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ModMatic continues that unstoppable end-of-year onslaught with a second article - this time about the inexplicable, Korean Residual Error for Half-Life 2. Or, to give it its full name, Residual Error: City 34 Vol. 1. What's this, an episodic single-player mod? Wonders shall never cease!

  • Good bits: quite a few maps of intrigue, shooting and travel from a Combine citadel into the desolate, zombie-filled wastelands surrounding it. The lines of fortifications are almost certainly referring to the Korean Demilitarised Zone between North and South Korea, but...
  • Confusing bits: ... no exposed plot whatsoever. The installer displays large tracts of (presumably) Korean text, complete with a broken text encoding removing all trace of legibility, but beyond that? There's definitely something interesting going on, with an apparent coalition of rebels and Combine defending themselves against both the environment and the player, but it's sadly been lost in translation.
  • Bad bits: starts rather drab, but slowly ramps itself into some much more interesting environments - with potential framerate issues. I blame the (admittedly lovely) volumetric fog effects. And the untold billion crates chock full of supplies.
  • Legal bits: a lengthy End-User Licence Agreement, displayed entirely in garbled, broken Korean! We hope we haven't sold our trousers into slavery or anything unfortunate like that.
  • What-is-the-answer-and-why bits: where are we going? Why doesn't the Combine like us any more? What's with the horribly-beweaponed Kleiner-clones? Why does the game end incredibly abruptly?


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Theory's gravatar

1. Episode Two meets STALKER

Posted by Theory at 8:23PM, Monday December 31 2007

The outdoor sections were truly wonderful. I'd love to see some more maps in their style. The Z-axis, the fog, the ambient sound, the zombies, the puzzles, the crumbling fortifications...

Kelvin's gravatar

2. Yeah.. good.

Posted by Kelvin at 9:28PM, Monday December 31 2007

I thought this mod was very well done. The design seems rather Valve-esque to me, with the action being set around somewhat disconnected set-piece like combat scenarios. It's especially pronounced here since there isn't any meaningful plot to be found, and you don't really have any sort of 'sense of direction', so it's just a matter of shooting your way along the only path available to you. It works pretty well though for me since the combat scenarios are fun, and there is some impressive and varied scenery. (as Theory says, especially the outdoor areas.) (I didn't think the beginning was "drab" though, I'm not sure if that refers to the scenery or the pacing, but I like games that start slow, give you a chance to get acclimated before things start shooting at you. Oh, and I thought it looked nice too..)
In an interesting twist, you seem to be playing as a combine elite soldier, something I hadn't seen before. The suit you get a little ways into the game isn't an HEV suit, but a combine soldier suit, I guess. (though it of course behaves the same.) And, you end up having to shoot the ordinary human rebels, which was a bit odd. There's an unfortunate confrontation with Kleiner.. (clones? I only saw one, assumed it was the real thing?) Most of the combat though is against other combine soldiers, as you seem to have done something to upset them greatly.
The best part for me was that cable car ride across that long toxic stretch, where you can see a whole crop of poison headcrab zombies on the other side just waiting for you, but they're too far away to shoot until you get there!

(and I'm hoping it was the Southern variety of Koreans that made this, otherwise I might start worrying about what I agreed to in that license agreement!)

Happy New years!

Sortie's gravatar

3. Babelfish Translation

Posted by Sortie at 4:11PM, Tuesday January 1 2008

Downloaded the installer and parsed it through a translator. The result was nonsens talking about Writings, Enemies and esspecially Weeks.

It did say Korean Only, so that is our excuse that it doesn't apply to us.

": : Under tu a Under company ppah ppal_tu hyen. Under this hwa_i tu ing_i vol.1 mouth. palIt was, ingcyo. Groove.... The writing ing_i_cey thwik the groove hi_hyeyp nu chwi the field it will bounce. phyung phyu Wig of hyeyp nu $$ln Me (http: // weyn week window Doeb. The truth eyk_chik Jij Pyos ham. Week http: // phwa Yal phyung phwang Pyob under company. weyn tu The enemy weyn, hyeyp nu (emptiness) at the enemy weyn different meaning work phwa thwi is the, phak, tu Yoo hong Pyob phwang khyum it was, that week khip tesunder the company. (weyk Became, at) #a1a4{cul khwip oy eyk!"

It didn't help much. But now we know the Week is under the Company.

