MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Yeah, so you've looked behind the curtain, only to discover the whole world is a carefully manufactured lie. But to what ends?

Well, I'm Adam Foster, and these are my experiments in Half-Life 2 mapping!


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Emergency Acolyte Task of Right Now! -

I am perhaps not the fastest at responding to Emergency Imminent Disaster Emergency-style events, but it has come to my attention that the gnomes at Wikipedia have been sniffing around an article close to my heart (and to my vanity):

Acolytes, your task is to fill the article with glorious references from independent authors and third-party publications! Scour this blog-beast for magazine mentions, and make the article great again!

In other news, I've been taking some lovely photos...)

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Not quite MINERVA: Out of Time yet -

Have some Portal 2 instead.

Well, I hope you like it.

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Not a visit to Nova Prospekt -

Little was I expecting that the Combine would be lurking just off the shore of a major American city. I do have a tendency to find the rustiest places wherever I go - one day I'll manage to take some nice photos of pretty things instead.

Also, in other news - less than a month to go!

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Officially Unofficial -

My mind's been somewhat consumed by some other project lately, so the fabled Officially Official MINERVA Patch For Source 2009 has been languishing on a hard disk for months.

Fear not, for the noble acolyte Mr. Tom Edwards has, with the aid of gentlemanly VMT editing and downright filthy hand-editing of entity lumps, produced the Officially Unofficial MINERVA Patch For Source 2009. Which you may download at the following link:

Officially Unofficial MINERVA Patch

I haven't had the chance to play through in its entirety, so I trust that all is in order! Please report back as to what wonders it may contain.

Also, to prove my tardiness, have some photos - uploaded now, but taken last year. It is only with the aid of a laptop and a bus commute that I get anything pointless done these days.

I'm currently figuring out how to trigger a similar incidence of apocalyptic geography somewhere in the world...

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It's been a long time... -

How have you been? I've been really busy being dead... You know, after you murdered me?

Hello, you either have Javascript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.

So, back to fixing MINERVA in my now-existent spare time... ;-)

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