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I don't want to go to Toronto -

ModMatic has briefly roused itself from Christmas feasting to bring you the first of a number of mods. To start off this end-of-year micro-extravaganza, we first bring you City 7: Toronto Conflict...

  • Good bits: key locations of Toronto recreated in Half-Life 2, with new music, voices, props, textures and what have you - created thanks to the Game Design program at George Brown College. See the real world, digitalised!
  • Unfortunate bits: we haven't actually seen this part of the real world up-close, so our impressions of the noble city of Toronto must be derived entirely from this mod.
  • Mandatory bits: behave yourself, or you shall be shot. Go in an off-limits section of a public park? Get shot by the Combine. Dare to look over a handrail? Get shot by the Combine. Step in the ornamental water feature? Get shot by Combine snipers! Canadians must behave themselves. It has been decreed.
  • Missing bits: intensive playtesting, properly implemented skill levels (play on Easy if you want to live), and a decent signposting of routes and puzzles. Any chance of a tourist map? I'd like to visit the Overwatch headquarters, please! Which Metro train must I catch? And will buying a ticket protect me from being gunned down by the Combine?
  • Unexpected bits: there's a rebellion. I wonder why? Perhaps it's the whole no-stepping-in-the-fountains thing which tipped them over the edge? Or the separate-your-litter-for-recycling bins everywhere? Who knows!
  • Obscure bit: there's a tower which controls people's minds!
  • Possibly-read bit: walkthrough, for when the strange Canadian civil edicts get the better of you.

It's an interesting piece of work - but do play on Easy, don't take it in any way seriously, and you should get some fun from it. Then do what we did, and look up pictures of the real Toronto, to see how accurate this version is. If we ever do go to Toronto, we'll no doubt get terribly confused - as we were when we visited the undoubtedly Deus Ex-inspired Battery Park in New York. No underground hide-out? Disgraceful!

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1. [Home City Here]-Toronto Plane Cancelled

Posted by Sortie at 12:37PM, Monday December 31 2007

The feature I loved most about this mod was it had a new visual style. The world was new and designed. However it wasn't done so well, the color scheme was terrible in many locations. The props worked against each other and not with each other.
As for the gameplay, it was terrible and most had been done before. Puzzles were really puzzling because of the lack of play tests. It just wasn't fun, so I quit before I completed the game, this gigantic crater in the middle of the street with an billion antlions and metrocops and very low health and crashes. That wasn't fun.

But they deserve the respect and credit for actually releasing something, even though I was disappointed.

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2. Looking for a HL2 SP fix

Posted by Nesretep at 3:27PM, Monday December 31 2007

I have been looking for a good SP mod to play since the next installment of MINERVA is a good ways off. I had heard of this mod on Mod DB (I think it made the Top 100), but had also heard it wasn't very good. Any suggestions on a good mod to play to get my SP mod fix? :)

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Posted by Nesretep at 3:47PM, Monday December 31 2007

My sincere apologies for mentioning the's times like this I sooooo wish we had an edit feature!

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