Sortie's gravatar

4. Oh. There's more

Posted by Sortie at 4:17PM, Tuesday January 1 2008

It turned out that this wasn't the agreement. There is more. And this time I would recommend thinking twice before accepting, it talked about this mod suck and a lot about some Evil Company and once mentions $#12. Does that mean we have to pay?

"The Radiation-Studioingthwi it became the company evil box and it held and cep it admitted ppal_cep the it sold, the petal and and weyn haym tu phul this e total. tu The blood before Yal sells and cep the attention phaym Wig eyk. thwi cep the it sells and teng it does not depend khwip the Radiation-Studio ingtu the company ppalthe haym empty summer solstice. Company evil cung Me thousand hyeyl'tu ' (below "MOD" am) ingWig a it is not, property of the Radiation-Studio palHL_MOD manufacturers e_cak Pyob of Pyos good Doeb. soyl phyung The Radiation-Studio of this MOD ss weyn, after admitting this company evil, the}moda ss ing_il phwang Ji oyp. This company evil am me Pyob of Doe ing_sa evil Doe ingmy side ing_i under company pawl of MOD thwi Ji ingphwang y weyn. The company it was, phwacep nyo the computer #a1a9{this}moda hwass weyn. a phwa $$ln (i) became Jen box me, four percentages weyn. (ii) the of this MOD it sells and tes_cay it is and a phwang it is, weyn. (iii) this MOD ho_tu hac Yal whom it will suck weyk emptiness of this}modey_cak_ca ang the enemy weyn, the D chip which is burnt one, Pyob,, phwang the it will sell and thousand degrees tes percentage weyn, this MODkhayng it will suck and it will create weyn. It was restricted cung Picks and #a1a9{ey becomes and me which hold phwa thup ' Iss ing' me Doe Studio ing_i the MODphwa_phil a phwa five ppalpoints phak work of this MOD teng me Jel phak this MODweyk Wig ppalcung the summer solstice. weyk phwacung Wig the enemy held, cep ppal_weyk ang, suitability Pyob am_chwuk the enemy cung under the box, the enemy phwang significance, cung the total. cung Wig haym Chaem phwang. phwang $#12 Will become and cep nuk cep ppyek ppalthe summer solstice under the Win criticism at, this MOD it will expose Pyob who is the candle Doe ing_i_ik phwang the data under the box, the pawl, the A phwang the the haym responsibility which is similar support. Limit of one #a1a9{ingphwang pawl hayk_im phwang emptiness. It picks, eyk phwa_cey_han phwang haym the enemy phu ppalss weyn. weyk It became, phwang responsibility restricted Wig thwi under the MODChig Win criticism ang ek."

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5. Next Game Valve Makes Better NOT include crates so we wont have these mods.

Posted by Sortie at 5:34PM, Tuesday January 1 2008

I took the time to play it through: A quick half hour of blasting down an endless stream of crates with a shotgun. Inbetween these crates beings such as Zombies, Headcrabs, Fast Zombies, Fast Headcrabs, Poison Headcrabs, Pioson Zombies, Explosive Barrels, Combine and a few rare Rebels.
However, ever since the first levels (and even the menu screen) it hinted the presense of massive amounts of Antlions. A huge massive force that totals to 3 antlions and what appears to be the largest army of antlions corpses I'm yet to see.

So, looking aside the massive amount of crates and zombies, plenty of quick battles are available for the gamer. The maps do however suffer from the common syndrome I call 'The-Mapper-Plays-The-Map-2000-Timers-And-Totally-Pwn-The-Enemys-And-Forgot-How-Hard-It-Really-Is-And-Adds-MORE-Enemies'. That means, I'm low on health and ammo. I solve a quick grenade puzzle and suddenly 6 Combine Soldiers with Shotguns assault and kills me over and over again. Even on Easy that is next to impossible.

Tha'ts why I conclude. It needs more play testing! Or are this the first play test in the series, then I would understand it.
Gameplay wise is it just a helluvalot Zombies, which was boring in the first place, and a lot of Combine Soldiers. With no puzzles that takes more than 30 seconds to solve.

Mapping wise, it is awful. Sadly the mapper(s) didn't pay any attention to the indoor environments and just dublicated the same crate over and over again until there was no point. Some more interesting lighting and pipes would greatly have improved the mapping quality, as well as a larger amount of different props.
The textures on the terrain (displacement) would have really improved the scene if they weren't so 'tiled'. I often scale them to a larger scale and it is next to impossible to spot, plus it improves the scene greatly.

