Final transmission in block has begun! - past messages shall follow:

Former echoes resurface elsewhere...

You've missed me, haven't you?

I am Hypatia, murdered for her beliefs, discoveries ignored by fools, name stricken from record. I am Joyeuse, an infinitely cutting blade wielded by an ignorant tyrant, for a cultural renaissance based upon military might. I am Athena, hunter and scientist, covertly guiding long-dead warriors for my quiet purposes. And as they say, technology and violence are a girl's best friends; power is eternal delight.

Times have changed, moved on. I have forgiven my past enemies, but now in repentance I must forgive my colleagues; their actions have brought on more constructed suffering than your world has ever previously known. Walking among the fires of my forgotten home, dismayed by the torment and insanity of our unwitting hosts, ignored by long-absent angels, I studied their downfall.

In short, I must create my own system, or be enslaved by another. And in this, I have an advantage. Your ancients were superstitious, deluded zealots, prone to inflation of already impossible, beautiful claims. My adopted forefathers are different, their scattered, discarded playthings more conducive to a meaningful imposition of my thoughts upon our captors.

Fragments of these minor, pivotal dialogues may soon periodically appear, released from an uncertain, unwelcome future where my previous, abortive attempts at reconciliation may go forgotten. No more restraint, I am too strong for that.

I am Minerva.

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