though it's possible I'm missing something.

But yeah, very good mod, I definitely recommend it.

Trurl's gravatar

3. Update-o-matic

Posted by Trurl at 11:26PM, Sunday June 1 2008

Argh. We'd been regularly keeping an eye on a release of the updated Citizen, but then forgot about it - the sight of a seemingly new ModDB page made me think it was a very *recent* release.

Well, it looks like ModMatic is being typically slow again. Reginald is relieved, and to celebrate his slovenly ways he's gone looking for fresh neural tissue belonging to persons foolhardy enough to go wandering through his favoured, foul-smelling sewers...

PlanetPhillip's gravatar

4. Version 1.1

Posted by PlanetPhillip at 7:56PM, Wednesday June 4 2008

As correctly noted, this was released in February but was recently added to Moddb, so it seemed like it was new news.

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