It is clearly he's first mod and maps, and I really think it is cool that he actually released them. The best advises I can give is:
* Pay more attention to the details in the maps
* Avoid reusing the same props so much (Avoid crates and barrels totally)
* Invent new gameplay and don't let the player play the same battles over and over again.

Overall, I would give it a low score. The gameplay was repetive and boring. The visuals were amathourish. The story were untold, however this would be perfectly alright if it is only a gameplay test.

Klapaucjusz's gravatar

6. 다음 경기 밸브를 더 잘 일어난다는 포함되지 않으므로 이러한 개조에는 우리가 생겨서.

Posted by Klapaucjusz at 11:30PM, Tuesday January 1 2008

나는 그것을 통해 재생 시간을 차지 :이 빠른 30 시간의 발파하면 무한 다운 스트림의 유물을 불상입니다. 이러한 다리와 같은 존재 재연결 좀비, headcrabs, 고속 좀비, 고속 headcrabs, 독극물 headcrabs, pioson 좀비, 폭발성 배럴을 결합하고 반군 몇 희귀합니다.
그러나, 이후의 첫 번째 레벨 (그리고 심지어는 메뉴 화면)이 있으면 그것을 시사했다 방대한 양의 antlions. 거대한 대규모 강제이 합계를 3 antlions하고 어떤 보인다 육군 최대 규모의 antlions 시신을 볼 저는 아직입니다.

따라서 별도보고 대규모 액수의 유물과 좀비, 충분한 용량의 빠른 전투는 게이머를 사용할 수있습니다. 고난의지도가 필요하지만 일반적인 증후군 내 통화 '는 - 매퍼 - 연극 -는 -지도 - 2000 - 타이머 -과 - 전적 - pwn -는 - enemys -과 - 분실 - 어떻게 - 하드 -이 - 정말 -이 - 그리고 - 추 - 더 - 원수 '입니다. 즉, 저는 부족과 건강 ammo. 나는이 빠른 수류탄 퍼즐을 해결하고 산탄총과 함께 폭행 및 죽인 병사가 갑자기 6 결합을 통해 나를 다시 세 이상입니다. 심지어 옆에있는 쉬운 일 불.

tha'ts 왜 내 결론입니다. 그것 플레이 테스트가 더 필요합니다! 나가이의 첫 플레이 테스트의 시리즈, 그 다음 나는 그것을 이해합니다.
게임 플레이 현명한 것이 단순한 helluvalot 좀비이던 지루한에서 1 위, 그리고 군인을 결합이 많이있습니다. puzzles하지 않고 연결되는 30 초 이상 해결하기 위해입니다.

매핑을 현명하게, 아주 나쁨이다. 아쉽게도이 매퍼 (들) 어떤주의를 지불하지 않았다 실내 환경과 단지 dublicated가 같은 유물을 통해 다시 세 이상은 없었다 지점까지입니다. 좀 더 많은 흥미 밝기 및 파이프가 대단히 매핑 품질이 향상뿐만 아니라, 더 큰 규모의 다양한 소품입니다.
질감에있는가 지형 (배기량)의 풍경은 정말 개선되지 않은 경우 해당하므로 '기와'입니다. 나는 그들을 종종 더 큰 규모와 스케일 옆의 것은 불가 현물, 플러스 그것의 풍경이 크게 향상됩니다.

그것은 확실하게 자신의 첫 번째 mod 및지도, 그리고 정말 멋진 것이라고 생각 것은 실제로 그들을 출시합니다. 최선의 충고합니까을 줄 수있습니다 :
* 지불에 대한 세부 사항에 더 관심을지도
* 재사용 방지가 같은 소품 순전히 (피하 유물과 배럴 전적)
* 발명 플레이어의 재생을 통해 새로운 게임 플레이를하지 않는 이상 다시는 같은 전투를 통해합니다.

전반적인, 나는 그것을 낮은 점수를 줄 것이다. 가 지루한 게임 플레이는 repetive하고있습니다. 가 시각들이 amathourish. 이 기사들은 untold하지만 완벽이 될 alright 게임을 테스트할 경우이 불과합니다.

