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HL1 release: Paranoia -

We're already breaking that not-quite cast-iron 'Half-Life 2' rule by bringing news of an utterly unlikely mod for the original Half-Life. Yes, the game released over nine years ago. In internet terms, that's positively fossilised. But this? Read on!

Created by Mikhail "BuZZer" Kadikov and his team, Paranoia is a long walk (with plenty of shooting, sneaking and painkillers) through the Udarnik industrial complex, somewhere in Siberia.

  • New bits: brand new graphic rendering engine, icky zombie and mutant models, professional soundtrack, 8000 words of dialogue.
  • Gorgeous bits: murals in p_bunk4
  • Missing bits: Gordon Freeman, crowbar, headcrabs, snow.
  • Self-serving bits: my team did most of the mod's RU>EN localisation, making an unbiased review a little tricky. More writers needed!
  • Deletable bits: opengl32.dll if your rig is struggling with the OpenGL eye-candy.
  • Prohibited bit: "In post-Soviet Russia, Paranoia plays you."
  • Must-read bit: very important release notes

Edit 2007-12-13: Bonus screenshots from Trurl!

Download now!

Edit 2008-01-01: Patch for Version 1.1 released. P.S.: Happy New Year!

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We like games. More importantly, we like released games - so we'd far rather post a news article about a single, completed map than an update on a massive, still-unfinished modification. Games like Doom, Quake and Marathon all had huge single-player mapping communities, so why can't Half-Life 2? It's definitely possible - but without it, we gamers are missing out.

So whatever happens, we hope to enjoy it. And that you can too!

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