Sortie's gravatar

7. Me it it leads, remaking hour hold: When blasts quick 30 hours, the remains in infinite knock-down stream it is unknown. With like this leg the same existence second presentation wave petty rain, the headcrabs, the high-speed petty rain, high speed headcr

Posted by Sortie at 11:46PM, Tuesday January 1 2008

Me it it leads, remaking hour hold: When blasts quick 30 hours, the remains in infinite knock-down stream it is unknown. With like this leg the same existence second presentation wave petty rain, the headcrabs, the high-speed petty rain, high speed headcrabs, toxic chemical headcrabs and the pioson petty rain, it combines explosive characteristic barrel and the rebel troops some huy it is valuable. But, when first level (and on top of that menu screen) of after it is and it current events is huge it does the double meaning antlions. which The large scale compulsion which is enormous adds up 3 antlions and what kind of the antlions dead body of the army maximum size which is visible ball I still am. Consequently the remains of separate way report large scale sum and the petty rain, it will be able to use the dosage which is sufficient the quick battle the crab me. The trouble will boat song necessity but the currency inside general syndrome ' ladle and - every - the play - - the map - 2000 - timers - with - history - pwn - - enemys - with - lossing - to be how - hard - - truth - - and - the weight - compared to - the enemy ' they are. Namely, I insufficiency and health ammo. Me, the quick hand grenade it will ladle and cul it will solve and with the shot gun together assault and the common soldier whom it kills will lead and suddenly 6 combinations again it will carry it is an above three. On top of that is to the side and one non. The tha'ts why it is an inside conclusion. It playing test is more necessary,! It goes out and series of different meaning first playing test, I afterwords that understand it. Game playing combination the helluvalot whose it is simple to be wise, petty non- will not be and from 1 place, and the military personnel plentifully there is. The puzzles it does not do and not to be above 30 seconds which are connected it is a hazard which it solves. Every Ping it is wise, it is bad quite and it is. Inconveniently the remains where the interior environment and the jar dublicated where the degree does not pay every to ladle (field) what kind of attention are same it leads and again the above of three is until the point which is not. Petty a more interest it dawns and the pipe large grade every Ping quality only improvement the bay knows, is the pastel which a bigger size is various. There is to material feeling and a scenery of terrain (displacement) truth the case which is not improved it corresponds ' with the flag ' it is. Me the thing of the size which is bigger them often and the scale side it scenery of the wrong spots and the positive improves a lot. It is positive and the first mod of oneself and the map, and truth the stunner the thought thing puts into the market actually them. The best it advices there is a possibility of decreasing,: * Compared to remaking pastel Soon Jun Hi (remains and barrel history under blood) whose also interest Ulchi * re-use prevention are same * the invention player it leads in the detail fact against a payment and the above it does not do game playing to lead again same battle it does. General, me it will decrease a low-end score. Is doing long game playing the repetive. Time the amathourish. These articles the untold but the alright game where becomes perfect test percentage case are only.

Klapaucjusz's gravatar

8. Translation

Posted by Klapaucjusz at 12:17AM, Wednesday January 2 2008

Sortie, you do realize you machine translated your own post 6?

Trurl's gravatar

9. *gibberish* headcrab headcrab *gibberish* headcrab!

Posted by Trurl at 1:24PM, Wednesday January 2 2008

I quite liked it as a concept review. Kind of summed up the poor old Residual Error in a rather deliciously cruel manner... ;-)

Sortie's gravatar

10. More like the best spelling error locator on the market

Posted by Sortie at 1:35PM, Wednesday January 2 2008

I more consider it the best way to locate spelling errors. Forgot about red underlining, replacing all correct words with Korean text is superior!

And the retranslation back to English is pretty amusing. It translated 'zombies' to 'pretty rain'. So, any more upcoming reviews/articles?

Klapaucjusz's gravatar

11. Enjoyable

Posted by Klapaucjusz at 2:58PM, Friday January 4 2008

The beginning and the end are indeed underwhelming and would greatly benefit from some additional work. The outdoors, especially the area before and after the cable car ride are a blast. My slow and methodical inner player loved shooting the zombies across the valley with infinite ammo from the trunks, which resulted in the entire building on the other side developing a very bad case of acne. The outdoor area on the other side of the bridge was fun with a very tactical approach toward the three machine gun nests.
Some of the vistas were spoiled by badly scaled rock and swamp
Overall RE is an enjoyable if a bit unpolished adventure. I'll be looking forward to Vol. 2.

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